Biden Mask Theater Gets Destroyed Online

We have a nation in crisis, but what is Joe Biden doing.

He was walking his dog, on a beach, with his wife, outdoors, with a mask on.

When the picture surfaced of Biden walking his new puppy on the beach, the nation’s frustration was quite apparent.

Just Theater

It is baffling how Joe Biden goes about pushing masks in public.

He has regularly been seen around the White House without a mask on in crowds.

Yet, now that he has bailed on the nation and fled to Delaware, Joe was seen wearing a mask, while outdoors, with his wife, Jill.

Better yet, Jill does NOT have a mask on in the photos…

Joe was clearly doing this for the cameras, which would be great if he followed his own guidelines for indoor mandates!

Needless to see, his critics jumped all over this…

Biden’s most recent gaffe regarding masks came during the Thanksgiving holiday, when Biden was photographed sans mask in a local shop that had a mask requirement clearly posted on its front door.

Joe, for whatever reason, seems to get his masking mixed up.

He leaves it off when the guidelines say to leave it on, and he wears it when transmission is least likely.

It is just one mistake after the next with this guy.

Do you take Joe Biden seriously or do you think he is just a puppet?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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33 Responses

  1. The reason he as a mask on is because the beach is an area that can give him Covid! Maybe the beach can also find him a brain but he would not use it so that would be a waste! Maybe a nice wife but he is one of those
    men that like a young mistress even if he had a wife and family but then again wifey was his babysitter! Oh such a regal man!

  2. I don’t believe he’s vaxed, boosted or anything close. He likely got the saline or placebo. While he does ACT vaxed (clueless, argumentative, defensive, confused), he’s probably just suffering from stupidity. I believe he’s not well in many ways. His mask is just for the camera.

    1. He doesen’t even know he is president (illegal one at that) how do we expect him to know he is being had, as are we.

    1. Never, only history mentions will say how he tried to sell America and almost did with Piglosi, Schi//, Schumer, Obumer, Killary and Fauci. That will be in the History books.

  3. closed our pipeline and took away our independent oil producing system. November cannot come quick enough.Thomas Gelsomino says:

    He’s clearly a puppet and a Trojan horse just like Donald Trump said he would be. Destroying our country our values are trust in the system. And now he wants us to trust him after he’s opened our borders left Afghanistan with Al-Qaeda running it. Destroyed our military closed our pipeline and took away our independent oil producing system. November cannot come quick enough.

    1. A note, if you want your rights taken away that is up to you, vote blue then. If you want you rights and freedoms and not the communist non life vote Red. Let’s hope the election is not rigged as before.

    2. Yes THEY did, his handlers like Obummer and Soros. Remember they have Michael Oboma and Killary in the wings to be either president or VP at some point. These plans have been in place for a long long time and they will not give it up until we the people shut that door on them. ASAP

  4. I think Biden is a big fat lair cheater corrupt anti job anti family dumb likes to see people suffer with high food prices high gas prices open borders high crime And Biden closed the pipeline which made our gas prices high I think Biden must be impeached and convicted by the senate and Bring trump back asap

    1. This biden thing is a coup plot to choke Americans into accepting communism as the solution to the crisis the democrats are creating…..

    2. That is now the demorats hope for our future, the elite love us normal people going broke, it gives them more power.

  5. biden is just a puppet or the clinton/obama crime cartel, a useful idiot who thinks he is important and have a special place in history, well, in the history respect he may be right, as a fool who was another democrat illegal president, but his special place for eternity will be in a very hot location.

  6. Between the fraud of Fauci – first noticed in March of 2020 – to the present, the hypocrisy of the ENTIRE covid politics has been more than obvious. Even today Mad Maxine travels across the states without a mask.
    Who’s kidding who?

  7. Biden only sees and hears what he is being told by whoever is really running this country! So pathetic! Everything that can possibly be done to remove him and the other idiots in this administration needs to be implemented immediately!

  8. Is Biden a puppet? Hah, hah, hah! Was there ever any question? Of course he is. He is a puppet of the most dishonest group of people from the past–Clinton and Obama. And let’s not leave out China. Oh, yes, he is. He and Hunter boy are so bed in with them and Putin it makes me sick!! This whole group and more (think Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, AOC, Thlieb, Omar, and on and on) are criminal. What they have done to this country is incorrigible and the stupid voters who supported and still support them should be held responsible for what this country is becoming. By the way, Joe never was smart, but he has always been a racist. I keep remind people how, when he was a Senator, he argued against bussing to integrate our schools. To paraphrase: “I don’t want my kids to go into those jungles and you shouldn’t either. His partner in crime is just as stupid. She made a mess of the entire justice system when she was in San Francisco and then again as the big honcho of the law for the entire state of California. They are both losers and brain dead.

  9. Joe Biden doesn’t have sense enough to be a “PUPPET”, he is nothing more than a demented old has been that actually never was except in his OWN mind !!! WHAT A WORLDWIDE DISGRACE !!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!

  10. I would love to see a copy of the dems playbook. It would cover almost all the things that Biden, et al has done. That playbook is just a copy of the communist manifesto being followed religiously by the left.

  11. 1968 China all over again but the American version. When will the murder and Canabalism begin?

  12. I just hope we all can survive 3 more years. I agree with all the Biden comments above Not the scammers trying to convince everyone about all the money they are making!! When will administrators delete these comments from scammers?

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