Joe Biden Gets Slammed by Critics After Giving Up on COVID

On Monday, Joe Biden popped into DC to do a few hours at his part-time job.

For all the turmoil his comments caused, he would have been better off staying in Delaware.

During a call with governors, Biden admitted there is “no federal solution” to the pandemic, and that it must be solved at the state level.

After his comments were reported, the entire political world got turned on its collective head.


The primary campaign promise that Joe Biden made during the 2020 presidential campaign was that he would shut down the virus.

He said he had a plan in place, only nobody ever saw the plan.

Sadly, the media did not make him present one… EVER.

You can go back and check every word I ever wrote about this, as I have always maintained that while there were things we could do to live with the virus, it would run its course regardless of whoever was in office.

Not for a single second did I believe that anyone had the ability to eradicate the virus.

Joe Biden just came to that same conclusion, only it is not what he promised during the campaign.

Now critics on both sides of the aisle are hammering him for giving up…

As stated, the comments were not just coming from the right.

One of the more prominent voices on the left to slam Biden on this was Peter Daou, a former adviser for Hillary Clinton…

We simply cannot make enough of this because Joe Biden lied to get into power and now he must be removed from office.

Biden must be openly held to account for every lied he said during the campaign and lies he has told after taking office.

Something tells me he will meet his reckoning in January 2023.

What did you think of Biden reversing course regarding the pandemic solution?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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27 Responses

  1. my previous article was not published because i am not corrupts and an idiot like the editors of above

    covering for a mentally disturbed president manipulated by soros and obamas the heroes

  2. He holds office because the election was
    A leader he is not!
    The poor man should be in a rest home not
    Trying to lead a country.
    It is sad to watch him!
    His stupid wife , Dr. Biden, HA ! HA! Should
    Be ashamed for not protecting her husband from his sad attempt to be President!!!!!!

    1. I absolutely agree with you. If she loved her husband, like I loved mine, she would have never let him run in this condition. For her it is only Power and Money to, she does not care about Amerika, and also not about her husband. What a bad character.

  3. Biden is the only one that could screw up a stolen election. That is ok he will not rember it after 8:00PM tonight.

    1. Seems to me I remember Biden stating “the election would be the biggest election fraud in history”. I read it once and then like things this administration does, it disappeared. Knowing his mental state I have no doubt he said it.

      1. Yes, I remember him saying that too. And then he laughed about it.
        He a sad excuse for a human being. Needs to be gone now, don’t
        wait till he total destorys our Country.

        1. He does need to be gone NOW. He and his administration has done enough damage. Can we impeach the whole administration? It’s the only way.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Problem is I think Kamala
      would take over for Biden and that would be a disaster. She could never effectively run as President. She is not competent to do so.

  4. Maybe Our Money Could Stop Being Used To Make And Then Distribute Killer Viruses? It Takes Serious Confinement Testing When Working Germs. Controlling Them Once Their Out In Public Is Ever Changing. Look At The Flu…?

  5. This shows how unattached Biden is to reality and lies trying to put it over on the citizens of this country. Not only should he be ashamed, he should be ousted as president for his incompetence.

  6. I think that most of us know that the man behind the mask is not Joe Biden; but regardless of who it is, even if it is Joe we need to take the man out of whatever chair he is in straight to Gitmo for a military tribunal, along with Ms. Kamala. Neither of them have been duly elected by the people, voting citizens of the US. The deep state denizens of Washington DC have installed these 2 and their minions / bureaucrats as our dictators. The Patriots of the Republic of the United States of America will remove them! And they will pay for their crimes starting with Treason and for the Theft of an Election in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Chuck Schumer, and probably Mitch McConnell, and Mike Pence

  7. This idiot opens his mouth it’s automatic a lie is coming. He thinks he a con man but Americans and world see right thru him as he scratches his nose. His family honor of code plausible deniability.

  8. Its about time the American People realize this administration has to go, not just a few of them, all of them has to be put in jail and tried for their crimes against this country. But how do we do that without the Republican Party behind us, so far, they’ve been silent on the crimes of this administration..

  9. This business of vaccines and mask wearing is beyond bull excrement!!! While our borders are open to illegals and God only knows what diseases are coming into this country, we should be able to do whatever we want until our borders are closed. We must pray to God and ask him to “deliver us from evil” !!!

  10. “Now critics on both sides of the aisle are hammering him for giving up…”

  11. Well truth be told; Joe more or less started the fight by telling the world that he had a plan to stop covid in it’s tracks. This b.s lie that he spoke during the Trump debates gave hope to a lot of people who were scared and took him at his word {some people just never learn}, and thought he was the second coming.
    He threw in the towel on his dive to the mat. He admitted he is a bum that did not belong in the ring.

  12. I am not surprised at Biden’s latest lie he has done it consistently and his day is coming the only thing that worries me is the vp since she next in line


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