Biden, CDC Reverse Stance on Eviction Moratorium

For several days now, Democrats have been camped out on the steps of the Capitol in a publicity stunt to get Joe Biden to extend the moratorium on evictions.

There has already been a Supreme Court ruling on this, stating that the power for such action lies with Congress, not with the administration.

Even so, Joe Biden has caved to leftists in the party, announcing a new moratorium knowing full well the order is illegal and unconstitutional.

Grounds for Impeachment?

There is a big difference between issuing an order and having it challenged in court versus issuing an order that has already been ruled unconstitutional and illegal.

That, however, is exactly what Joe Biden just did.

While making his announcement that he had caved to the left, Biden stated, “Look, the courts made it clear that the existing moratorium was not constitutional, that it wouldn’t stand.”

So, that means he knows any moratorium issued by the administration would literally be a violation of his oath of office, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Even so, Biden is intent on breaking because of pressure from the left.

He is doing this for no other reason than to buy time, and even admitted that to be the case.

Biden stated, “At a minimum, by the time it gets litigated, it will probably give some additional time.”

Congress knew this deadline was coming at the end of July and did nothing to address it, so this falls on Congress, not the office of the president.

Second, the moment that order was issued by Biden, he committed an impeachable offense, period.

Instead of upholding the Constitution, Democrat members of Congress were actually encouraging Biden to do this, so a case could be made that they should all be impeached as well.

The problem, of course, is that Democrats hold the power right now and absolutely nothing will happen to any of them.

Sources: New York Post & Breitbart

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17 Responses

  1. This is a perfect example that the democrats do not care about the law or the people that they work for.

  2. It’s time Patriots put a STOP to this illigitimate administration, by force if nessasary! ” lets Roll”

    1. I’m with you! There are a whole lot of Democrats who need to be evicted! I’m so sick and tired of those communists, and what they are doing to this country!

  3. Biden makes impeachable offences and Republicans excuse is dems have the majority and can’t do anything. They need to file articles of impeachment and do whatever it takes to physically get things rolling on documentation. Do something don’t just give up by saying they have the majority. Nevef know, some Democrates may turn to do what is right.

    1. I two am sick of all the excuses that nothing can be done. Democrats and the Biden Administration are breaking the law in way to many ways for no one to be able to do anything. Are the republican’s telling us that they have no power in congress? If that is what they are saying, why do we as the taxpayers and citizen’s of this United States even need them in Congress? Looks to me like the Judicial Branch could also help in this matter of Law. This is just insane that that these law breakers can not be stopped. So what Do we have laws for???

  4. I agree! I think and pray that some of them have waken up from the trap they are in.
    Good and bad people are all over the place, so I believe there are good people
    among them who will use their conscience instead of blindly following their
    Democratic party. So, true Repubs please don’t give up. You have our fervent prayers!!!

  5. I am wondering, if I am alone in watching Biden destroy our country??? Is anyone else concerned with the
    actions coming from him?
    Every day there is a new twist, and most of them seem off the wall to me. Petty things to bring the populace
    to heel.
    Can anything be done to force him to act like an educated man? He comes off like a spoiled brat, who stamps
    his feet and throws a tantrum. he doesn’t fit the picture of a mature, intelligent individual.
    I realize he is senile, but is he in any mental shape to lead our country??? Am I missing something???

  6. all the bad democrates need to be impeached , republicans need to stand up and start the impeachment process on these crooks and liars and give our country back to the American people those democrates work for us not themselves they need to be fired fired fired fired fired ,

  7. Unless we want to be told what to do by the Democrats the rest of our lives we better get busy and stand together against them. Meaning we Republicans. We must stand together and get the old timers out of office and get some young blood in office to work for the people!

  8. Start by vacating the speaker’s chair, kick Piglosi out of congress, then put a conservative republican like Jim Jordan in as speaker. Then start impeachment proceedings against the entire Biden cabinet and chuck schumer. That way we can stop this farce. Come on Republicans, grow a spine and fight back. I’m sure there are democrats who are fed up with Piglosi and want her out. Get them on board, for the sake of our country.

  9. Republicans can start impeachments on Biden and his VP, as well as Pelosi and why they haven’t is baffling!

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