Marathon House Speech Pays Off Big League for McCarthy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) went old-school to try to block Democrat legislation last week.

McCarthy gave a marathon 8.5-hour speech on the floor in what amounted to be a verbal filibuster to delay the House vote on the reconciliation package.

While Democrats widely mocked McCarthy for extending the vote by a day, the speech paid off in a different way for McCarthy… boosting his fundraising.

Load Him Up

McCarthy has always been a solid fundraiser, but this speech managed to open up yet even more wallets.

In just a few hours after the speech was given, more than $100,000 poured in.

Over the next several days, McCarthy rang the bell for more than $400,000.

The good news for McCarthy is that he saw national support from more than 18,000 donors.

The GOP has seen the wallets open up from Americans that are already tired of seeing Joe Biden take this country down a rabbit hole.

On November 8, the NRCC reportedly raised some $17 million during its annual fundraising dinner, a massive one-night haul by any measure.

McCarthy’s team has raised almost $58 million so far this year, which is another stunning amount.

NRCC Chair Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) stated, “Kevin McCarthy has been our number one fundraiser, not just this cycle but last cycle.”

A senior GOP aide told Fox News, “Kevin McCarthy is doing all the right things to retake the House, including raising a record amount of money.

“Republicans are focused on winning big so there is no doubt who will take the gavel.

“It’s no secret that raising record amounts of money to take back the House is one of the surest ways to foster support among GOP members and candidates.”

McCarthy also took out an ad targeting Pelosi…

The question is if McCarthy has enough support in the House to get his hands on the gavel.

There are two different factions showing resistance which could present McCarthy with an unexpected challenge.

The anti-Trump movement in the party will surely give him resistance, but there is also now resistance from the likes of Rep. Taylor Greene (R-GA), who says McCarthy did not do enough to help his fellow House members when Pelosi went on the attack and stripped them of their committee assignments.

McCarthy still has a year to get everyone on the same page, but this is clearly something we need to keep our eyes on.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. I get emails ALL THE time from Republicans asking for money and how the Dems are OUT RAISING Republicans which is a bunch of crap. Come 2022 I will only donate directly too my Republican State candidate. I tried awhile back to contact Ted Cruz and other Republican Politicians and got an email back always saying how they only respond to THEIR Constituents in their state. If thats the case then STOP ASKING ME for donations.

    1. The Dems do the same. I think things started going off the rails when elections became primarily about who raised the most money.

      1. I understand that campaigning, now a days, can be expensive but I have seen reports that Republicans are getting more donations then the Democrats are. The Republican Party tends to get donations from people like you and me and Democrats get it from your well to do people. The Republicans, trust me, are kicking azz.

  2. Great job Kevin but lets take it a Step further. Once We Take the House and The senate Lets do what the
    Democrats did to the Greatest President of my Lifetime. We can then Impeach both Biden & Harris at the
    same time and begin to “Make America Great again.”

  3. Good going Kevin, can not wait to see Piglisi gone, she makes my skin crawl. O’Biden needs to stay in his cellar and Obummer needs to have his citizenship revisited.

  4. Money, and Campaign Contributions are exactly why the U.S. Government is so Corrupt, i.e. For Sale!
    Until the money is removed from politics The Swamp and Deep State will prosper!
    All candidates in Federal Elections should be mandated to use Public Funds only!
    Unfortunately for We The People Congress writes it’s own rules with impunity.
    Vote Informed! Vote Responsible!

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