Biden Outs Top GOP Senators as Gun Control Advocates

Is it the gun or the person pulling the trigger?

That is always the debate in this country.

Second Amendment advocates say it is the person, whereas gun-control advocates believe that removing guns would eliminate all evil.

After the recent school shooting in Uvalde, TX, as usual, Democrats are making a power play for sweeping gun control legislation.

Joe Biden has now identified two high-ranking Republican Senators that he says will work with him on passing gun legislation.

McConnell and Cornyn

Even when Joe Biden is trying to be nice, he cannot help but throw a dig at Republicans.

Biden has identified Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) as two “rational Republicans” that will be willing to work with him on gun control legislation.

Biden has stayed away from issuing an executive order on this, believing true gun control legislation must be put in place by Congress.

The problem, however, is that Democrats cannot even define the guns they want to control.

They keep throwing around the term “assault weapon,” which is completely undefined and did not exist until Democrats wanted to start to chip away at the Second Amendment.

I have always maintained that because of the vagueness, even a single concession will result in a massive gun grab from law-abiding citizens.

We already have the systems in place to prevent these things from happening, but they are often ignored or, in the case of Uvalde, poorly executed.

I have long-warned people about McConnell, and he is again proving me right.

I have never been a fan of Cornyn either, as he is in that establishment crowd and will go along with whatever McConnell tells him to do.

Now we are paying the price for continuing to elect them to office.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. The 2 senators that go along with biden , how much is biden paying them to go along with him, seems that is what
    the demos think will buy them what they want.

    1. They are steeling your money to line the pockets of all demacrat politicians that is how they are funding campaigning and putting Republicans to shame I’m sorry b the r Republicans are looking bad the Biden thieves have stolen another one it’s coming.

  2. I wonder how the dems would deal with a child in the back yard with a bear aproachingit??


  4. Every far-right supporter calls this a gun grab! Or they are taking away our second amendment rights, BS! That is nothing more than a scare tactic started by the NRA! Why are many afraid of mandatory universal back-ground checks, do have something your afraid of being found out? What do you want to keep hidden? The majority of Americans are in favor of the background check as well as restricting the sale of military stye weapons, what is your actual objection to this? Be specific! Don’t give me the second amendment bunk or gun grab! Tell me why you object to having your background checked! By the way I own 2 AR-15’s and a number of shotguns and handguns most are semi auto!

  5. Why don’t schools, like the airports, put a scanner at the entrance so no one can bring in a weapon unauthorized?

    1. Sue, that would be too smart for this administration! The schools should purchase their own! Make a deal with the company that builds them and get a discount for being a school! And put a picture of Biden as a traitor so he can’t get into any school in the US! He is a ped!

  6. McConnell is just another pathetic “Puppet” bought, owned, and controlled by the chinese communist party, EXACTLY like dementia-joe biden and “heels-up harris” the “HO”.
    Give up your GUNS, you may as well shoot yourselves in the head, because “roundups”, “TRANSPORTS” TO fema camps, internment, and EXECUTIONS by guillotine, will be the next thing that happens to anyone that TURNS IN THE ONLY defense you have against the TYRANNICAL TRAITORS that are infesting our “government” at this time.
    Doubts? Type fema camps and guillotines into your search engine for a “PREVIEW”.
    Time to wake up America, before we no longer HAVE a country OR “freedom”

  7. Guess the Rhino is not doing enough for the Left and villiage Idiot

    who is really running the country

    not joe

    not harris

    that s right the Idiots who will destroy your homeland , make you poor and take what you have

  8. I am so sick and tired of Joe Biden’s antics. He is about as stupid as can be and our country is the worse off because of him and his 80 million dead voters.

  9. ANY REPUBLICAN that goes along with the banning of any weapon better be prepared tp lose some votes. We will NOT be voting for RINO”S thank you. These 2 are Rhino’s. Mitch always caves to the left and the other 1 is a copycat. Many people will be surprised this November, The ones who thought they were shoe ins are going down. Get prepared!!! We are NOT going to vote for people who blatantly lie or sleeping with the enemy, the Democrats!!! You really need to start paying attention to what we the people want from YOU, our party. Do what your heart says and not just for the “PARTY” We want inflation down, we want pipelines open, we want the border closed, we want to stop sending money to other countries, like Pakistan, Iran, and others who hates us, when people here are hungry, homeless, or barely making ends meet. The Afghanistan withdrawal, no baby formula for our children but plenty at the border for illegals, ect,,,, What a horrible world we live in. This is EXACTLY WHY WE NEED TERM LIMITS. They get too comfortable, only caring about themselves, such as these 2!!!

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