Biden Snaps at Lester Holt for Asking About Inflation

This week, Joe Biden sat down with what he probably assumed would be a friendly interview.

Instead, Lester Holt asked some real questions.

When in challenged Biden on inflation, Biden lost it a bit, snapping back at Hold, calling him a “wise guy.”

A for Effort, F for Execution

I give Holt props for his initial questions.

However, he completely failed when it came to follow-up questions and challenging Joe Biden on blatant lies.

He had a chance to have a truly epic TV moment that would completely expose Biden, but he allowed the current Oval Office occupant to spew more falsehoods to the American people.

The lying started right of the gate regarding children wearing masks.

We have all seen the studies by now that show how utterly useless most masks are in terms of stopping COVID.

The only truly effective masks are N-95 masks, but they still need to be custom-fitted to be effective.

Most of these kids are not wearing N-95 masks, and that does even consider how low the overall infection and mortality rates among children are.

Yet, when Biden said his team is following the science, Holt never challenged him to cite a specific study.

He also let Biden off the hook regarding Democrat governors that have decided to discard mask mandates (and we all that is only being done because it is an election cycle).

When Holt brought up the recent Army report that was devasting regarding Biden’s Afghanistan plan, Biden said the report was not true, and Holt again let him off the hook.

The real moment, however, was when Biden was asked about the inflation that is running rampant.

Here is the part of the interview that has been made public thus far…

Holt, again, missed an opportunity to get Biden to dial in an exact time frame, with Biden merely stating that inflation would start going back down at some point this year.

I know a reporter will never do it, but Biden should have been called a liar right to his face.

These “journalists” seem to be so happy to get Biden in the chair these days that they simply allow him to make unchallenged statements they have to know are outright lies.

Perhaps that is why Biden will never sit down with a Fox News reporter and he keeps choosing media members who are a bit more friendly to this administration.

Do you believe anything that Joe Biden says?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News


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