Biden Super PAC Delivers Bad News to Biden Camp

A major Biden Super PAC sounds like it is hitting the panic button already.

Unite the Country’s June strategic memo was leaked and it was all bad news for Biden.

One of the biggest problems it found was that Democrat voters cannot list any Biden achievements while in office.

What Is Joe Doing?

The big problem for Biden is one that was present during the presidential campaign.

That being nobody really knows what his agenda is.

He ran against Trump’s personality and COVID… but that was about it.

It is not helping Biden’s profile that the only success he has had in office was given life under the Trump administration.

Without Operation Warp Speed, we probably would not even have a vaccine yet.

Once we get past that, what does Biden have to stand on? Even his own supporters are struggling to answer that question.

The memo states, “Even among voters who have a favorable view of Joe Biden, there is a real lack of information about the specifics of the Biden Agenda.”

The memo goes on to say, “Unfortunately, the [American Rescue Plan] and these other proposals remain worryingly undefined in the public consciousness and voters are primed with misinformation that helps Republican[s] justify their opposition.

“Democrats must communicate much more aggressively to define success for the ARP and to explain why it is important to pass the American Jobs Act and the American Families Plan.”

Unite the Country spent almost $50 million to back Biden in the 2020 election, but now they are worried the voters that elected him will not turn out in 2022 to allow Democrats to keep their advantage in Congress.

If that fear becomes a reality, Joe Biden is a lame-duck over the last two years of his presidency, and it would be a very good sign that Republicans would be the favorite to win the White House in 2024.

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

    1. That will depend on how many fake/illegal ballots they can get entered and counted this election. The last two elections they perfected getting illegal ballots counted.

    2. Agree entirely and when President Trump was at the helm the majority of people were more than satisfied.

  1. I am with president Trump.biden and the evil Dems and old gop Cheated and Stole the election outright!!!

    1. American Rescue Plan!!??? Is this some kind of a joke? America did not need to be rescued. We were doing Fine until biden showed up with his corruption. Now America needs to be rescued from Biden!!

      1. If he is wanting the American Jobs Act. He needs to keep the jobs. Or he can do what Trump did and go out and bring the jobs back to the US.

    2. By allowing the STEAL the Republicans again prove that they have no gonads.

  2. Who is saying that Biden will even make it a full year in office?
    The only reason why they haven’t used the 25th on him is because Harris would be even a worse person to hold the office and the third person in line is “Nefarious Nancy”!
    We are doomed unless the Democrats lose both houses !

  3. Everyone keeps saying that this so called vaccine is going to save our lives,when in fact it is not a vaccine!this is a bioweapon designed to kill us all,what’s wrong with you stupid people,you don’t have anough sense to pound sand in a rat hole! You better wake to hell up and see what’s really going on,damn, I have never een so much stupidity in my life!

    1. Thank you. I agree. No vaccine for me. I have ran into so many people that got so sick, broke out in hives all over their body and got big lumps under their arms. That’s why people won’t get the 2nd shot. They hear it’s even worse. No thank you I’ll die from natural causes or an accident

      1. So how many people actually did you run into that had bad reaction, I mean a reaction worse than some have with a flu shot? I’ll bet the number is very small.

    2. Eloquent take on Biden> Big Red Flag was 1st day in office he Cancelled XL pipeline but WHY? All that Canadian OIL has to go Sum Where, & U can bet its going to CHINA, so there’s your 1st CLUE to Biden’s agenda & its NOT in favor of USA, it’s to support his puppet masters CHINA & OBAMA>
      A1960 Okla state senator outlined US OIL policy> Leave US OIL alone, it’s “money in the bank”> build refineries along coastline & invest in ocean-going pipelines (SuperTankers) so when CHEAP ($10/bbl) foreign OIL runs out, switch to developing domestic OIL, building pipelines to XPT Crude Oil to coastal refineries> Biden ignores that FACT of OIL Independence where to buy US Oil, U have to “pony up” U$D> that is how U back U$D w/Black Gold

    3. Absolutely agree with you my friend. Thanks for standing up to the communist liars and news media traitors

  4. When Trump and the Republicans take total control.I want to see these low life scumbags in prison..after the way they treated President Trump and his voters……..better yet…off with their heads!!!

  5. I just want all the truth to come out. The sooner the better. I’m so tired of waiting for good things to happen. I know it WILL. Just don’t understand all the delays in getting the truth out. The people who still won’t wake up will NEVER wake up. So let’s get on with it.

  6. Biden has no agenda! This is all Obama agenda, joe is too stupid to see he is bieng used, he gets the flack, Obama smiles and flips us all off! Why is no one seeing that? Take off the blinders folks, you are bieng had!!!

  7. This is a true report about Joe Biden , correction Joe Biden has been a lame duck for 47 years in government it would be more appropriate to call Joe Biden instead of President.

  8. Bob Williams,
    I say HANG THEM and HANG them HIGH in front of the whole world so they know we do not like Liars, committing
    treason and getting AMERICAN’S Killed for no reason. There should be a list starting with the MUSLIM OBO, and all of his regime. Trump brought us out of the pits and the IDIOTS who thought that Biden/ Harris could lead this country should also be with them. Just look at the corruption that there is on BIDEN and His SON and probably more. Hope they all go to HELL and burn for life.

  9. I just wish those poor,ashamed & hamulated voters will have either the decency to become educated before they ever vote again or just stop voting PERIOD!! I know of some of these poor people that do not even show their face anymore! I know it has killed more than a few. Just a drop in the bucket to how many the dem lies and policies have killed and it will be going way up here the next few Years. I am glad it is getting so bad so FAST and continuing down hill at an even faster rate! Honestly I hope to see gas over 10 a gallon by November and bread and milk over 6 bucks soon to just let is truly sink in!!!!

  10. I am so tired of All emails like these below!
    They ask a question, but do not allow a place to really answer!

    Requests for Donations, or Membership dues!
    We Want to Hear from you!

    They Really Do NOT want to hear from me, or they would supply a
    2-way forum for communication!
    How about an email address to reply to, or a phone # that actually works?
    Don’t call me if you won’t leave your Name, Reason for your call
    and a live phone # (one that has not been Disconnected /or is No longer in service!)

    I just might Want to talk to yoy!

  11. The only reason the Democrats are in is because they cheated in this election! They do NOT care about what We The People want! They are out of control and we the people will take back our country with God leading the way! They better get right with God or they will burn in hell! Listen to the prophets! I stand with them!

  12. Why is no one calling for “impeachment” of the present rulers? When Trump was in office and doing the job a “real president” should be doing…taking “care” of “his” country – we were doing fine…the country was being run like a business and prospering. Now…the “downhill trend”…all for “their own pockets”…the downfall of a beloved country…America. When will WE realize it and DO something about it? I am almost a century in age…never thought I would be “around” on day of reckoning…God…Please Bless America!

  13. We have got to hang on until 2022. Hopefully we will still have a country that can be saved. It is beyond imagination how much damage one man (or one party) can do in less than 6 month. Pray for an awakening of the American people by 2022.

  14. People are catching on that when they named a bill generally that is the lowest priority in the bill

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