Betsy Swan: Biden Poll Numbers a ‘Nightmare’

It was only about a week ago media pundits were nodding their head in approval of Biden’s Afghanistan address.

If memory serves, one pundit even stated that 95 percent of all Americans would have agreed with everything that Joe Biden said that day.

Since that day, dozens of polls have been conducted and the one thing we know for sure… the majority of Americans do NOT support anything Joe Biden is doing right now.

What a Nightmare

Joe Biden has arguably had the biggest collapse of any president in modern history.

On Biden’s first day in office, some polls had his approval rating tickling 70 percent, which was ludicrous considering he had yet to punch the clock.

Biden has slowly been trickling back to reality, but the last few weeks have been an utter disaster.

NBC’s Chuck Todd stated, “You can see his approval rating sitting at 36% now. In April, it was over 50.

“They [independents] react to what’s happening.”

Betsy Swan then chimed in, stating, “It’s a nightmare number for the White House.

“I talked with a Republican strategist about this whole situation yesterday. And what that person said is that Afghanistan — that horror in a vacuum — probably would not have significantly damaged Biden’s poll numbers the way we’ve seen them change over the last few months.”

Swan’s full comments are in the video below, but pay close attention to the tone she takes, as she is still trying to temper the numbers.

Also watch the remainder of the panel on how they present this, completely making excuses for Joe Biden…

Todd was completely wrong in how he framed this as well, stating that Democrat and Republican numbers are always consistent.

There is no denying that independent voters are Biden’s biggest slide, but he has also taken a major hit among Democrat voters.

Most presidents will enjoy an approval rating in the high 90s within their party, but Biden is only in the mid to low 80s at this point, which may be an even bigger problem than the drop among independent voters.

These people are completely delusional in the way they are presenting this and if they truly believe this presidency is not “hobbled” by what is going on, they have no right reporting this news to the American people.

Source: Daily Caller

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