Biden Heads to Beach House Amid Multiple Breaking Crises

Joe Biden had arguably one of the worst weeks in presidential history.

There may be a few arguments against that, but I doubt anyone can argue the 24 hours that passed from Thursday to Friday were absolutely horrific, revealing at least two major crises.

What was Biden’s response?

Well, he and Jill packed their bags, jumped on Marine One, and headed to the beach for the weekend.

Just a Bad Couple of Hours

Even if we only concentrate on the last few hours of the day, let’s look at just how bad things have gotten for Biden.

Mid-day on Friday, it was announced that the investigation results from the Kabul drone strike were released.

General McKenzie announced that the strike, in fact, was not “righteous,” but rather a complete disaster.

An aid worker and much of his family were obliterated by the strike. A total of 10 civilians dead, including seven children.

About the same time, the news was announced that the FDA was shooting down the call by the Biden administration to recommend booster shots except for those most at risk.

Then came the final blow.

France is still going nuts about being left out of the Australian nuclear submarine deal.

Numerous French officials have come out to blast Biden for snubbing France, which already had a defense technology deal in place with Australia.

The latest being French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who called the move by Biden “unacceptable behavior.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the more than 10,000 Haitian refugees stacked up at the Texas border… that is just a bonus prize for Joe’s failing presidency.

Did Joe stay in DC to take the heat? Nope!

Instead, he packed his bags, snagged Jill, and took off for Rehoboth Beach for the weekend to chill out, bringing about even more scrutiny.

I don’t care how you measure it, that is just a bad day.

Sources: Daily Mail & Daily Caller

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39 Responses

    1. He could stay in DC and fire Austin, Milley, Blinken, and some others and resign. That would be good.

      1. Yeah and when he comes out of the basement then Joe Biden go to gitmoJoe Biden.and stop destroying our country that is called the United States of America and if he doesn’t get out we will no longer have a special U-S-A

    2. Who cares if he goes to the beach house? He needs to stay there since he’s not doing anything to help matters.
      Maybe his puppeteers can show their faces and accept what they have done to our country. Better still, we need
      Trump to pack his bags and get back to the White House as quickly as possible.

  1. I might be ignorant but what really needs to exist for action to take place that treason is being done against our country. Not sure why people are afraid to stand up when there are enough people, from what I read about, that are ready to stand up. Both politicians and civilians.

    1. What would be needed is an organized rallying date and point to meet for all patriots. It would be nice if we had 1 Deputy sherrif from each county in the US to stand with us. Then go and take back Washington, take out the trash as it were!

      1. I agree BUT!!!!!!! Remember ANTIFA, FBI and other SCUMBAG low-life ANTI-AMERICAN LIBERALS will infiltrate any PRO-AMERICAN rally like Jan 6 and make PRO-AMERICANS ( TRUMP SUPPORTERS) look like TERRORISTS, like they are doing now. Every FAKE-NEWS outlet and Evil-Democrats are labeling every Republican, Conservative and especially Trump supporters are labeled domestic TERRORISTS yet NOT ONE ANTIFA, BLM or POS LIBERAL, who destroyed private businesses, blocking traffic and occupation of City Streets and NOT ONE HELD IN PRISON, unlike PEACEFUL PROTESTERS who are kept in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for Months yet, why haven’t REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS done anything to get these people of PRISON. DEMOCRATS can keep actual LEFT-WING CRAZY DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, MURDERERS and ILLEGALS from being ARRESTED and CHARGED for any CRIME.

  2. Ok I’ll try this again. Any time Pres.Trump went to play golf or relax at one of his properties the Media was all over it, the liberal were calling for his head, even though there was no National Emergency or world problem that needed his attention. But since Biden was appointed to the Presidency he has gone to his home in Delaware, Camp Dsvid , or somewhere to relax every weekend, what do we hear from the liberal media? CRICKETS .

