Biden Approval Sinks Lower After Press Conference

Everyone in the Biden administration was taking a victory lap after Joe stood up on the podium like a big boy for almost two hours and took questions.

The focus was more on the time than the actual content of the presser.

Most in the mainstream media, and this would include some Fox News personalities, also gushed over Biden’s longevity, even though it was only the second press even that he held.

Well, Americans were not fooled, because Joe just took another dip in his polling.

The Sinking Ship

The latest RealClearPolitics poll has Biden’s approval sinking and his disapproval soaring.

Biden sunk to a 40.5 approval rating, while his disapproval has hit an all-time high of 55.3 percent, putting him upside down by 14.8 points.

In terms of Biden speaking, the last 10 days have been an utter disaster.

In Georgia, he accused half the country of being domestic enemies.

During Biden’s presser, he laid the groundwork to challenge the outcome of the 2022 elections and gave Russia the green light to invade Ukraine, and those were only two of the gaffes.

White House Jen Psaki was pressed into duty immediately to clean up his mess and fact-checkers are still scrambling to uncover all the lies Biden told when he was talking.

The ruse is finally over, my friends.

The media can continue to gush all they want over Biden; it just doesn’t matter any longer.

The American people finally realize Biden is an absolute fraud.

Source: Breitbart

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27 Responses

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  2. Hey China Joe, do our wonderful country a huge and positive favor, resign, but first fire your entire administration and beg Donald J Trump and his team to come back. You and you incompetent team are the worst thing that happened to our country in our entire history. You almost destroyed our Republic, save it by resigning.

    1. Biden and his administration have done more damage to America in one year, than any other enemy has ever been able to do. Our greatest enemy did not come from another country, but from within our own government. If he has managed to do this much in just one year, God help us if he is allowed to finish out the next three, however, would we be any better off with do nothing Harris, or madam Hitler Pelosi? The whole administration needs to go, if America is to be saved.

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    2. JOM , WE AGREE WITH YOU!!!! HE SHOULD RESIGN WOULD BE GREAT all that in office need to resign also!! They are the worst in history!! Even beat OBAMA now! But Obama is still on the Bottom also!!! !!!! UNITED WE STAND !!! OUR NATION UNDER GOD!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

    3. My feelings, and “most Americans” feel the exact same way. All the left that voted for joe and the hoe, could probably be put in a phone booth in each state.

  3. “The American people finally realize Biden is an absolute fraud.”

    What else would be expected from a 75 year do nothing politician who was the understudy to an illegal immigrant of Indonesian citizenship?

  4. “In all of civilized history nothing has killed more innocent victims than organized religion, yet when mated with politics, the resultant numbers have become unimaginable, beyond belief to the rational mind. The greater tragedy is that there appears to be no end in sight.”
    Colten Irons

  5. Thank you for the Comments Section. I find it very difficult to believe that “Biden” has poll numbers in the low 40’s. If “Biden” has more than 20 points in a poll, that would be all that he could honestly get.

    I saw on the internet I believe yesterday that there were One Million people that wanted tickets to Trump’s Rally in Oklahoma. And I believe that was a low number. There have to be many, many more that want those tickets. Hopefully, we will be able to see this on TV.

    How many people do you think “Biden” could get to buy tickets to a rally??????????????

    How did “Biden” win the election??????????? He didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. America just needs to clean house and get rid of the CCP , trash and influences out of the United States. The whole Biden and all the puppet master in this administration
    Democrats and Rhinos needs to be put into GITMO and tried for crimes against humanity and treason. A red wave needs to happen in 2022, and cleanup in 2024.

  7. This shriveled up, demented,old pedophile DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE!!!!
    What a waste of good oxygen. Xiden can’t find his way to the bathroom!! And who craps their pants in front of the Pope? Well poopy pants xiden did just exactly that!! What a moron!!
    America is losing face due to xidens STUPID, ASININE plan to destroy the nation. Some may think he’s a gaffe meister, but I wonder if maybe
    it is on purpose? Xiden has had a half a century perfecting his “good ol’boy image”, but he’s an *sshole to the nth degree!! If you don’t agree with him, you’re on the side of Bull Connor and George Wallace who, by the way, WERE DEMOCRAPS!!!!
    I wonder who wrote his speech, I would gladly pay them to keep writing for him, it makes the Republicans job so much easier!!
    When the democraps are shredded in 2022, China Joe will be the only president who is a 2 year LAME DUCK!!!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual!!
    LET’S GO BRANDON, you miserable moron!!!!

  8. I saw pats of Biden’s press conference and to tell the truth I would have rather watched a cartoon instead of listen to him what a disgrace he is

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  10. I do not believe the no. you are reporting IT HAS TO BE MUCH LOWER. The man is only creating problems for the people and I just can’t see who would support it.

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