Biden Hit Hard by Moderate PA Democrat

When the ship goes down, it is everyone for themselves.

We are starting to see that happen with Joe Biden and moderate Democrats in the House.

The latest to bail on Biden is Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA), who hit Biden pretty hard on the economy and the problems at the border.

Abandon Ship!

Moderates in the party have a big decision to make right now.

Do they hang tough with Biden and support a president polling at 38 percent, or do they start to look out for themselves?

Wild has clearly made her decision.

With mid-term elections a little more than a year away, she is rolling the dice that Biden will never be able to recover in time to help her.

So, she is starting to distance herself.

Wild stated, “I will be very honest with you and tell you I am a little bit disappointed.

“I know that the President assigned responsibility for the border crisis to the Vice President.

“I’m a little bit disappointed I haven’t seen much in the way of results.”

Wild also went after the narrative on how the massive spending package will be paid for that the Democrats want to use reconciliation to push through the Senate.

She stated, “I’m waiting to hear how we make all of this happen at no cost.”

I know House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) is over in Rome playing with the Pope, but she better be listening.

Pelosi has a razor-thin margin in the House, only able to lose a handful of votes, and by Wild’s comments, it seems as though she will be hesitant to vote “yes” on the bill.

If she feels that way, you better believe the other dozen and a half moderates in the House are leaning the same way.

That is probably especially true since Pelosi has sided with the smaller Squad, assuming moderates will just fall in line.

Wild was not done, either.

She also hit the administration on the handling of Afghanistan, stating, “In order to move forward, our country will need to receive answers and accountability regarding the cascading failures that led us to this catastrophic moment, and I look forward to using my platform on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to secure answers from the Biden Administration about what went wrong.

“Our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished account of the truth.”

Remember what I said about Republicans just sitting back and allowing this implosion to take place?

Well, the first charge just went off and now the entire building is about to collapse.

Sources: Fox News & American Digest

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11 Responses

    1. Ditto! DITTO! I am with you all the way! More than once I have mentioned on line that all good Americans load all leftists and weak Republicans in office on ships and planes and send them to another nation, Never to set foot on American soil….and none of them can carry anyone in their families with them. They will never change and we real Americans could once again have a wonderful life. It could be as close to Heaven as opposed to living with deranged imbeciles trying to turn the USA into garbage.

      1. Kathy W. I totally agree. I don’t see any Member of Congress stepping up and trying to stop this fiasco that has happened. Nobody was held accountable the mess the Clintons made. Nobody was held accountable when Obama was in office. Nobody is being held accountable for a Dementia Person that is in charge of the USA. What are these people thinking!! Its almost like “oh just give old Joe a shot in the arm and he will all of a sudden get his Memory Back. No way in hell is that going to happen. You might not like Trump but at least he had a mind, which Joe doesn’t have and its getting worse and worse. What are these people thinking that Dementia just goes away on its own. Nobody said that Trump was perfect. We needed a Business Man to put the USA back on some kind of Track where there were jobs and people were once again working. No there are no jobs, no working, sending Taxpayer money to Foreign Countries and listening to Pelosi babbling about how great everything is ? These Democrats need to be run out of the country on a short pier.

      2. I agree to a point, let them take their Families ( that way none of them can try to infiltrate the government in the others place) then when the Ship ( which has no lifeboats ) is way out to sea hit them with a couple of nuclear tipped Torpedoes and Cruise Missles sending all if them to Davy Jones Locker forever ( or hell will work too)

  1. ONE WOULD “THINK” that these DEMWITTS (AOC, OMAR, TALIBE, PRESSLEY, BUSH, WATERS, ETC and ON an ON) would THINK “Am I RIGHT or WRONG with the BIDEN CRAZY AGENDA and do I want to be re elected in 2022 and 2024?) ??? And then CHANGE what they are doing, BUT THESE ‘BOX OF ROCKS” don’t have “ANY” common sense or will to change! SO the NEXT ELECTION is your EXIT OUT OF DC for GOOD!!!!!

  2. Great to hear that at least 1 Congresswoman, Susan Wild and 2 Senators, Sinema & Manchin has the common sense to know what Pelosi & Schumer are attempting to do to our Country. If the people we elected to Represent us is there to represent the Democrats only, not all Americans then they must be replaced by people who will represent all of us. Period.

  3. It’s time for both parties to quit covering up for the indiscretions and failures of their colleagues just to keep them in the parties for their vote. The Democratic party is full of corruption and greed because of the few power-hungry individuals who have been in too long and the same can be said of the Republican party. The longer they are in the chance of being seduced and bribed by lobbyists. It’s time for voters to purge both parties and come clean with new legislators not yet corrupted, Limit their time serving to six years then send them home. In this time and century, we have no Thomas More’s in case you are not familiar with history He was a lawyer who served as Lord High Chancellor of England under Henry the 8th and was beheaded for being incorruptible can’t say that for many of our Politicians of today. To bad heads don’t roll today for the corruption and greed we as a people are dealing with. God bless this country in these troubled times.

  4. every democrat in congress needs to be jailed and put on trial for treason. democrats in the U.S. need to be rounded up and removed from this country.

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