Bill O’Reilly Goes Big, Predicts Youngkin Will Win VA Race

This weekend, Barack Obama was in Virginia stumping for Terry McAuliffe.

Everyone knows Biden’s entire agenda could ride on the outcome of that race, so all the big dogs are being called in.

McAuliffe made a wrong turn in saying parents should not have a say in what is taught at schools, and it gave Glenn Youngkin the opening he needed to make this a legit race, something Democrats never expected.

Youngkin Wins!

Bill O’Reilly seems to believe that misstep by McAuliffe and the dismissive narrative by the likes of Obama will be enough to put Youngkin in the governor’s mansion.

Based on what we have seen and heard from parents and parents’ advocate groups, he could be right.

Democrats have put their woke agenda above all else, including the safety of children.

On this, O’Reilly stated, “The poor father in Loudoun County whose daughter was raped, that’s going to cause McAuliffe to lose, so Youngkin will beat him eight days from today.”

He added, “If McAuliffe loses, that’s huge. That’s a big, big negative for the Democratic Party.”

As I stated earlier today, I won’t be as bold as O’Reilly, but I firmly believe Youngkin has a very good chance to pull this upset.

I am really curious to see polling after this round of stumping for McAuliffe to see if people like Biden and Obama did more harm than good.

Watching social media, I would be very surprised if all this star-power had brought McAuliffe any real bump.

I cannot remember having been this excited about an out-of-state race in my life.

If Youngkin defeats McAuliffe next week, every Democrat in the party will be walking around with their head down.

Source: Newsmax

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11 Responses

    1. This could force a recall or put aside election. These soccer moms are fired up and that rape is God’s way of waking them up

    1. Supposedly the drop in boxes are being watched at all times. That will stop some and they should have VBI at all the major polls. Any anomaly should be investigated, like 100% voting in one county

  1. Time for republicans to step up…..
    Biden’s illegals secretly installed in republican city’s, not tested, not vaxxed, makes Biden a murder, trying to mame or kill American citizens.
    Arrest joey, convict the dictator

  2. Everyone Pray that the Democrats lose this race. Our country depends on this and other races. The communist are parading around like they are above the laws and we are POS who they owe us nothing. Not even our young. It is also Satan attacking your young and those of the rest of America. Pray every time it crosses your minds.

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