Blinken Dodges Questions on Troop Deployment for Russia-Ukraine Conflict

While we clearly have our fair share of problems here at home, the Ukraine-Russia conflict could also dramatically impact us.

One would think the administration would be as transparent as possible, but that is hardly the case right now.

Nobody in this administration is giving a clear answer, which includes both Secretary of State Blinken and Joe Biden.

No Clear Answer

Joe Biden was asked for clarity on this situation last week.

How did he answer the question? Well, he didn’t.

Actually, he told reporters flat-out that the reason he was not taking questions was because they wanted to know about Russia…

Then he just walked off the dais…

Secretary of State Blinken was no better.

On the “State of the Union,” Blinken was asked, “Do you see any scenario in which more U.S. service members become involved here?”

All Blinken could do was reiterate that promise of “massive consequences” without going into detail what those consequences would be.

Blinken stated, “One of the things that we’ve been very clear about, besides the massive economic financial consequences that would befall Russia if it further commits aggression against Ukraine, is the ongoing continued buildup of defense capacity in Ukraine and equally continuing to build up NATO’s defensive capacities, including on the so-called Eastern flank, the countries near Russia.

“The alliance is looking at very practical and important measures that it would take in the event of further Russian aggression.”

This is the same language we have heard time and again, but it is nothing more than a word salad.

In reality, Russia has just as much leverage against us in terms of sanctions as we have against them.

Don’t forget, Biden has now made us energy dependent, and our supply chain needs China, something that Putin could hurt with a phone call to his buddy President Xi.

My guess right now is that this administration is praying for a diplomatic solution because if Russia makes a move, it will go down as one of the worst foreign policy blunders of any modern-day administration.

Do you think Russia will invade Ukraine or do you think this is more about posturing?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News


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  1. well what do politicians do when they are failing in the office, start a skirmish or a war

    1. That has always been the liberal’s way of doing things, When their lies are exposed, put up a distraction. These disgusting liberal slugs will go as far as starting a WAR to cover up their incompetence. Their problem this time is that WE ARE WISE TO THEIR TACTICS, and they won’t get away with them !!! WE ARE GOING TO WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THE LIBERALS IN NOVEMBER AND WILL NOT BE DISTRACTED FROM THIS MISSION !!! Let the rest of the world handle the Ukrane “crisis”, WE HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS HERE AT HOME with BIDEN and his LIBERAL CRIMINALS, and we are going to put a stop to his BULLSCHITT, for good !!!

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  3. I hope and pray that things don’t get worse but we can thank our so-called president for a lot of this mess, he is weak, indecisive and both Russia and China know it along with the rest of the world

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