Biden Slammed After Giving ‘Off-limits’ List to Putin

During Joe Biden’s recent chat with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Joe gave Putin a list of 16 items on the forbidden list for hacking.

Now, critics are ripping Joe Biden for two different reasons.

First, does that green light everything else, and second, did Biden just give the Russians the playbook to our most vulnerable areas?

Uhm, Joe…

When you give someone a warning to not play with your stuff, it should just be a warning, period.

Like, hey, Vlad, if we track any hackings back to your people, you will have some problems.

That is not what Joe did, however.

Joe gave Putin a list of things he could not touch, basically giving Putin a list of the most critical items in our infrastructure.

The tactic did not exactly get complimented by cyber experts.

Rebecca Heinrichs, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, stated, “As soon as you draw red circles around things you don’t want Russia to attack, you’re both telling Russia what is most valuable to you and that they can attack anything else without serious consequence.

“It could actually entice Russia to increase attacks against all the other entities besides those 16 things.

“We should be complicating Russia’s calculations not making them simpler and certainly not essentially green-lighting any kinds of attacks.”

Kara Frederick, a research fellow in technology policy at the Heritage Foundation, added, “I’m very circumspect about Biden’s actions in this summit because we’re supposed to impose costs when cyberattacks occur and when they meet a level of attribution to a state.

“Most cyber criminals in Russia operate with tacit state approval.

“Instead of painting a target on 16 of these things, we should be disrupting their networks.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also took a shot at Biden, stating, “President Biden can’t help signaling weakness, even by accident.

“All of America’s critical infrastructure is off-limits to Putin.”

No matter how you slice it, this was a complete disaster.

You can read more on the reaction regarding Biden’s strategy on Fox News.

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