Judge Blocks Final Part of Biden Vaccine Mandate

Joe Biden just took another massive gut shot.

With the Senate about to put a bill on the floor to negate Biden’s vaccine mandate, a federal judge’s decision may make that legislation irrelevant.

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Georgia issued a nationwide stay on Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Sorry, Joe

The ruling came down on Tuesday afternoon and it sent a shockwave through the Democrat Party and White House.

District Judge Stan Baker is now the third federal judge to issue a ruling on Biden’s vaccine mandate.

If put into effect, the mandate will require all federal employees and contractors to have the vaccine.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson stated, “Abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped cold again.”

South Carolina is now part of the lawsuit that was brought against the Biden administration by Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia.

In issuing the mandate, the court stated, “In addressing the geographic scope of the preliminary injunction, due to the nationwide scope of the CMS Mandate, a nationwide injunction is necessary due to the need for uniformity.”

The ruling now means all aspects of Biden’s mandate have been frozen.

This is happening while Republicans lead an effort in the Senate to block Biden’s vaccine mandate.

That effort has now gained the interest of some of the moderates in the Democrat Party.

If the mandate is put in place, would you take the vaccine or lose your job?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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21 Responses

  1. Not only no, but hell no! There are way too many, negative reactions to receiving the shot, not to mention that it is NOT a life saving measure. You can still get covid, you can still transmit covid, even if you have all the shots and a booster and it is around 98% survivable without a shot. Then there is the fact that they Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and all the others who PROFIT from the shot, lied, and keep lying about everything pertaining to the shot. Especially what works against covid. Do your own research.

    1. Everyone must take the vaccine to stop the spread of Covid… WAIT!! THE SCIENCE PROVES VACCINATED PEOPLE ARE AS LIKELY TO SPREAD COVID AS THE NON-VACCINATED… SO NO! Everyone must take the vaccine to protect them from the Omicron varient… WAIT!! THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT THE CURRENT VACCINES HAVE ANY EFFECT AGAINST COVID… NONE AT ALL… SO NO!! Meanwhile the companies selling the current failed and injurious vaccines have been reported to make several billion dollars more from the spike in sakes since Omicron was discovered. SO HOW MUCH HAS THE HYPE TO GET VACCINATED FOR A VIRUS LESS DEADLY THAN THE ASIAN FLU OF 1957 WAS MADE TO PROTECT THE POPULATION…… AND HOW MUCH OF THE HYPE WAS MEANT TO LINE THE POCKETS OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS… Just wondering!!

  2. FJB, not taking that jab as it doesn’t prevent you from covid or the variants. Also not a true vaccine.

  3. I’m not a bit concerned about Biden’s stupid unconstitutional mandates! He’s a loser and the people of America don’t like him or want him period! The only reason he has not been impeached is because of the idiots in congress!

  4. If I wanted the shot I would get it. I don’t believe in it and it’s still unproven that it actually does anything. It doesn’t keep you from getting covid and it doesn’t prevent the spread so what is actually the point to being vaccinated?
    It’s all about control of the people for more power

  5. Hell no I won’t get the “vaccine”, FDA just asked the courts for 75 years to but out their findings on the trails and results, why 75 years, to make sure anyone who took the jab is dead, do your research

  6. Because of health reasons I would not take the shot! Knowing my health and body and what my infectious disease doctor said why should I be one of those dead because of the shot?

    1. Sorry… my previous post should have read “preventbthe spread of OMICRON”… not “Covid”.

  7. Bozo Biden’s’ administration can take their “eugenics vaccine” and shove it where the sun does not shine. He is not a “Dictator!” This country is a democratic republic. The house and senate are allowing this idiot to do as he likes. They too need to be held accountable.

  8. I am a fed worker and was forced to attest to the fact that I got the shots at a fed facility. I feel violated by having to give my personal health info to idiots that have no business knowing if I had the shots or not, besides that they violated the HIPA laws! I am not taking the booster since the CDC knows not what they are talking about. It is past time to shut down the Biden Administration WOKE processes all of them including the mandates for vaccination. I am particularly, upset at the Sec of Defense for telling the Guard it is shot or dismissal, obvious the Sec Def is not wanting to effectively defend the USA since he is firing all military that do not get the jab! Buss off Biden and your WOKE Administration!


  10. Getting the shot should be up to each person not some mandate by Biden forcing people to get the shot or lose your job. Biden said he was going to unite the country, all he is doing is tearing it apart

  11. After the polio vaccine was administered, people were no longer suffering from new outbreaks of polio and its dreaded crippling effects. After the smallpox vaccine was administered, people were no longer suffering from new smallpox infections and death. The same scenario occurred and the administering of the vaccines for measles, whopping cough, and diphtheria. Not so with the vaccines for Covid. These so-called vaccines are nothing more than over-hyped flu shots and they will not prevent new infections from recurring time and time again. The current “vaccine” push is nothing more than a step in the Liberals’ agenda to install an all powerful central government in the U.S. having total control of our lives.

    1. Please provide the historical data that shows that a president and governors issued similar mandates. The issue isn’t as much the facts about the issuing of safe and effective vaccines but the excessive abuse of power by the issuance of mandates requiring American citizens to get the vaccine.

  12. Now we need to see a few of the Nurses unions or other medical professionals file similar lawsuits against state mandates that are causing so much damage to the medical services available to American citizens. Putting so many professionals out of work over a governor’s abuse of power by issuing these ridiculous mandates need to be stopped.

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