    1. This is what we get when we tolerate large media to sensor what we see and hear, I we don’t stand up about this we’re going to be like China

  3. That worthless idiot bumbling Biden has destroyed our country in a real short time. He also destroyed Afghanistan – 2 countries destroyed in about 7 months – hell of a record. He and his whole “administration” should be thrown out of office immediately before they do any more damage. He runs to his beach house because he knows he does not belong in the White House. He’s just doing Obummer’s 3rd term.

    1. You are absolutely spot on! When will the Dumb oceans wake up?
      Our Sr. Senator here in RI, Jack Reed says/does nothing! What an absolute disgrace!

    2. My personal opinion is, remove Biden from office and appoint or elect a General or Commander to fix or correct the problem, and not abandon it, and clean the mess up.

  4. Everybody knows now that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen by Biden and his cronies. Knowing this, why is he still in office. He clearly did not win the election. TRUMP WON!!!!! My question is, why hasn’t that bunch been kicked out of the Whitehouse and been replaced by the man who truely won the election, Donald Trump??? We need a True American Patriot in office that person is Donald Trump. He won, so put him back in where he belongs. We need him NOW!! If the world can’t see that by now, they never will. We cannot wait any longer. 2024 is too far off. Biden has proven that he is a liar and not an American. Everybody in office hates America, so go somewhere else and leave US alone. Go ruin some other country. See ya, BYE.

    1. Well put. I have written something along these lines until I am Red in the face. Why do these Libs want to turn our beautiful free country into a Communist Nation? I guess they like being “controlled” so they do not have to think for themselves or work. Everything will be handed to them. These Libs have no work ethic at all. Libs, it really does feel good when you accomplish things and add something to the society. Sitting at home collecting benefits (unless you are retired and getting SS and/or Pension, of which you paid into), is NOT A GOOD THING. Wake up Libs. You and me being of the “every day people of the country” will be going down and begging for rationed gas, food, housing, etc. Only the people at the top will benefit. What about this do you not understand.? Anyone with one brain cell can understand this is not the way to live. It doesn’t work and never has worked. WAKE UP.

  5. i wish a sea monster would eat him up with that pos wife of his,!!! maybe his chinese people will invade that beachand take them out!

  6. This man is a total, bumbling, cognitively impaired loser. He and his equally useless administration are destroying our beloved country. He has done nothing right and everything wrong since becoming the President. If we Patriots don’t stand up to their evils very soon, we will lose our country and all we hold dear.

    1. Yes, we are losing our country day by day as long as the Democrat rats are in control of our government. It will takes a lots of brave and mighty powerful people to turn our country around and arrest all the scums and crooks in DC.

  7. Don’t forget the Insurrection II protest at the Capitol today. Biden is so concerned, he had to go to the beach to work on his tan so he could be properly prepared for the photo ops.

  8. Maybe we will get lucky and the piece of donkey dung will go for a swim in the Ocean and Jaws will get him!!woo fn hoo!

  9. Thief Biden has no shame because he knows that the fake news medias as well as the swamp and the Democrat rats and the elites are all in cohort with him, so he does what he wants and screws up everything he touches and he don’t care. This is what the crooks in DC have chosen: A Total Idiot To Run Our Country.

  10. Everyday our beautiful country is being destroyed, poor Joe has got to go, then Kamala comes in oh my god we are doomed.

  11. WE might be better of while he is gone. While he is out of the White House, at least he is not signing stupid executive orders that led to further destroying this once great nation. Now the peanut farmer and Obummer can breathe easier. There is someone in the capital building more stupid than them!!!!!

  12. There should be a mechanism in the constitution for the voters to initiate impeachment proceedings, not only Congress. After all it was the voters that elected the president.

  13. In the first year of the Trump administration, how many times did Trump leave Washington for personal time (weekends and otherwise)? It seems like Biden is away much more than Trump ever was. You can expect even more time away from Washington in the future.

    Biden is the most irresponsible incompetent person to ever occupy the White House.

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