Biden GUILTY In Money Conspiracy

Even liberals are turning on Joe Biden in regards to issues that they SHOULD agree on.

Take finances, for instant. Joe and the other liberals should be getting along on ideas about inflation and the economy.

New reports say they are not.

Breitbart has recently published an article indicating that Senator Maggie Hassan is targeting Joe Biden for ruining the American economy.

According to Hassan, a Democrat, Biden “needed to do more earlier” to combat inflation.

“I think,” she said, “the president and the administration needed to do more earlier.”

“That’s why I’ve been pushing for things like suspending the gas tax, making sure that they’re releasing more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves,” Maggie continued.

She concluded by saying that “We need to work to lower prescription drug costs and work on things like childcare costs. And I believe the president understands what’s at stake with the Alito draft opinion. And I think we need to make sure, as we continue in this election cycle, getting ready for November, to make sure that voters understand who’s going to protect the fundamental rights of women and all Americans.”

Obviously, I don’t agree with Hassan on everything.

But her idea that Biden stops ruining America?

Now that would be nice.

Source: Breitbart

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8 Responses

  1. Demand Joe Biden Resign! Polls show most voters deem Biden medically unfit, incapable, and unqualified to be our president! Fewer than 40 percent of voters believe Joe Biden is carrying out the duties of the presidency in a well-organized and competent way. 65% of Americans say the Biden administration is not competent in running the government!

    1. And 65% is 100% correct. Country’s like ours go to war to get rid of a false crooked administration and we have just that. Please someone come up with a solution for this huge horrific band of communist lovers

  2. She needs to worry ! She’s history !
    A vulnerable Democrat who starts to whine just as the ax is about to fall .
    As a Democrat she may get re-elected in 50- 60 years .
    The same goes for the other 30 plus seats to soon turn red !….Impeach Joe .

  3. Joe hates YT.
    His eight year CRT training has warped an otherwise standard dementia case .
    Opened him up to Black power and abortion on demand , open borders.
    True irony is that Joe Biden started a disinformation board .
    I will never believe a word he says .
    Joe only works for Biden’s.

  4. Biden has been a disaster from day one that’s when the inflation started has nothing to do with putin except joe being weak Russia tried to take advantage of America’s lack of strength and if we’re not careful china will invade Taiwan.

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