Blinken Meets with Pope Amid U.S. Bishops Railing Against Pro-abortion Democrats

The idea of church and state being separated has long been discarded.

That, along with a lot of other “standards,” changed when Donald Trump was elected president.

The Pope did not approve of Donald Trump, and he had no problem challenging him on issues, proving he is not a religious leader but rather a political one.

With Joe Biden now in office, the Pope is changing gears, trying to put a wet blanket on pro-abortion Democrats being called out by U.S. bishops.

To that point, Secretary of State Blinken had a little sit down with the Pope, with Joe Biden’s ability to receive Holy Communion surely on that agenda.

Pontiff or Politician

The atmosphere between Blinken and the Pope was cordial from the outset.

Unlike Trump, the Pope is giving this administration a friendly audience even though Biden firmly supports abortion, one of the fundamental principles the Catholic Church fights against.

Biden would like to make abortions as easy to obtain as a popsicle at the corner store, so the support of the Pope and ignorance of this issue is baffling to me.

If you have impure thoughts, no Communion until you confess.

Help promote and pay for abortions, even late-term abortions, and the Pope will give you Communion directly from his own hand if you have the right name and title.

This meeting between Blinken and the Pope is a major show of support for Biden, make no mistake about that.

After the meeting, Blinken spokesperson Ned Price stated, “We are grateful to have the Vatican as a partner in promoting peace and human rights around the world.”

Biden just bombed Iraq, he promotes the killing of unborn babies, and AP and BBC reports last week showed horrific humanitarian violations among migrant children at border holding facilities, yet the Pope shook Blinken’s hand and treated him like a rock star during his visit.

So, tell me, exactly what does this Pope stand for that coincides with traditional Catholic values?

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

  1. If you are a catholic run from this occult as fast as you can! The only way the POPE has power is from the money donations that pour into this S#$%HOLE from all over the world!

    1. probably our tax money will help the Pope’s nest egg, the left will pay him off.

  2. The pope is and has been irrelevant. Obviously he doesn’t have the convictions of his faith, unless we are not hearing about it, which is always possible with this propaganda media.

  3. The pope needs to stick to religion and stay out of politics,the bishops have the right idea and Biden needs to not be a hypocrite and realize you can’t have it both ways

  4. The problem these people have, is not a Pope, it is the Lord! They are throwing God’s laws back in his face and they WILL BE JUDGE for it, Biden, Pelosi and all others that approve late-term abortion are lost souls.
    The best thing we can do is pray.

  5. The Pope is not as religious as he says he is. He practices religions based on contributions. He has a price and when it is met, he makes his decision on which way he decides. He is also for the New World Order (NWO). He has as much said so. The best thing that could happen, is to have him replaced as a fraud. Not sure that would happen with the way things are being done today. The evil people rule at the moment. We sit idly by and watch.
    The Democrats were surprised in November when we did not up rise against them for the stolen election. They were equally surprised when President Trump vacated the WH even though he never conceded.
    What I don’t understand is that he supposedly signed the Insurrection Act prior to leaving office, which put the military in charge of our country, prior to Biden ‘s inauguration. Yet, here we are with Biden ruining our country since January 20th and nothing being done. WHY! What is going on? If that is true, why no action so far?

  6. The pope is a godless man. He wants perverts in the church. He wants America churches destroy. He will bow to communism. He is a servant of evil. He wants babies killed. But will give communion to the unmoral loser joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. The pope loves money and power before God. Karma will be swift for him if he betrays God and help kill babies.

  7. I believe this Pope is a product of the devil. Same for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Talib, Harris, the Clintons, Omar and the rest of the squad. In fact anyone who believes it is ok to kill a baby. They are so worried about religion that they are trying to abolish it along with our civil rights, so why are they worried about taking Communion. They need to pray for forgiveness and follow the Bible.

  8. I am a Roman Catholic and always will be. But I believe the so called pope is indoctrinated by the devil.

  9. If the Pope is a smart leader he will turn his back on politics and BE the POPE…..otherwise many Catholics will turn their backs on him and the church….scary thought that but has occurred to many of us. The abortion issue is a good example, if he sides with it then he is toast as a leader. He will lose the faith of the Catholic followers who hold dear to their beliefs…..thank God !!!!!!

  10. Google at it again. I’m on their list not to allow. Sad to see a top Christian leader not standing up to God’s Word. We saw this with Hitler when the churches bowed to Hitler and God’s Word changed to go along with what Hitler was doing. In the God’s Word He warns about changing His Word and people falling away from our walk with Him. Some some churches are rewriting God’s Word here in US taking out references of Him, He, Father, etc. in reference to God. The Word of God is to help change us from the inside that effects how we are on the outside and not change us on the outside and then that changes us on the inside. That God for faithful servants that are still standing up and walking with God. Please not the Pharisees turned away from Jesus and had him crucified so we also need to be aware of these Pharisees because they don’t always see the truth.

  11. Agree with all posts! Watch this Pope, his edicts are not holy. And, he will betray the people.

  12. thank you again for NOT allowing my post to be used > your actions help me to understand just what the problems are and validate my comment :VOTES OR WORDS WILL NOT RESOLVE THESE ISSUES !!!

  13. Some 70 years ago, Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer accused the German Churches of having been politically compromised. The Evangelical Churches banded together to work for national unification and reconstruction post World War I and the failed German Republic, post-Kaiser. But Bonhoeffer realized early that Hitler was going to dupe them and control them. So he helped start the Confessing Church and opposed Hitler and Nazism. He would ultimately die a Christian martyr for having opposed the German State which had lost its way. Many, if not most, current American Churches are now politically compromised and believing Christians must make a stand for Biblical truth and morality, which means we must be counter-culture.

  14. Says a lot for the Poop, oh excuse me, the Pope! Wonder how the real everyday, God loving and serving Catholics feel about the head of their church caving into pressure from Biden, of all people. I am not Catholic but if I were I am afraid it would be time for me to find another place to worship the ONLY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, JEHOVAH.

  15. If I new the church I was in was complicit
    in doing evil, I wouldn’t walk, I would run
    out so quick & probably leave skid marks.
    Unfortunately the catholic church has been
    plagued by rumors of child molestation for
    years & yet seems like few understand that
    this is a crime so bad in God’s eyes that He
    will bring judgement to those who have
    committed heinous crimes with little children. Heaven help us.

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