Biden Rejects Republican Infrastructure Offer

Joe Biden has put on a good front, pretending he wants a bipartisan infrastructure deal.

That is clearly not the case, however.

After Republicans put a deal on the table that was almost double the initial offer, Biden still slapped it off the table and told them, “No.”

So Much for Bipartisanship

When Republicans initially started discussing infrastructure, the number was just a bit more than $500 billion.

In an effort to get bipartisan legislation passed, Republicans have been adding significantly to the check ever since.

The last offer made was $928 billion, which did not go over well, so an additional $50 billion was added, making the offer $978 billion.

Biden threw the offer into the trash can.

In announcing the rejected offer, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated, “The President expressed his gratitude for her effort and goodwill, but also indicated that the current offer did not meet his objectives to grow the economy, tackle the climate crisis, and create new jobs.”

That is fancy talk for Joe Biden did not see all the fluff Democrats want in the bill, so he will not get behind the Republican offer.

This has NEVER been about a bipartisan bill but rather the appearance of having bipartisan legislation.

It is now clear that Biden has no interest in truly working with Republicans, only giving the appearance that he is.

Biden’s infrastructure plan seems destined for reconciliation, which will only infuriate Republicans more, including all those moderates who believed Joe Biden was the answer.

Sources: Daily Caller & Breitbart

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11 Responses

  1. No infrastructure plan is better than biden’s garbage…. The Republicans need to write and file impeachment articles now…

    1. I agree, biden is being the puppet of obama, he is pulling the strings, i can see it now, new companies like obama’s light bulb company that got billions then went out of business with in a year. guess they all retired on our money.

      1. the company was a solar company, (Solyndra, one of obama’s great green deals, guess biden has friends that want to retire with his new jobs.

    2. The whole of the democrapic dungbeetles are traitors to we the people and America. He needs not only to be impeached, but tried for treason!

  2. Those moderates that think Biden is the answer are a bunch of fools.
    This is where the Conservatives should draw a line in the sand and stop every bill that comes before the Senate.

  3. Your Dems Infrastructure WONT work since we the Physical Updated.
    No roads fixed then we dont get to see MD for Medicare for ALL.
    No roads fixed no 1 gets to ER.
    etc etc
    FIX Our Roads

  4. Anthony Manzo
    I AGREE 100%. How come the FASCISTS can LIE CHEAT STEAL Etc. with NO recriminations and others are charged and tried on Lies and bought FALSE INFORMATION. What has HAPPENED to AMERICANISM in HIGH PLACESES, I GUESS MONEY TALKS. RIGHT JOE, and ALL your SHEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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