Blinken Destroys Biden Administration, Doesn’t Even Know He Did It

In a matter of seconds, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken utterly destroyed the Biden administration.

The funny thing about all of it is that he probably still has no idea he did it.

Best of all, he did it on foreign soil.

Uhm, Anthony…

Blinken is on the road in Latin America, doing his best to keep democracy alive and well (and yes, that was meant sarcastically).

During a speech in Ecuador, he could not have offered a better description of his own administration.

Blinken stated, “Consider a country where a leader is elected in a free and fair election and then sets about chipping away slowly but surely, at the pillars of democracy – attacking the free press, undermining the independence of the courts, threatening political opponents.”

He continued, “Now, imagine that leader then seeks to use the levers of democracy to pass anti-democratic reforms, eliminating term limits, packing courts, firing legislators.”

Let’s address this point by point…

Joe Biden and Press Secretary Jen Psaki have been slamming the media since they walked through the doors, with Biden even telling India’s PM that his press is better than ours.

This, of course, does not even mention House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) telling the media it is their job to sell Democrat policy.

Democrats have openly stated they want to pack the Supreme Court with more justices to get their way… so that covers the first two points.

Threatening political opponents… well, Joe Biden just told the DOJ he wants it to prosecute any Trump allies and staffers that do not comply with the latest Democrat kangaroo court.

Should we bring up the fact that we now know Hillary and the DNC cooked up the entire Russian collusion narrative?

Forced vaccines = anti-democratic reforms, as does this move to change the United States into an open borders country.

Eliminating term limits… well, Congress does not have those, BUT, remember when Obama said he would like to run for a third term if he could run the country out of his basement? Maybe that is where Joe is getting his orders.

Firing legislators… how about the pressure being put on Senator Sinema (D-AZ) to buckle? Would that count?

So, thanks, Mr. Blinken, because you just loaded up the RNC with enough material for about a dozen ads this election season.

Source: Daily Mail

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5 Responses

  1. Was he referring to Biden? Or some other country’s President. Either way, he hit the nail on the head for our President.

  2. If the country elects any democrat in 22.We need our heads examed.Every Democrat is evil as hell.

  3. Put all the dems in a plastic bag and roll them over a hill. There wouldn’t be a good part to recycle.

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