Biden Move Against Innocent Border Agents Should Concern All

Brandon Judd is the National Border Patrol Council’s president.

He is also a contributor to Fox News.

Judd wrote an exceptional piece this week on Fox News regarding the expected punishment that will be handed down regarding #WhipGate.

He believes we should all be concerned over the blatant abuse of power that Joe Biden is exercising in this case, and he is absolutely right.

My Way… or Else

Every media company on the planet debunked the claim that these agents whipped Haitian migrants.

Many of them made excuses for the wrongs they perceived, but in reality, the agents did nothing wrong.

They are paid to protect the border, which is precisely what they were doing.

Even with their innocence proven, reports surfaced this week that administrative penalties will be handed out to these agents to save face for Biden.

That report has been demoralizing to the agents on the ground.

Judd stated, “You had a president of the United States, without any evidence, without any investigation whatsoever, he said, ‘They will pay.’

“The moment he said that, [probers] had to find some sort of fault. They had no choice. Because [the investigators] are Executive Branch employees, they’re not going to buck the president of the United States. It’s not hard to try and drum up some sort of charge.”

That is exactly what happened.

Now, if Biden can do this in such a high-profile case, what chance does the little guy have against the federal government.

Remember when Mayorkas told us the investigation would take days, not weeks or months?

Well, here we are, months later, and why did it take so long?

Judd stated, “It can only be concluded that the investigation took so long to ensure the agents were on administrative duties for an inordinate amount of time and to give the investigators time to develop charges to justify Biden’s promise that ‘those people will pay.’”

Judd would continue on, stating, “To use an investigative law enforcement entity to carry out political retribution for political gain is deplorable and reeks of deep state machinations usually seen in corrupt countries run by authoritarian regimes.”

We can expect significant pushback from the NBPC on this and I would fully expect the agents to take a legal avenue on their own.

When you get a few minutes, take the time to read Judd’s op-ed (click here), as it is quite enlightening to what the lengths this administration will go to punish anyone that dares step in the way of its agenda.

Source: Fox News & New York Post


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