Bill O’Reilly Says He Is ‘Glad’ FBI Targeting Parents

Last week, one of the more significant stories was Attorney General Merrick Garland siccing the FBI on parents unhappy at school board meetings.

Bill O’Reilly is someone that would generally be very upset about something like this.

Instead, he actually said he was “glad” this was happening, but not for the reasons one may think.

The Tipping Point

Over the last few months, nary a week has passed without a local school board meeting making the news after an angry parent loses it.

Between CRT and the woke agenda being forced on kids, liberal and conservative parents have had just about all they can take.

Some of the parents have been aggressive, but not to the point most of us would consider anyone being in physical danger from them.

Well, Merrick Garland did not like the way things were going, so he told the FBI to start checking these parents out.

Bill O’Reilly would usually go ballistic over something like this, but not this time.

Instead, he welcomes the weaponizing of the FBI against parents, but for very good reason.

O’Reilly believes this may be the move that finally backfires on Biden and hands control of the government back over to conservatives.

When you have five or six minutes, what the video below for Bill’s full explanation…

What do you think about O’Reilly’s comments? Do you agree or disagree that we have reached a tipping point?

Source: The Blaze

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9 Responses

  1. Bill is right, you don’t mess with children and their parents. Our taxes pay Washington’s salaries and school taxes plus. Back off Garland, I thought you were and idiot while being questioned for the position as DOJ. Another family business in the making.The way Biden is ruining our country, you rich people won’t be able to spend the cheat money.

  2. Agree with OReilly and Glenn Beck. Garland should be impeached. They weaponized the FBI against Trump, now against parents. Guess what, mama bears will fight them.

  3. That was what I was thinking. I was in the Elementary School System for 21 years and I can’t imagine that any parent would allow their child to be told in a School System that you can teach them that they need to be turning their Parents in to a Sheriff’s Office. That we know more about what your Child should be learning then you do. Only those Parents that don’t speak English would even allow that to happen, just because they don’t know enough English. Washington DC is way out of line on this one. Biden isn’t running the Country someone else is running it. He has Dementia and is only a Puppet being told what to say. Your right Terry. You don’t mess with The Children and the Parents.

  4. I agree with Bill. The government should stay out of what the parents are complaining about at school board meetings, because some of the board members do not have a clue and they are very Liberal. Children should not be taught how to like or dislike people. Children are smart and sometimes smarter than adults. If I had children in school, I would be a parent that would be at those meeting and voicing my opinion if the school did or did not what I said.

  5. Our FBI has no problems with Antifa, but they have time to attack Moms.
    BLM does say they want to destroy the family unit

  6. One more lesson in the communist agenda. people, read the COMMUNIST MAIFESTO, it’s online.

  7. This is the most ridiculous thing yet. Arresting parents because they want to have some input about what their children are learning. Have they forgotten who is paying their salaries, both the government and the school boards? Why aren’t they going after those that are really committing crimes like Antifa and BLM. Those are the real criminals. Myorkas has gone too far this time. He will pay the price.

  8. The democrats should be ashamed of themselves. They have lost all credibility. Lets hurt the kids seems to be their mantra. It will come back and bite them. Parents stick to your own rules for your kids. You know best.

  9. Yes, starting at the top. Mr Joe court marshalled and go to prison. No ” come on man” – Period ! With all the rest of them. This is all down right disgusting. A matter of time. They will not succeed and removed ! President Trump in his rightful position as President of the United States. There is no difference between facts and truth Mr Joe ! The most thing that the Democrats fear when American people rise up as one ! After all, there is more American people than these stupid foolish clowns !

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