Biden Open to Extending Additional Federal Unemployment Benefits

Joe Biden got a huge boost when July unemployment numbers were released, but he now seems intent on doing everything he can to ruin that momentum.

When the report came out, 943,000 new jobs were announced, above expectations.

Biden cites his programs and the vaccine for this success, but that is far from the actual truth.

Even so, his administration announced that it is considering extending the additional $300 in weekly unemployment benefits.

What Is Going On?

There is no denying the lower unemployment rate and job numbers, which were both very positive.

We do, however, tend to disagree with Joe Biden’s reasoning.

Jobs are picking up despite Joe Biden, not because of him.

So far, 26 states have cut the added benefits, forcing people to get up off their couches and go back to work.

If you look at national unemployment rates, about half the top 10 or 12 states with low unemployment have cut benefits.

The bottom 10… all states that have kept the added benefits intact.

These states, in some cases, have unemployment rates three times or higher than states that have cut benefits already.

Psaki, when challenged on this, just blatantly lied, stating, “We don’t see any evidence in the available data that some states ending unemployment benefits early had any impact on today’s incredibly strong numbers.

“We are seeing strength across the economy across states and regions of course.

“But that’s thanks to a number of investments that have helped get people through this difficult time and get them back to work.”

At 5.4 percent unemployment, we see improvement, but with some states still tickling eight percent, we still have a long way to go in getting people back to work.

When you consider that the unemployment rate for the fourth quarter of 2019, right before the pandemic hit, was 3.5 percent, people need to get off their couches and back to work, not paid more money to watch TV and eat bonbons all day.

The fact that Joe Biden is even considering extending this program is just absurd.

This will crush small business owners, but it will buy Democrats votes from lazy citizens that refuse to get off their couch and go back to work.

Source: New York Post

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20 Responses

  1. All this is going to do is allow people to sit on their butts at home. This is part of what is ruining our country.

    1. You know, the only positive thing coming from Bidens administration is how great of a job President Trump did.

    2. Too bad that Bien dosen’t have to deal with stores being out of stock because they can’t get shipments because drivers don’t want to work, or resturants who run out of food for the same reason and who don’t have enough staff to o the jobs. He is not having to suffer for his bad decisions, the average American is and will continue to do so because he just dosen’t care about the average American, only illegals , whose votes he is trying to buy.

  2. Biden has Dementia. He can’t remember from one minute to the next. Stop putting BS on line as the man has Dementia. None of what he says makes any sense. Get over it.

  3. Joe Biden has Dementia, he is not the one making all these crazy rules. So let’s leave Joe Biden out of the news. Jill Biden is one selfish, greedy person to be putting her husband thru this Nightmare. She needs to be Removed. I’m not a Demorat but she should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

    1. Lol, the only thing Jill likes is the attention SHE is getting. She cheated on her first husband with Joe when she worked for him. She is a pig and a sl.t.

  4. The guy is nuts and a peer hungry idiot he should not be in the job in the first place! Why is anyone letting him destroy America’s constitution

  5. Doesn’t he need to get congress to go along and approve more spending? Does anyone know if he tucked money away in the approved reconciliation bill for just such an opportunity to dole out more money?

  6. I’m just waiting for the dems run out of money. This insane ideology that they are pushing is not working, too many illegals,with COVID, released in my states is outrageous at least. If joe wants to release these people, just do it in his backyard.


  8. The House is controlled by dumbocraps. Dont count on an Impeachment vote. They dont have enough brains in the house to vote for an impeachment.

    1. That is unless you mention “TRUMP”. When Trump was inn office they quickly reached in the “Impeachment Bag” and pulled out some rediculous fabricated BS to begin impeachment hearings. Pelosi lives and breaths for no other reason than to burn Trump. Trump has been out of office for nearly 8 months and Pelosi is still reaching for anyway possible to prosecute him in the courts.

  9. If the American people are not smart enough to see what is going on in this country, and do what Trump said must be done, to quit voting for Democrats, this country is screwed, big time!

  10. biden/harris/pelosi, and schumer need to be tried for treason on the south lawn of the white hose and if found guilty….well we know what should happen next in few view of the American public.

  11. If we do not get these worthless, feckless, racist, thieving, lying, lunatic, idiots out of our America, we will never have a place to call AMERICA!!

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