Biden Supports Firing of First Responders Over Vaccine Refusal

Joe Biden has just given the thumbs up to make this country less safe for hardworking Americans.

On Thursday, during Biden’s CNN town hall, Biden stated that he fully supports the termination of first responders who did not want to take the vaccine.

It is a rather disturbing stance to take considering the out-of-control crime in many of our big cities today.

Who Is Going to Work?

Anderson Cooper asked Biden how he felt on this issue during the town hall.

Cooper asked, “I’m wondering where you stand on that.

“Should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines?

“And if not, should they be mandated to stay at home, let go?”

Biden enthusiastically said he supports terminating them.

This was his response…

I cannot wait to see how all this plays out for Democrats when they are pandering to first responder unions for votes in the upcoming elections.

For the record, Biden opposed vaccine mandates as a candidate, so this is yet another lie.

Biden, during the campaign, stated, “From a policy perspective, this edict is unlikely to win hearts and minds – it will simply drive further skepticism.

“And at least some Americans will simply leave the job market instead of complying.”

I can only wonder why Anderson Cooper did not bring that up.

Secondly, who will take over for paramedics, police officers, and firefighters after these mass firings occur?

Most police forces in big cities are already understaffed, so if even 10 percent are terminated, they will not be able to get enough officers to take their place.

That, of course, does not even account for other first responders that would leave shortages on the streets.

Perhaps this is just the way the Democrats have chosen to cripple police departments.

Hundreds of thousands of the bravest people in this country are about to lose their jobs, and Biden does not care.

That number will be up in the millions when you add in the private sector, and Joe Biden could care less.

That is the man sitting in the Oval Office today… digest that.

Source: Fox News

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33 Responses

  1. He what all America to get the shot what about all these people he is letting that god know what they have get over joe put America first or the ones that voted for you not that I did

    1. How about Congress, their staff and for sure their families??? And you right about all illegall people pouring In… they are not getting injection …..God help us

  2. Any time the government is intent on forcing anything onto the public (the vaccine now) and wont’ give up on it? Anytime the public is being punished in one way or another to force them into giving up their constitutional rights the public needs to wise up and ask ‘why’?” There is a good reason here with the scare tactics, the badgering the gov’t is guilty of. That reason is nothing but pure control of the people.

  3. I just hope I am alive for this piece of garbage’s obituary. I want to have a drink when he dies. And, his wife also because she is a creepette.


    1. Yes! Leave the first responders alone! But, then dimwit biden can’t take over the police and responder. That way he can create his own Gestapo! I believe that’s why he’s allowing the illegals into the country! They have no regrets in hurting us AMERICANS! Welcome to the new USSA! Thanks to the A## demarats that voted for dimwit biden. You are considered a communist pigs by my view!

  5. Well, he botched the supply boats by firing truck drivers, dock workers, and now he can fire first responders. He likes to see more dead people and unemployed people.

  6. More people need to “stand their ground” against this tyrannical government.There’s no way ANYONE should require you to take a EXPERIMENTAL CHEMICAL! Especially one that isn’t 100% PROVEN SAFE! Just look at the side effect’s (one of them being DEATH).I will support those that choose.Tell the “king” to “Let’s go Branden” (FCK joe biden).

    1. The vaccine for MOST ALL (better than 90%) IS SAFE….I don’t know where you people are getting this baloney uit’s an Experimental Chemical……… …you can do whatever you want… is your business….but DO NOT BELITTLE THE REST OF US who have to take it…………My age, I have taken both doses, feel great and best if all IT PREVENTS ME FROM GETTING ANY SERIOUS INFECTION…..FAR BETTER than the alternative of DEATH for not taking it, and far MORE EFFECTIVE than wearing those idiot masks every minute of the day

      1. Douglas, I also took the vaccine, but it was my choice. And yes it has NO long term studies, so yes it is experimental. How about Colin Powel, fully vaccinated and they say he died of covid

        1. But of course, he didn’t die OF covid, he died WITH covid. He had blood cancer. Just one more lie from the dems to make their point.

  7. There have always been vaccinations to enter school. The problem here is his dictatorial method. The only positive out of this situation is that this may make more looney liberals Trump supporters. Sometimes I wonder if that is true as the average Joe supporter voted against Trump and not for Joe. I doubt if more that 20% of democrats even know their parties platform.

    1. The loonies in this country are for the most part democrats. Just look at was happened to our great United States of America since Obiden has been in office. By the time the democrats get out there will not be much left of our Constitutional way of life.

  8. Biden’s claims are false because making the decision to get the shot is personal, not political. He is making it political and all Americans are going to suffer. Getting the shot won’t stop you from transmitting the virus.

  9. Defund the police. Fire them for not getting vaccinated. Both have the same goal: Get rid of them, any way you can.

  10. The aim of the democrat/communists in this is, destroy police and first responders to a level that will, in their minds, justify bringing in u.n. (communist chinese), troops to restore “order” and the u.n. WHO to support medical needs. Everything the biden/contitutional ineligible harris gang is doing, is to effect bankruptcy at all levels of society and create chaos to justify installing a communist government……. (add together the individual pieces of the puzzle and see the full picture of democrats/communists agenda)

  11. By the extreme measures there using to make people take the vaccine tells you they are not eveen cl;ose to the numbers they need to get everyone vaccinated! They know the new flu tests are coming out in DEC and this will prove that their #’s for the covid rate were way over exagerated! This scam will bring these illegitimate POS down ion flames! They can stick their poison vaccines up their arse sideways!

  12. Instead of letting Useless Idiot Joe go on his stupid “Fire them all!!” rampage, this country would be A LOT BETTER OFF if we fired this Useless Idiot instead!! His nine months in office HAS DONE NOTHING! NOTHING! to help our country, so Useless Idiot Joe should be the one we get rid of!! He’s worth LESS than a pile of cow dung!!

  13. biden needs to be hung at sundown!! he is a treasonist bastard that should not be alive in this country,!!!!send him to the chinese !!! his people

  14. Dictator Biden and his Elite followers has everyone talking about COVID-19. What a cover up to make you forget about all the other blunders they are making to destroy this country. The horrible loss of life in Afgan., the power buildup of Taliban & the rest of the terrorist groups, the stoppage of oil production ( what a cold winter it will be without home fueled oil heaters ) fuel for jets aside from cars. The huge expansion of coal mines needed to run the machines that produce the vast amount of electricity we need. There is so much more that these idiots are covering up to rid us all of our freedom and country.

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