Joe Biden Caught Is Not Who He Says He Is…

Joe Biden presented himself as a bit of a centrist, a harmless old man who only has the best intentions of his children in mind.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who knows Biden better than any of us, has let us in on a cruel secret.

That beloved centrist old man?

“That’s not what Joe was.”

Instead, he was a Trojan horse.

Who knows if he meant to do it or not, but once this bumbling buffoon got in office, he became a puppet of the extreme left.

Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, the rest of the squad, Bernie… They LOVE what Joe is doing.

Each day they drag him a little farther and farther left, leaving behind the image that Joe Biden presented himself with during election season.

“Look, Joe Biden and I have been friends for years,” Paul Ryan began.

“I think people thought they were going to get a centrist in office, you know, a common ground guy. That’s not what he was. He gave the keys to the left, the progressives. They steered the country far-left. They tried to go so far left on so many issues, and they didn’t have the majorities to do that. That’s what always confounded me — is they acted as they had these massive majorities with these leftwing ideas.”

“Tax reform, it works,” Ryan concluded. “These policies work, so that’s the thing that I’m excited about. We actually put a lot of good policies in place that have proven to work. I mean, who expected a global pandemic?”

Source: Breitbart

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8 Responses

  1. The Chinese expected the pandemic. They are responsible for totally turning our whole world upside down. They need to be held accountable and pay for all the misery they have caused. But our current administration is so afraid of China and so afraid that they will loose their sugar daddy that they have tape over their mouths.

  2. Joe Biden’s top priority in life is to please his African Master who is clean and articulate, the man responsible for his recruitment into RACE TRAINING .
    Old fools are particularly rare because the dangers in every day life usually terminate them early…. I’m hoping !
    2000 mules needed by November !

  3. BILL GATES, FAUCI, BRAIN ROT BIDEN, PELOSI and others expected the PANDEMIC they planned and executed it.!!

    1. YES-they did-and everyone thought it was real-NOT man made-not made to destroy our economy-
      and many corrupt people, got rich-from it

  4. Why do you allow these get rich quick, boy have I got a deal for you guys posts stand. I have been censored while discussing the article. But these are a space and time waster so why are they here?

  5. The get rich quick guys boosting on here, are they paying the proper federal taxes on all this money they are making?

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