Austin Puts Afghanistan Evacuation on Secretary of State Blinken

It now seems apparent who the fall guy will be for the failed Afghanistan withdrawal.

Every military leader serving Joe Biden has proven unwilling to fall on his sword, but they are pointing fingers.

While the damage to Biden has been significant, Secretary of State Blinken may have taken the biggest blow yet via Defense Secretary Austin.

Under the Bus

Much of the focus of these hearings has been on who gave what advice and who called the shots.

We have seen all these generals try to temper their comments about Biden so that he technically could not be put on the spot.

For instance, they all gave their assessments of what should have been done, but none of them would formally say that is what they told Biden.

It is a thin crack, but it is one that Biden can use to slip through.

Secretary Blinken may not have that option.

When it came to making the call regarding when people would be evacuated from Afghanistan and why it was done last-minute, Secretary of Defense Austin had no problem pointing the finger.

He stated, “The call on how to do that and when to do it is really a State Department call.”

He added, “A number of things kind of came together to cause what happened to happen. But again, we provided our input and we certainly would have liked to seen it go faster or sooner.”

That is not going to do Blinken any favors when he gets put on the hot seat.

This has indeed turned into a circular blame game, though.

Biden blamed the generals, and the generals are now blaming Blinken, so who will he blame?

Source: The Hill

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25 Responses

  1. The 1 question that was not asked by anybody but should have!. Who gave the Order to Abandon Bagram
    Air Force Base in the middle of the night not inform any Allies and leave all the Equipment? Sinners

    1. I agree on that. So why didn’t they ask this question??? I’m sure Biden shut them up. In the middle of the night???? That has been on the news. Why not daytime???


    1. Absolutely. They recently jailed I believe Scheller (not sure of ranking) for questioning the antics of the Biden administration (including the three Muskateers testifying). They attempted to silence him. When he again spoke out a second time he was put in jail, forfeited all his benefits and now awaits his fate. An honest, 17 year military veteran who I am sure gave up a rather cushy American life to defend all of us and this is what happens when he asks for accountability after 13 of his military are killed and 4,000 Americans were left behind while the Biden Administration allows Afghans to go to the front of the line instead of our own Americans. Very, very wrong. Blinken is a poor excuse for Sec. of State. He should go but so should all those other monkeys in power.

  3. Impeach President Biden/ Harris and fire their administration!!
    Impeach Pelosi/ Schumer/Schiff/ AOC and crew.

  4. Whether you want to admit the TRUTH or not; O’Biden is NOT in charge !!!!!!!!!!! He never has been, and he NEVER will be !!!!!!!!! His PUPPETEERS make ALL of the decisions and just tell him what to read, or mumble off of his cards or teleprompter !!!!!!!!! In MY opinion, Blinken is NOT well thought of, and that makes him an easy target to be the SCAPE- GOAT to distract from O’Biden’s DAILY decline !!!!!!!!!! If O’Biden has two days in a row of mental clarity, he MIGHT speak up and spill the beans about his real situation !!!!! Of course that would just hasten his removal for “HEALTH” reasons and the “GIGGLER” would be the NEW PUPPETT !!!!!!!!!
    Either way, it will be a LONG, HARD time to 2024 !!!!!!!

  5. Who made the deciding factor to leave in the middle of the night, from Bagram Air Base that has two flight lines. The state department , DOD, CIA, DOJ, FBI, Military Industrial Complex are all involved. They all should be look at., and charged with treason, and crimes against the humanity.

    1. Yes, they are all pushing the blame off of themselves & attempting to make this one person’s fault! It is more than just one person or one office’s fault!! However, I would think, the Intel of the CIA & the FBI would be the start of the decision making, and then go to the Secretary of Defense, thus alarming the President & his Administration with protective legal decisions being made by the DOJ as to how the Administration would Militarily proceed. There fore the blame would lie with all of these Departments with the President & these officers of the Departments of Defense being responsible for the lack of Military compliance, & the Legalities or the lack thereof the military, the DOJ would be at fault for not enforcing & the final decisions made by the President himself. This is what makes or breaks a President & has proven Biden incapable of being the President of the
      United States or any country,providence or evens all Governments anywhere!

  6. Sneaking out in the dark of night is not what America does. Who on Gods green earth gave the order to do such a cowardly thing? America would like to know and yes the buck stops with the President, but we all know that he isn’t competent enough to give all the orders that were given. Everyone that had a finger in that decision needs to be punished and released from their jobs.

  7. We all know this is Oberma,his goal from day one was to destroy America,he said it while campaigning for President,he said he would change American as we know it.Oberma was raised a communist by his grandparents and his mentor was a communist they all wanted the destruction of America and by dang he’s doing it along with the aid of Pelosi and her evil crew

  8. These idiot Generals need to be put under oath. Or just have a “closed door” session where they can’t use “NATIONAL SECURITY” AS AN EXCUSE FOR NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT BIDEN! Now it is OBVIOUS that their belief is anything that shows it was BIDEN’S decision is a “NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE” WHICH IT IS NOT! They swore to protect the US against “enemies, foreign and domestic”, there is NOTHING that makes them have to protect BIDEN! Perhaps they are protecting him because they know if they tell the truth, they will end up in a jail cell next to the Marine Lt Col, who was jailed for wanting “ACCOUNTABILITY”! BIDEN has destroyed the honor of our military in 8 months in office! WILL WE ALL BE IN JAIL, OR FIRED WITH NO UNEMPLYMENT, OR GIVEN DISHONERABLE DISCHARGES FOR NOT TAKING THE VACCINE?!

  9. In these situations they always want to blame the military & I have certainly seen some of these General, inparticular State their politician & then claim that they were not politicized! Ha!! I guess they think their blunders as to not do what these other failures & Treason Communists want them do is so NOT POLITICIZED to their destructive political cause?? This is all been in attempt to destroy our position in the world & destroy America according to the Constitution & the Laws created to protect it & the “Democracy” created in the construction of our Government!! Take out those behind the puppet Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Susan Rice, Maxine Waters, Omar, Talaib AOC, Nadler, & many others…plus the money from Big Tech & Geo. Soros!! Make it illegal to receive monies from foreign entities, tighten up immigration as already described by law & ENFORCE the LAWS!

  10. I hate it that my words have been changed “political” for instance…how they love to make u think people are unintelligent when they talk against the lawmakers who do not follow the law or enforce it as it is written after they spent a lot of our tax dollars making these laws in many ours of deliberation in session!! I get frustrated at their arrogance and these sites & technical leaderships that fund these Treason Criminals, such as Zuckerpucker the Censorship Controller!!

  11. This idiot was only following the Benghazi evacuation plan of the communist democrat cult party regime that worked so well then, they just take out the same play book and change the title page!
    The whole fault and blame goes to the idiots that put this demented communist puppet regime in power!

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