Biden Gives U of P President Nod for German Ambassadorship

These days, the key qualification for an ambassadorship is to put a lot of money in Joe’s hands or donate money to his campaign.

Joe Biden has continued the corrupt tradition of appointing megadonors to key roles in the State Department.

In this case, Amy Gutman, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, just got the nod to be the United States Ambassador to Germany.

We should note that her university paid Biden almost $1 million for an honorary professorship.

A Payoff

Our State Department could quite possibly be the most corrupt department of our entire government.

For decades, ambassadorships have been given to individuals that have either donated to campaigns, charities, or put money directly into the hands of a sitting president.

In this case, Joe added almost seven figures to his bank account when he was awarded an honorary gig at the University of Pennsylvania.

What other purpose could such a payoff have been if not for a favor or influence?

The University must consider this money well-spent because, if confirmed, its president is headed to Germany to serve as our next ambassador.

When Donald Trump gave appointments to megadonors, the media just about lost its mind. Now, here we have someone that literally made Joe a millionaire overnight, and nary a word is being said.

Qualified or not, this is a corrupt practice that must be ended.

Source: New York Post

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25 Responses

  1. Donald Trump did not take money for appointments. Joe Biden is filling his pockets with money for appointments. He needs to be called out and taken down. He is such a total disgrace for our wonderful country. He is doing all he can to fill his bank account and take down our country. JAIL HIM AND HIS SON.

    1. I think he and his gang should be charged with the RICO act worst then LBJ thieving bas ds hang them high just like the cartel in Mexico from the bridge for all to see


    3. “;and be sure to send the 6 filthy rich liberals , who control most of the worlds money with him, life sentences at hard labor!

  2. This is no Commander and Chief this man has no brains left and is playing games with our safety he needs to be removed just as Kamala Harris they are only bringing hatred to our beautiful Country he’s only President because of fraudulent votes we the people want them removed ASAP!!!!

  3. Joe Biden is w/o a doubt the most corrupt individual who ever made it to the White House. Hell, he even stole the election. As VP, he was notorious for his crooked dealings (with his son, Hunter) in China, Ukraine, and Russia. As president he expands his horizons and just watches the money the money roll in.

  4. Just another normal day for the MOST CORRUPTED PRESIDENT and DEMWITT LEADERS that we see every day and they could care less!

  5. Come on folk’s…Am I the only one that sees the double standards of enforcement & justice…? This nation and its corrupt federal cop shops reek of favoritism to the different political parties….ALL the federal government reeks of the corruption! With the courts 100% complicit.

  6. Do you think a $58,000,000 donation to the Democratic party right before the election had anything to do with it?

  7. If its a democrat in office, they should be behind bars! And nothing is getting done to stop it! Americans are going to have to stop it ourselves!

  8. the democrates are crooked people biden is a thief liar and a cheat he knew about his sons dealings, what father doesnt what his son is doing ? i mean come on man stop lying Joe, he needs to be impeached and TRUMP needs to be seated at the presidents seat because he legally own the election but there are so many Rhinos and corrupted people in the white house that TRUMP did not stand a chance even if he got the legall votes because the left paid the judges paid mike pence off paid everyone off to make sure that TRUMP did not get back in the white house they all need to go to jail not just biden

  9. Biden and Harris has turned out country into a hell hole. Biden’s family is corrupt and Harris is a liar who does not know how to tell the truth much less answer point blank questions. Everything has increased in price but Joe told us that if we BBQ in our backyards, we can save $0.16 cent. Now I can go out and buy a Ferrari with all the money I am saving.

  10. The DC swamp is once again full. History will look back at who was the worst president. Lots of candidates, from Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama and Biden

  11. AGREED If our military doesn’t act soon to stop the treason it will be up to us to unite.

  12. Biden is taking money from people to put them in different positions he is crooked as he** This is not approved by the people we want people that knows what they are doing in positions

  13. Nothing the Bidens do is on the up and up. They are a Crime family with actual evidence piled up everywhere yet they are Democrats so they are untouchable.

  14. So Joe Biden took money from the University of Pennsylvania. Nothing new, he has taken money from heaven only knows what countries, businesses, crime families, and worst of all, the Chinese Communist Party. Oh, pardon me, that was said to be his “innocent artist” son, or maybe it was his brother, Frank. With these folks, one never knows just what hand was filled by whom.

  15. Biden needs to be forcefully removed from office and arrested and Donald Trump needs to be back in no matter how the do-nothing democrats feel

  16. After all the corruption by the Bidens in Ukraine, China and other places, is this really a big deal? Democrats have become inured to corruption by their leaders. Look at the huge fortunes piled up by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and many others. Democrats have become rampant thieves. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to destroy America.

  17. The voters wanted Biden. They got Biden and all the excess baggage of his puppet masters and corruption that came with him.

  18. Sure reeks of a big payoff from Biden! This should be investigated for sure and if he is guilty just jail the creep!

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