Biden, No Time for Border, But Will Campaign for McAuliffe

Joe Biden is leaving the White House this week, only he will not be headed to the border.

During Joe Biden’s town hall on Thursday night, he stated that he has not had time to get down there.

Yet, with Terry McAuliffe in a head-to-head race, Biden deems it more important to head to Virginia to campaign rather than address one of the most critical crisis this country is facing right now.

Is and Always Has Been About Power

With an approval rating hovering around 40 percent, I am not really sure how much help Joe Biden will be to McAuliffe.

When you also consider McAuliffe has railed against parental input to education, a stance the majority of parents disagree with, he has painted himself into a corner that not even a current White House occupant can help him with.

Regardless, Joe will head down to Virginia to make an appearance with McAuliffe.

This shows the American people what is really important to this administration… power.

Glenn Youngkin has put a genuine scare in McAuliffe in a race that only several months ago was supposed to be a walkover for Democrats.

McAuliffe has decided to attack him as a different version of Trump, so I am sure that he will take the same tack that Joe Biden will take on Tuesday in Arlington, VA.

This comes after Barack Obama appeared with McAuliffe on Saturday in Richmond.

Today, McAuliffe will have Stacy Abrams and DNC Chair Jamie Harrison campaigning for him in Charlottesville.

And, don’t forget, Kamala Harris also has messages being played throughout Virginia at black churches in what many believe to be an IRS violation for a tax-exempt group openly pushing a candidate.

Let’s see if anyone throws this up in Joe’s face the next time he opens up for some questions rather than running off the stage.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

  1. There has to be an illegality to a currently seated politician going off and campaining for another while being paid by the taxpayers.

    1. Absolutely. You might check the Constitution and find out what it contains about it. Also, some states may have laws against it.
      One thing we can do is VOTE against the party that is against legal Americans.

  2. Of course he’s leaving the White House…he needs his weekly meetings of what he suppose to say and react for this coming week. Hopefully someone is there taking notes that he can read and respond to.

      1. If Virginia votes demorats your stories will haunt you until the demorats are out of office … there is no coming back from your PATHETIC voting actions …

  3. Seems that Biden does not care about the border crisis that he has made. What a waste of an administration.

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Democrats’ open border agenda has fueled a rise in deaths from fentanyl, and now cartels are using “rainbow fentanyl” to target kids.

@jimmykimmel mocked me for saying moms are concerned about it ahead of Halloween.

Is he going to criticize Schumer now?

The DEA warns that Mexican cartels are “killing Americans with fentanyl at catastrophic and record rates like we’ve never seen before.”

Every community has been effected, and people have been killed as young as four months old and as old as 81 years old.

The #BidenBorderCrisis allows deadly drugs into our neighborhoods and endangers our children.

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