Biden’s Mask Mandate Halted in Texas

Joe Biden’s New Year is not off to a good start.

Biden’s new mask mandate that was attached to the Head Start program has been defeated, at least temporarily.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton celebrated the decision as a significant win for the children and parents of Texas.

Big Defeat

This was a win in Texas, but you better believe other red states are going to jump all over this decision to challenge the new rule.

The big chance recently came when Biden tried to add conditions to Head Start funding.

During the Trump administration, it was made quite clear that funding of any kind approved and allocated by Congress could not be halted or changed with Executive Orders or actions.

That, however, is exactly what Biden tried to pull off here.

The new rule was going to enforce masks on children as well as a vaccine requirement for adults involved in the program.

The court made it clear this is completely unacceptable, ruling, “The agency’s rule requires Head Start staff to be vaccinated and near universal masking of children and adults.

“It is undisputed that an agency cannot act without congressional authorization.

“Thus, the question here is whether Congress authorized HHS to impose these requirements.”

Paxton celebrated the win with a Twitter announcement…

He added, “Hopefully, the Biden administration will lay down their sword and stop jabbing at parents and kids and just let this thing stand.

“I’m sure they won’t. … They think they should make the choice for these children and for these parents.”

Do you think this ruling will hold up or do you think Biden will continue to fight it?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

    1. Crushing loss for a genuine crushed loser that dem’s vote fraud with bo as instigators for his treason !

  1. Hopefully we still are a “free” America! What we do “to” & “for” our own bodies is “up to us…not the President or others. Yes, we should follow the rules of the land, but ‘freely’ – not under demand of the ruling body! Those in office at present are only playing “sword and dagger” with the opposing party – our country! Lord forgive them for they know what they do!!

  2. SOTUS will rule for Biden. The U.S. Judiciary are all communists and part of the 2020 coup that successfully toppled Trump. The U.S. judge ruled the way he did because he’s waiting for the CIA-FBI-DoD Junta for more perks before he’ll rule favorably. He thinks he can outfox and prevail over the Junta.

  3. Biden was not voted in, and not
    one mandate has been voted on,
    all by executive action. I am sure
    the people who are managing him
    are pleased with themselves, but
    all will be struck down by judges
    who uphold the law.

  4. The Democrats can not tolerate that they can not have total control over the lives of all people in America. They think that the bigger the government, the better it is for the people. They show, with every move, that they are POWER HUNGRY and think that they know better how the people need to live

  5. Fight this Evil Regime called the Democratic Party at every turn to completely obliterate them off the face of the North American continent ! This FAKE PRESIDENT WHO WAS NOT VOTED IN ! Has NO Business being Barack Obama’s puppet president !

  6. Let’s Go Brandon! This Illegitimate President and his illegal cabal will go down in history as the most dangerous and inept administration. The vaccine mandate is an abuse of power. Each person has the right to decide to obtain medical treatment or not. Your life is your own, despite the draconian overreach by the senile, corrupt, pervert figurehead who is a purported president.

  7. Brandon will keep trying to force us to do what he wants. He is the most hated and dumbest president in the world. Name me one thing he has done right? The answer is ZERO. This village idiot will keep trying over and over again.

  8. Of course he/they will keep fighting. They don’t want to listen to any of the courts, unless they give the ruling they want to hear. They need to be stopped. Period. Biden and the far-lefts and deep Swamp need to be banned, dis-banded, and all arrested for their dirty dealings they have been involved with. And so many with treasonous acts against our country and its people.

  9. The man doesn’t even know what LETS GO BRANDON means and people voted for this man these mandates IS NOT LAW

  10. Many people talk about masks and the vaccine in today’s world and how good the protection works . These same people back in 2020 were the ones that condemned the vaccine and stated the would not trust it . Now they wonder why so many will not take the jab. Deaths are starting the fade away from covid but remember the flu is gone so who knows what will happen. This administration have failed so bad that those that support them needs to keep faith so they go along with what they say. So sad. Vaccines do work to some extent and they are not a cure. Masks ( from Fouci ) worked then didn’t work then double up and with the shield . Now cloths mask don’t protect ? Com on man get it right already

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