Biden Says He Will ‘Work like hell,’ Then Leaves for Delaware

Joe Biden and Democrats took a major shot across the bow this week when House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) failed to rally her troops.

Congress was forced to pass stop-gap legislation because of expiration dates tied to the infrastructure bill, and it does not appear that Democrats are anywhere near on the same page right now.

So, Joe Biden promised to “work like hell” to get Dems on the same page… then he took off for the weekend to hide in Delaware.

Right After a Weekend Off

It was almost comical hearing Joe Biden talk about the frustrations over the budget not being passed.

We went from one of the most urgent pieces of legislation around to we will get it passed when it passes.

This was Joe Biden as the media caught him coming out of the White House early Saturday morning…

After vowing to work hard, did Joe Biden go back into the White House and start making calls and scheduling meetings?

Nope, he took off for Delaware, where he gets to hide from the media for two days and rest up for his busy week.

The other point of interest here is that Joe Biden continues to blame Republicans for everything, but Democrats have complete control of Congress right now.

The fact is that it is NOT Republicans blocking anything.

Senate moderates are blocking reconciliation and House progressives are blocking the bipartisan infrastructure bill from going through.

Republicans cannot help but sit back and laugh because even members of the liberal media are starting to challenge Biden on his “zero cost” narrative, his hiding out, and blaming Republicans when Democrats control everything.

As I stated in my last article, all Republicans need to do is sit back and enjoy the show because Dems are doing all their dirty work for them.

Source: Newsmax

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29 Responses

  1. I am so very put sad by what this DEMOCRAT controlled administration is doing that without reservation I will NEVER vote for a Democrat ever again … not even for dog catcher. These people do not have the country in mind they just want power and they will degrade the country to get it. The Democrats don’t care who they hurt, how they hurt the population or anyhing other than their own selves which they think are above all.

    1. Thomas, I am a Democrat and I to will never vote for these morons. They have no idea how bad they are screwing up this country, but as a Real American, I will never give up and will always stand up for the US. Good move Thomas. They have tried to no avail to also attack Christians. Bad move as God has way more power and he will decide how much evil runs rampant and he will step in, then let the spin try to explain to him. When all fails, go back to what got you here. This is quoted to anyone who plays sports. It applies to all life.

  2. I’m not laughing!
    Republicans are damn lucky because they’re doing what they do best!
    Sitting back and watching the show!
    Thank God the Dems are in-fighting because the Republicans wouldn’t do anything anyway!
    I’m disgusted with Republicans and I’m a staunch Republican!
    IMPEACH BIDEN you fools!

    1. So you want Harris as president? If not for the lineup of Harris and then Pelosi, they probably would have already impeached and removed Biden.

    2. The GoP doesn’t control the house. It’s the congress that impeaches anyone. So until the GoP gets the house and 60 seats in the senate. NOTHING will happen.

    3. in case you’re out of touch with reality,which you are, the democrats,’listen closely”,control both chambers and the W H,SO WHAT ARE THE REPUBLICANS OPTIONS,you idiot ??

    4. Unfortunately they have to have enough votes to even get the articles of Impeachment heard, they don’t have it, in either the house or Senate. Pelosi won’t even let the Articles that have already submitted to be heard on the Floor

    5. They can’t, McConnell won’t let impeachment be voted on, many have filed but it does no good.

  3. did anyone tink that voting for a bigger-then-life fool could lead the other bigger-then-life fools and get anything done????

  4. The Biden Crime Family is going to send out their “Whipping Boys” and attack the two Democratic Senators. And while the left hand is doing that “The Right Hand Fauchi” is getting ready to release another variant for Christmas.

  5. Biden will find a other way to punish the country for his incompetence as the corupt demrats alway do, like children when they don’t get their way.impeach this fool.

  6. It’s OK to overturn Bad Policies, but not to give a Reason or Plan of Action once overturned. The Option to do nothing but Talk, Talk and blame the other side. Actions Talk Louder Than words.
    And the action of Spend Spend Spend is not going to solve the U.S.’s Crisises.

  7. “WE THE PEOPLE” just hold on !!! BIG SURPRISES ARE COMING for all of us, and all demonic demon rats. There is not enough space to share here of what is coming!
    There is sooo much coming up and We The People WIN. We have HUGE help coming and SWAMP DOES GET DRAINED and YES there will be no more Democratic presidents for YEARS to come and the entire demonic side NEWS FAKEBOOK,TWITTER,AMAZON etc..gets their punishment as well.
    Hang in there!!!

    1. 29 weeks in office now and 30 vacations, he’s out to break another of Obamas records.

  8. The only thing Biden is good for is to go behind the elephants in a circus and shovel elephant dung.

  9. I thought it was a requirement for democrats that get elected to top offices have to be able to lie and make his enemies to believe what he is saying his wife doesn’t even believe him and worse the other democrats don’t either maybe they weren’t aware of the fact that he is a total idiot and wants to give the United States to the highest bidder.

    1. BTW – Did anyone notice that Jill Biden has not been in the news lately? Wonder what is going on there?? Jill should be jailed for Elder Abuse, PERIOD!!! I am 79 and in all my adult and even some teen years life, have I ever experienced such a evil, corrupt, criminal, lying President of the USA. Honestly, have any of you???

      1. Katie, I am 70 and totally agree with you 110% I have never seen this. What happened to debates like we leaned in school? There is no middle ground and Biden says he wants to pull us together. Fat chance. He is a blight. Vote them all out come next time around and stand your ground until then.

  10. The season is coming to an end .You have had your glory time to come clean and repent democrats .

  11. Another vacation? 29 weeks and 30 vacations, sure sounds like he’s really working hard ( and let’s not count the days campaigning and slushing for other liberals )

  12. This bastard doesn’t even deserve to breathe American air. Send joe to CCP where he will fit right in. They will remove him from earth once they get what they want. What a useless waste of space.

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