REPORT: Bin Laden Predicted Biden Would ‘lead US into crisis’

When bin Laden issued his hit list of targets to take out, Joe Biden did not make the cut.

Why is that?

Well, in a May 2010 letter, bin Laden preferred Joe Biden to be left alive to take over if they were able to take out Barack Obama because he thought that Biden would “lead the US into a crisis.”

Bin Laden’s Crystal Ball

Bin Laden was a decade early in his prediction, but he appeared to have Biden dialed-in perfectly.

Far better than the Democrat Party party and tens of millions of Americans, anyway.

In the letter that bin Laden sent out to his followers, he expressly forbids targeting Biden.

The letter stated, “They are not to target visits by US Vice President Biden. The groups will remain on the lookout for Obama or Petraeus.”

It continued, “The reason for concentrating on them is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as it is the norm over there.

“Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the US into a crisis.

“As for Petraeus, he is the man of the house in this last year of the war, and killing him would alter the war’s path.”

Imagine being so obviously incompetent that one of the worst terrorists ever to walk the face of the planet wanted you to live because he knew you were more dangerous to your own country than to his jihad.

That, sadly, is Joe Biden.

You can view excerpts of the letter in the New York Post.

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30 Responses

  1. Everyone except the Trump haters could see what a disaster Biden would be. Even our enemies could see right through him. Now you Trump haters have put him in the most important position in our country and he is failing totally.

    1. Agreed. Biden will go down as the worst president ever and the one who should not have been there in the first place. Someone, please get him out of there before he does more damage. Bring the president back who really won the election. DONALD. J. TRUMP.


    2. Absolutely right, Katydid. Biden is a disaster and leading the US of A into a disaster with him. Unfortunately, if we get him recalled and impeached, America will be stuck with Harris who is completely unprepared and incompetent and she doesn’t have dementia as an excuse. Then, presupposing that Harris is impeached, then we have Nasty Nancy Pelosi to worry about. Sounds like a no-win situation.

      1. That only happens if both the President and Vice President are taken out at the same time, it was originally the Head of the War Department but was changed to the Speaker of the House. The way it works now is that the new President nominates the new Vice President and the Senate either approves or disapproves them just like other senior leadership positions.

  2. thats all the Trump Haters have..hatred for one great president…they are probably the dumbest humans on Earth and the think they are smarter than everyone else…they’ll never figure it out ever!

  3. Why do we let this idiot president run our country we better do something soon or AMERICA will fall thanks to the democrats and biden

  4. There is not enough words in our language to describe how incompetent joe blow biden is .
    Notice no capital letters on his name. He is not even worthy of that.

  5. The Trump haters don’t care about our country or it’s people they only care about their hatred and revenge on Trump supporters. To them this is far more important than the human suffering and the destruction of our nation that Biden has brought about. Human lives are a cheap commodity to them in their quest for political power. They are a party based in hatred, violence and chaos and that is what they have brought to our leadership. America has not fallen to an outside enemy, but to one from within. They hate Trump and his supporters because they stood in their way of accomplishing this goal-bringing the worlds greatest nation down.

  6. I don’t understand why they haven’t already took the keys away from him…….Seems like there’s enough people that know what we should do…How bout more than a hundred thousand people show up with Flags and signs and carry him and kamala out of there!!!!! Get it done!!

    1. It’s becoming more clear… that American citizens need to do what these supposed elected Politicians are not !!! “What a joke call and write your supposed elected officials ” ! While we sit idly by and watch them destroy America !!! They can all stick it as far as I’m concerned !!! Trump is our President !!! I will not comply to this illegitimate Administration !!! They can all burn in hell !!!!!

  7. Apparently, Ovomit .. 🤮 .. had him perfectly dialed in too .. after all .. it was ovomit who said “Never underestimated joe’s ability to f#ck things up” .. 😖

    1. Yes….but Obama was the mastermind behind electing Joe Biden , from the day Trump was elected, Obama set out with his attorney general to visit all the states that count the most in electoral votes….to redraw voting districts (and (my personal opinion:) to talk them into using new voting machines from Dominion. Dominion is what keeps the Venezuelan President in power. Then I saw pictures of Obama attending meetings at George Soros home, and visiting a laboratory with Bill Gates ( or Melinda?) and Fauci in (??China??). Sound fishy? All of this happened quickly after the election of our President Trump! Surely there are others who saw this! Barack Obama is an open Muslim, and all the mystery surrounding his past before he came into the limelight and his records sealed? This is not a lie … it is all recorded. I am sure our censors will have brushed as much evidence of this as possible! Do you think Obama and Susan Rice have not been the ones calling the shots in the White House? I actually feel sorry for Joe Biden, but not for his Missus! She has made a mockery of her own husband!

      1. Addendum: During Obama’s time in office….our Muslim population grew and ran for office …. Hence “The Squad.” Now they are calling for all sorts of stupidity to be done to anyone who disagrees with their intentions!”

  8. Joe Biden failed so bad in Afghanistan that now the British Parliament decided to hold him in contempt. Mean while Joe Biden is telling the American people that he has received nothing but praise from leaders around the world? Who is feeding these lies into his demented brain? These lies are unmaintainable, something needs to happen here. A higher power needs to intervene, May God be on our side.

  9. Democrat gestapo party are the perfect nazis.
    Biden is a racist dictator idiot heartless moron. Drop his crooked family in middle of Afghanistan. AOC wants to open up Auchitz for Trump supporters.
    The squad wants the Palestinian and Muslim jihad and terrorist to come to America and kill all Americans.
    The German blitzkreig is happening now in America……the nazi dems own the government, taking control of military, own the media, own the Doj, Cia, and murderous Fbi, please define Domestic terrorism to the FBI, owe yea it’s called Blm and antifa…..hmmmmmm
    Money can buy every for dems……..

  10. biden is almost a vegetable — obama is running things. We need devine intervention NOW!!!!

  11. The trump.haters must be very happy.Remember everything will affect all of you not only trump supporters

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