Biden Lifting South African Travel Ban

As soon as Omicron was announced, there were concerns about allowing travel from South African countries.

A few days later, Biden announced a travel ban, restricting travel from eight South African nations.

After significant pressure, Biden has now dropped the ban.

Open It Back Up

Trump issued a similar ban during the pandemic, and he was accused of being a racist.

Biden never faced those accusations, but there was significant pressure on him to lift ban.

The U.S. Travel Association was among the groups calling for the ban to be lifted.

The group stated, “Covid variants are of concern, but closed borders have not prevented their presence in the United States while vaccinations have proven incredibly durable.

“That is why America’s travel industry is a vocal proponent of everyone getting a vaccine.

“With a vaccine and testing requirement in place to enter the U.S. we continue to believe that assessing an individual’s risk and health status is the best way to welcome qualified global travelers into the United States.”

With Omicron now on our shores, Biden stated the ban is no longer needed.

A White House official stated, “At the time these restrictions were put in place, it was clear that there was widespread community transmission in South Africa, as well as a great deal of cross-border travel in the region and little surveillance in many of the countries near South Africa.

“We will lift these restrictions effective Friday, December 31 at 12:01 AM.”

Are you surprised the travel ban has been lifted so quickly?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. Biden is allowing everything contrary to the stated need for this “vaccine”, which indicates to me the “vaccine” is the enemy to American citizens and a large die-off is in the works so that the less educated can replace the educated and experianced citizens and the replecements are slated to become the new “servants” to those in remaining communist government.

  2. Biden isn’t the president, since he has already told the country that the wicked witch of the west is the one running the country.

    1. Harris is not running the country, Susan Rice, Obama and Soros are dictating what Biden is allowed to say and do! He is the Puppet and has always been. When he was VP to Obama he was considered the Brown Nosed VP! Still today he is the Brown Nosed VP

  3. Biden does not care about us American people. He has shown that many times. He has put illegal aliens, the Taliban, China, Iran and others who should not be first ahead of us and what we need. He has completely destroyed our economy and let the BLM and other domestic terrorist groups raze our cities while him and the Democrats say that people from the Republican party and Independents who march peacefully are terrorizing the cities and they get beat up and thrown in jail. They defund the police and kill or wound the remaining ones and yell when there are no police to protect them when they get robbed or beat up or someone they know gets killed. Biden is letting in criminals through our borders that President Trump was keeping out.

  4. Should never have been implemented for any of this. Masks required on air travel are also useless, Read the label on the mask boxes “Dust Mask Not Valid For VIRUS”. If they are so good then why are the illegal aliens or the major politicians not required or ignoring their own edicts. Fouci is responsible for propagating this false narrative and should spend many years in prison for false claims, his lies under oath and treason. Biden and his tribe have destroyed more of our country than any of our enemies combined in all our wars and internal strive, since we created this country.

  5. Too many mistakes have been made on Joe Bidens watch. I do
    not feel he is running the country, but the people advising him
    are making very poor decisions. I don’t understand why they
    are not bringing our people home from Afghanistan and when
    others pay for planes, do not let them land in the USA. Keeping
    people from other countries out, mandates, and abandoning our
    own people are all terrible mistakes, all they seem to care about
    is keeping the pandemic going. Shame on them.

  6. This s all political. Wake up people and take the time to look for articles that are objective and tell you the facts. Don’t listen to the media for they are part of the plan to over throw our American way. We are free people given to us by God our Creator, and no other individual should have the right to take your freedoms away. You hear that the government is here for you then why do they always try to control you lives by telling you what to do. We the people are the government and it is time that we take this great nation back and run these haters of American way out of this country. If they want to be so much like other countries then leave here and go there and run for office.

  7. Not surprised at all, now if he would just get off the stick and do something about the border

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