Biden Goes on Warpath Against Border Patrol

The border in Del Rio, TX, was under assault and Border Patrol used everything it had to get the situation under control.

While Biden and company ignored the issue, agents were literally on horseback defending the border.

Now, Biden has declared war against the agents, telling them they “will pay” for their actions as well as no longer allowing the agents to use horses to perform their duties.

Biden Goes Off

First and foremost, horses have been outlawed.

This is huge in that agents are able to use horses on terrain where vehicles cannot be so easily maneuvered.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced the ban during a recent press conference, stating, “[W]e will no longer be using horses in Del Rio.”

The exaggeration over the actual events has been sickening, to the point the NAACP sent out this tweet…

Even though the narrative has been debunked numerous times, including by the photographer that took the shots, Dems keep pushing forward.

Joe Biden even threatened the agents that were videoed and photographed, stating, “To see people treated like they did, horses running them over and people getting strapped, it’s outrageous I promise you those people will pay.”

So, I ask you, when Biden drops the hammer on agents that did nothing wrong and acts as though they did, how many Border Patrol agents do you think will stick around?

I floated the idea the other day that it is exactly what Democrats had been hoping for to abolish the agency and open our borders.

Think about it…

Allow the situation to get completely out of hand.

Wait for some instance to occur to make a fuss.

Hammer the agency and/or agents, then watch them all walk out.

It may have sounded like a conspiracy theory at the time, but if these agents are terminated, the Border Patrol may find itself without a single timecard getting punched very soon after.

If that happens, the border is officially unprotected, and they get exactly what they have wanted all along.

Source: Breitbart

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36 Responses

    1. Amen to that!! He is the worst Along with Obama!! being he did not legally win , he & the whole group should be put in jail !! Then let our Constitution kick in & take care of them according to the Constitution!! AMEN!!! Amen!!! AMEN!! The problem would be solved according to laws of The Great Constitution That America belongs too AMEN!!!! United WE STAND!!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD !!! IN GOD WE TRUST!!!

  1. I hope every person that voted for OBiden would make a trip to the Border and bring a family home to live with them and then go shoot Obiden

  2. “Joe Biden even threatened the agents that were videoed and photographed, stating, “To see people treated like they did, horses running them over and people getting strapped, it’s outrageous I promise you those people will pay.”

    THIS is not what happened, no “strapping’ was done, if the idiot biden could look closely he and other fools, would see the BP Agents hand holding the mans shirt, not “strapping” him. biden has committed to violation of U.S. Code 8 AND infringement to National Security.

    1. Agreed.
      How do we stop this disregard for our BP folks and the sovereignty of our nation?
      Why aren’t people who can steppung-up against this?

  3. People, Biden isn’t the problem, it is the left wing nuts that are pulling his strings in the White House.

  4. Biden and his democrats are the most sickening individuals on the face of this planet. They all need to be hog tied and shot in the head like the rabid vermin they are.

  5. What else would you expect from him?
    He has absolutely NO respect for AMERICANS only disgust for all the freedoms we grew up with while he was “playing politics” with all the people who NEVER respected him.
    Our military are a thorn in his side. One son did “ok” the other one is a great disappointment.
    The only way he can totally destroy OUR AMERICA is by destroying any military, police, government agency that protects us all…hence need of ANY foreign entities…the more illegals the better &FAST

    1. He is doing that while we type. Our Navy Seals are now resigning because they won’t take that illegal shot. He is destroying our Country from within, and we need to stop this madness. They stole the election, and he needs to be taken out in handcuffs, and re-instate President Trump!


  6. Ok this was talked about before the illigal voteing was let happen all those that.voted forBiden and that crap V .P. OF COURSE THE VOTERS. ALL SEEM TO THINK ALL WOULD BE FREE NO IT IS NOT WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW????

    1. And no response from the WH about all the equipment we gave our enemies..however we gave them lots of guns and yet they want to take all of ours…something wrong with this picture.

  7. Looks like us Patriots must step up,like “China joe” stated,and along with our military,and force these Demonrats from DC,one way…or Another

  8. The
    EFT wants to get rid of the Border Patrol and ICE Remember
    Then wide open country. They want the white ppl in the minority cuz black ppl are easy to control they think. The illegals are nothing more than votes.

  9. The agent in the pic must be extremely talented. He’s holding the illegal on his right by his shirt with his right hand while using his reins as a “whip” with his left hand and across his own body. Don’t know anyone familiar with whips could have done this maneuver. Not only is the media twisting everything for the right’s agenda but it appears they don’t even look at the pics put before them. And Biden just goes along.

  10. This is getting serious. Wake up people anyone can now walk through the border now that the president of the United States 🇺🇸 has decided to rally against our border control, our police. The country will be nothing but criminals and terrorists who want to kill us. Biden is selling out our country. This is real.

  11. Biden is a danger to America, and our service men and women from every branch. He is not my President, President Trump is! He is a traitor of the worse kind. He wants to disarm us, look our bank accounts, and he will never do that to us. It is time to impeach this dung-beetle, along with the rest of the commie dimwits. He is shredding our Constitution, and letting these illegals criminals into our country. Time for old Joe to go, along with the rest of the commies.

  12. Biden is so mentally unsound he must be removed from office. And why is a black man crossing our border. Where is he from. Do we know if he wants to harm us or not.

  13. This communist democrat cult party regime always provides a false narrative to cover up their killings of 10 citizens in the 2nd drone strike in Afghanistan and won’t show us how many children and citizens they killed in the first drone strike. Never forget they are all liars and are destroying our country!

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