Biden Official Admits Hundreds Left Behind in Afghanistan

The Biden administration is finally starting to come clean regarding the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

For weeks after the withdrawal was “completed,” officials insisted there were only about 100 Americans left behind.

Now the administration is admitting that it has evacuated about 500 citizens after the final military boot had left the ground in August.

All Lies

Only two weeks before the withdrawal was completed, Biden vowed, “If there’s American citizens left, we’re going to stay to get them all out.”

That was a lie.

On August 31, Biden stated, “[W]e believe that about 100 to 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan with some intention to leave.

“Most of those who remain are dual citizens, long-time residents who had earlier decided to stay because of their family roots in Afghanistan.”

More lies… as most Americans that were left behind could not get to the airport and were terrified to even stick their head up.

Now, on Monday, the State Department announced that it had evacuated nearly 500 citizens.

This does not even account for private rescue efforts in the area.

The overall number of American citizens left behind is likely more than 1,000 when you include the private efforts.

This administration brags about how many people it was able to get out in such a short period of time.

It won’t tell you that most of those bodies have no affiliation with this country.

The most important people were left behind, and this administration can never be forgiven for that.

What do you think of Biden’s withdrawal? Can you ever forgive him for leaving American citizens behind?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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39 Responses

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  1. joe biden and his family are traitors to the USA and should be tried for their offenses to this country. harris is not qualified to be the vp, what a mess. pelosi, schumer, shiff, obamas, clintons should all face a jury and charged with crimes against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    1. Raymond…….Don’t forget to toss scumbag Maxine Waters in with the rest and also Pip Squeek J. Nadler!

  2. Biden and Harris and there admin are all POC they should be drawn and quartered and shipped to Afghanistan and left behind.See how they like it. They are all total scum.

  3. Amen Raymond, and General MiLi and Austin should be tried for treason and stood up before a concert wall!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I believe that this administration is a disgrace to the human race ! They should be sent over to Afghanistan and left there to suffer the same things that our citizens have been put through! The president and Vice President are fools. They make me sick !🤢🤮

  5. I agree this whole regime is disgraceful! As President Trump said, it’s Biblical!
    This is a satanic overthrow of our God given way of life!

  6. How can the BRANDON administration say that Afghanistan was anything other than a royal cluster f*ck?
    BRANDON was so focused on doing the exact opposite of Trumps withdrawal plan that he disregarded ANY and ALL advice he was given! Forget about the ever increasing number of Americans he left behind, forget about foreign policy, forget about what it makes America look like on the world stage, FORGET ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN MAKING SURE HE DID NOT FOLLOW ANY MINUTE PART OF TRUMPS WITHDRAWAL PLAN!!!!
    If BRANDON has ANY brains left they are eaten up by TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!! He is hell bent on reversing ANYTHING Trump did!!
    Good job BRANDON, you’re doing a bang up job of wrecking our country!!
    PLEASE, JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
    LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The withdrawal was a disgrace and Biden should be made to pay for it, along with the lies that he told about the people left behind

  8. Democratic Supporters should condemn Biden and his administration. They left American citizens and other important allies that should have been brought out first and foremost. Do you people not care. This was a common sense decision. Where your house is on fire the first thing your going to do is take out your children, not your dog. Your pet is important but human life first. No if’s, ands, or but’s. Period

  9. FCKbidenHORharrisandtheincompetentpissantadminandtheirvoters!Itistimetobringthemalldown!!

  10. Biden is a pathetic and compulsive liar. There are still Americans and allies left in Afghanistan and being hunted and murdered every day by the Taliban. Biden is a disgrace and total loser as President. He only won this highest esteem because the democratic radicals rigged the election. We need to vote them all out. I hope the GOP wins the house and the Senate and then we can impeach his whole damned administration.

  11. The sad part is all the people that voted for these idiots are making the rest of us suffer. Now that they have the power they are not going to let it go. They will cheat, lie, and tear the country down till nothing is left.

  12. Can the Commander in Chief be Court Marshalled? Biden is responsible for the death and terror of Americans and American allies left behind. Biden needs to go down along with his entire staff.

  13. We the people should revolt aganist this dictator and his followers.We should set a presidence and remove this traitor and put the ligitamit President Donald Trump in the whitehouse and try all these devils for treason and lock them up.

  14. I imagine at least half of that claimed 500 brought by the feds were actually brought out because of private efforts.

  15. Biden has never done anything right and never will. His brain is fried and is the criminal’s best friend. The Generals warned him, but Biden made the choice and screwed the withdraw up. He has blood on his hands.

  16. What I don’t understand is how this stupid President and his administration are still allowed to govern. You really can’t call them the government because they only care to follow order give by the ghost bosses. Can you imagine what this country could be like if all the illegal money being paid to our turn coats was spent here for the American people. With all the laws we have and make up there has to be a law to get this garbage out of office.

  17. Biden is a traitor and imprisoned for what he did and his Administration did. Including all of his advisors.

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