REPORT: Biden Officials Secretly Met with Taliban Officials

Is the United States literally trying to buy more time with the Taliban?

Reports broke late last night and this morning that hint such a deal may be in play.

One US official claimed the CIA boss has already met with Taliban leadership, while there are also rumors payment may have been made to secure more time.

Meeting with the Taliban

Fox News is now reporting that CIA Director William Burns held a secret meeting with Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul on Monday.

This would constitute the highest level of meetings that have taken place with this administration and Taliban leadership.

With the meeting details remaining unclear, it is being assumed that Burns was pushing for more time.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s foreign minister, stated, “We are concerned about the deadline set by the United States on August 31.

“Additional time is needed to complete ongoing operations.”

To this point, the Taliban has been adamant that an extension will not be given, but is that just a threat or do they have real plans for “consequences” if the United States still has a presence?

Some are already speculating that while the Taliban may not take direct action, it will encourage small pockets of groups to act on its behalf.

There is also speculation that a payoff may have occurred to buy some additional time on the ground.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby was asked directly about such a payment, and he stated “No,” but there was a caveat.

He added, “Not that I am aware of.”

Which, of course, means there is a very real chance this is, at the very least, being discussed as an option.

One can only imagine the outrage around the globe if it is found that Biden put cash directly into the hands of terrorists to try to worm his way out of a crisis he created.

The administration could also agree to free up funds that have been frozen since the Taliban takeover, which is just as bad as putting cash directly into the hands of these terrorists.

Biden reportedly has been given 24 hours by the Pentagon to commit to an extension or having all troops removed from the area by the August 31 deadline.

One way or another, this is all going to come out in the wash very soon.

Sources: Fox Business & Fox News

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19 Responses

    1. How about putting some Marines on the ground to protect the people trying to get out?? Line the roads with them all the way to the airport. For every Taliban, an American. Want to see the Taliban back off, make it a level playing field. What is wrong with this White House and their Generals.

      1. How long to we have to take Biden’s abuse? Where are the military leaders with common sense? Now we are paying the Taliban to extract our people? Biden needs to be wheeled away in a wheelchair and never come back.

  1. Our freedoms are being systematically taken from us by this regime which is bad but now secrete meetings with terrorists! Seriously people what more is it going to take to wake people up to the communist agenda of biden and his butt buddies!

    1. You are so right but the thing that really angers me is where are our Republican Politicians?? Yes, there are a few who are speaking out but I would say that 90% are cowards hiding under their little desks. Just imagine if ALL the Republicans in the House and Senate would for ONCE stand in UNITY against this corrupt Administration. It would send a powerful message.

  2. Pay them money , if he does he needs to be out immediately . he is a p***y if he does . they would use the funds to attack America and Americans . Impeach the imposter now congress . We should not make deals with animals , Just nuke em all to their alla , a fake god .

  3. Obama and Biden are traitors when it comes to the Taliban. They both need to be dealt with harshly.

  4. Biggest Idiot who Ever Stole and cheated his way into office to serve MONEY and the MONEY Seekers

    Wait until Judgement comes upon his family , unto the 3/4th gen. of those who hate god and replace his word with his own

  5. Just another page out of the King Obama play book !!!!!!!!!! And people are STILL STUPID enough to wonder who is REALY running the country !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the apples don’t fall far from the poison trees. remember benghazi and the concern we had for those 4/5 men??? we never settled it justly, and now we are paying a far, far, far worse price with so many lives in jeopardy. Hilary, Susan Rice and the body guards excorting her after her disgraceful video explanation of the debacle.

  7. Obama’s plan all the way! Arrest him for treason! HE is the one running this sh!t show! This has been planned for a long time, Biden just executed it! Court martial him! Along with Harris, Piglosi and schumer! They are traitors!

  8. Every politician in Washington are letting Joe Biden pay Taliban for a bribe to extend the operation this calls for impeachment

  9. It SEEMS this ADMINISTRATIONS principle of DIPLOMACY and everything else they accomplish is by USING the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS TAXES to BUY the result they WANT. Bring the AIRFORCE in an SATURATE their STRONGHOLDS with BOMBS. NO COURAGE He’s NOT a FIGHTER he is a QUID, PRO, QUO, GUY. MONEY talks. And he was going to PUMMEL PESIDENT TRUMP. WITH WHAT DOLLLAR BILLS. WE need to get rid of HIM, KAMILA, PELOSI, SCHUMER ETC. WE CANNOT AFFORD THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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