BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Computer Secret HUMILIATES White House – Developing…

It isn’t just Hunter Biden who’s computer situation has really ruined his reputation.

You can add Dirty Daddy Joe Biden to that list.

Despite having over 70 employees dedicated to his online presence, Joe Biden has failed to gain any considerable traction online.

As Breitbart puts it: “President Joe Biden continues struggling to get his message to break through on social media.”

The original report came from CNN. When even the liberal lamestream media starts calling Joe out for an issue, you know it’s gotten out of hand.

Even though Biden’s weekly schedule includes time for him to create digital content from “the over 70 people on staff who help create it and manage his various accounts,” he still can’t seem to get his points to take off.

Maybe that’s because his ideas are absolute garbage?

No matter how great your team of salesmen are, if the product isn’t good. People won’t buy it.

Sure, you can fool the first few customers (I’m looking at you 2020 voters) but people catch on quickly enough.

Americans don’t like being tricked. Once they’ve realized that’s exactly what you’re trying to do, it’s game over.

It could be 70 staffers, or 700. Joe Biden isn’t taking off online because he’s not good enough.

It’s as simple as that.

Source: Breitbart

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11 Responses

  1. It’s tough to sell something as fresh when it’s rotten at it’s core. That pretty much sums up Joe Biden’s entire political career.

    1. SPOT ON!!!
      His ENTIRE political career! So terribly disgusting – he’s done NOTHING but ruin our Country!
      VOTE RED in 2022/2024!!!

  2. Actually no it more like a train wreak full steam ahead to a dead end major crash and he’s going DOWN in November

  3. Don’t forget, Obama and Soros are actually running the show! Biden and his entire Administration & Family are totally corrupt to the core including every Democrat in office. I just hope the people of the New England States remove every Democrat in office. I just hope they have enough common sense to replace them with scrutinized conservatives.

  4. Joe Biden Crime Family, including in that Joe Biden criminal! Between Biden, Obama and Soros One World is all they want! And, you can guess who will be king of that world Mr. and Mr. Obama! Still don’t understand why John Kennedy gave Soros citizenship in 61? Money sure was a reason but what else? Whoever sits in the Oval Office (and it can’t be soon enough!!!!) should cancel his citizenship in the US! He just wants to take the Country down
    and that has been his goal for years but then again understand his son/sons are worse that he is! He has his Hungarian citizenship which is his home county! And he should not be allowed back in the US for any reason!
    And now we have the weasel in the WH canceling college tuition! With all Joe Criminals money I guess he is going to fund all the collages! Is he brain dead, stupid, crazy or just an idiot – believe it is all of them!

    1. Why is it Klaus Schwab isn’t included in the criminal democrats the great reset is in play he wrote the book. He is a very mentally decrepit person. He is founder and Chairman
      Of the “Great reset” the most vicious plan to annihilate the majority of the human race. Check this man out. He is evil to the core.

  5. He’s an idiot, & everything he says is a lie. Everyone knows this, that’s why no one pays any attention to his computer sites.
    FJB !!!

  6. What do 70 people do? They probably say no you can’t say that because of this and not this because of that and there is no agreement because they all have their own little spec of the left to fight for and without majority rule
    they have nothing to say because they are so didvided and cant come to a conclusion on doing anything.

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