Will Biden Use Supreme Court to Oust Harris?

A recent CNN report has started rumors about how Joe Biden may rid himself of Kamala Harris for the 2024 election.

Harris’ 28 percent approval rating is concerning, especially if Biden decides to run again.

If Biden has any shot of winning, he will have to lose Harris, and his camp is tossing around an idea that is just utterly ridiculous.

No Extremists

On Sunday, CNN reported that Biden insiders are now floating the idea of nominating Harris for a Supreme Court vacancy.

She checks all the boxes that Biden wants checked, but maybe not so much for the American people.

Biden wants a minority woman on the bench, so this would seem to be a good way to have removed from the ticket while still allowing her to save face.

With Biden’s health concerns, his VP is just as important as the name at the top of the ballot, so this would allow Biden to bring in a new VP and meet his agenda for the Supreme Court.

Biden cannot just blatantly divorce her, but nominating her for the Supreme Court if a vacancy were to arise would solve everyone’s problem, IF she were to be confirmed.

Rest assured, there is no way a single Republican could support this nomination with Harris’ completely corrupt history as a prosecutor.

Her legal career is often touted, and on the surface, it looks solid, but after you do some digging, you quickly realize her time as prosecutor was quite possibly one of the most corrupt yet well-hidden administrations to have ever held the post.

Pacific Cement, the Catholic Church, Herbalife… start looking there, then look into the many allies of Willie Brown and political donors that were able to avoid prosecution while Harris ran the office.

It was a nice thought, Joe, but it will never work.

You are stuck with this disaster known as Kamala Harris now.

Sources: American Digest & CNN

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34 Responses

  1. the only shot this demented fool has to winning is when the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party starts filling out fake ballots like they did in 2020!

  2. Joe should think about if he will last till 2024 and stop worrying about Camara Harris. Before he picked her, Willie Brown said to everyone who will listen that Harris is a bad game. No one listened. Harris is an Indian but they tried to make her black. No, she is not. She was just born in Jamaica because her father couldn’t stay in Calcutta, India.

    1. Doesen’t matter where she came from, we just want her to go back there and leave us alone. What a bad, sad example she shows to our young women. Sleep your way to the top, it’s faster.

  3. The only thing worse than Kamala as President would be Kamala as a Supreme Court Justice. Horrific! Our only out is the 2022 and 2024 elections. 1) Must take back the Senate! 2) Must get rid of weak RINO’s. 3) Must learn to play dirty like the Dems.

  4. What the HELL, both BIDEN and HARRIS are LOSERS, only thing that got them elected was a FAKE VOTE. Problem is THE DEMWITTS will LOOSE SO BAD IN 2022 and 2024 there will be so MANY DEMWITTS and INDEPENDENTS voting THAT THEY WON”T BE ABLE TO FAKE THEM this time!

    1. I’m surprised some sort of ”overt Darwinism” hasn’t over come them yet ,they’re both stupid as the pardoned turkeys if some one left either of them outside they’d drown looking up

  5. Just what we need. An absolute loser with a lifetime appointment on the US Supreme Court. At least now as VP she’ll be gone in 3 years.
    It’s hard to believe this country has degenerated so far that a Supreme Court seat is now a choice of last resort.

  6. Biden will not last he’s in the early part of stage three dementia. He won’t be held accountable for anything he’s done to harm the republic leading us towards a CCP style government. Obama is calling the shots and is solely responsible for what’s going on in America according to Clapper. He is the brains behind everything. Taking Obama down meaning investigating and arresting him would put an end to America’s ruin. Clinton was supposed to be his successor in completing his planned coup but a real patriot Donald John Trump put a wrench into his plans.
    The media should be investigated along with social media entities because they participated with lies and fake stories to help with the coup. They must be held accountable. What the media did was paramount to yelling fire in a crowded building when there is no fire. Congressional and senatorial members Democrats and RINOS must also stand trial for their treason especially Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Waters, Frankenstein, to name a few but there are others.

  7. So Joe believes that having Harris on the ticket would block his chances of reelection in 2024…Who is lying to him? Does he know that the American people don’t want him?Someone must be filling his head with all wrong things. He’s a disgrace to this country all over the world….we also know that re election is impossible for joe….

  8. The only nomination for anyone who is a member of the Democratic party is to be banished from the United States because that’s the only qualifications they meet! They hate our Nation so much that they should just leave it and find something else to do with themselves instead of causing the World so many problems that do not reflect what the majority of Americans feel and believe!

  9. How can Biden even think of running in 2024 ? He is demented and shouldn’t be allowed to run the country.

  10. How can Biden even dream of running in 2024 ? He is senile and needs to resign like Reagan did .

  11. What a joke neither Biden nor Harris are able to run this nation, putting her on the Supreme Court is just asking for problems

  12. Our country is in the toilet right now! And if Kamala runs the supreme court?, She is going to push the handle! She WILL NOT get my Vote! I voted RED and I’ll do it again!!

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