GOP Considers Biden Reversal on CRT Handbook a ‘Big win for parents’

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being pushed very hard by the Democrat Party.

So much so, a recent handbook (via email) issued by the Department of Education referenced a radical group as a resource for schools to push CRT.

After much outrage, the Biden Administration said it was an “error” linking to the Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN), which South Carolina AG Alan Wilson says is a “big win for parents.”

Big Win?

So, before we get into this, please watch a recent Fox News segment regarding the ATN, its members, and what they are pushing…

As mentioned above, after pushback regarding that group, the Biden administration says this was a mistake.

Wilson, after the announcement was made, tweeted, “This is big win for parents. The Biden Administration is walking back its rule making and calling radical ties an error largely because @RepublicanAGs pressured them to do the right thing.”

I am taking a bit of a different approach.

This should be a huge alarm for parents, far from the win that Wilson is claiming.

If you watched that video, you saw the extreme positions being pitched by these individuals.

Just because that link has been called a “mistake” does not mean these teachings are not already taking place, because they are.

This is the nonsense that is being forced down teachers’ throats, with the trickledown effect of it being taught to our children.

This nation’s children are being radicalized for the left by Democrats… there is simply no other way to describe what is taking place.

If I were a parent, be it liberal or conservative, I would be terrified at the thought of such an extreme position being taught to children.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. I am baffled by this crap. What is the end goal of the Dems in teaching communism to our kids? Are they all blind, deaf and dumb? Can’t they see that EVERY attempt at a communist country has failed or is failing? What’s the benefit? Is it simply because the populace does not want this so they’re pushing it?

    1. The benefit & the goal is total & complete domination – brainwashing & control pure & simple!!!!

    2. Lol what is so baffling about it! Only an idiot would be baffled. They are radicalizing kids so they can use them to stay in power. Just like ANTIFA.

  2. I have not been in the schools for some time. I am keeping track of what the Parents are saying and if you don’t like what is being taught then go to the Principal and if that isn’t enough go to your School Board Meetings and if that doesn’t get it done then go to the State Level and stand up for what is right in this World. I can guarantee you that the Private Schools are teaching what is correct and what is not. Go to the State Level and have enough parents sign a petition so that the Governor gets an ear full. Believe you me the Parents have a lot of say in what is being taught in the schools. Ban the books if you have to Take the load of books and dump them on the State Capital so that the Governor gets an ear full. If you have to rip the pages out of it and put them where the Governor can’t miss them. The People voted you in, they can vote you out just as easy. Same goes for the Senators and Reps,. make some noise and get something going. Your not alone .

  3. SICK, SICK!!! Another’s platform to push racism & divide this country. Again, it shows how ignorant these people are about “true” US history!!

  4. The end goal is New World Order .Population control.Have everyone against each other and then they start kiiling themselves and the government can say the people did it to themselves ,

  5. People keep asking for all the crap going on. Don’t like it take a stand. I like sports,but i d watch sports at all anymore, they want to go “WOKE”,than they will go “BROKE”. And i also stand up and defend the “Constitution” by protesting against B.L.M. and Antifa, and all the other stupid communist out there. If don’t take a stand then you are letting them get by with there communist crap.

  6. Benjamin Franklin said it best, if we don’t stand together,we will surely hang separately. Tae a stand and let’s Make America Great Again.

  7. Big goal is “One world order”. This means destroying rights of nations and the people. End game, depopulate the world only excepting the dictators and their slaves. No freedoms for the slaves!!!

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