Blinken Says ‘Several Thousand’ Green Card Holders and 100 Americans Still Left Behind

On Monday, Secretary of State Blinken dropped a bit of a bombshell that proves just how badly this administration has been lying about those left behind.

Blinken admitted that there are still several thousand green card holders still in Afghanistan.

Additionally, he stated there are still roughly 100 American citizens still here.

Can’t Be Trusted

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) put Blinken right on the spot.

He asked Blinken, “What is the number of Americans who are in Afghanistan as of the last update you received?”

Blinken responded, “Congressman, going back to this weekend, we had about 100 American citizens in contact with us who seek to leave Afghanistan. Those are the Americans we’re working with.”

He went on to say they don’t have an exact number, which translates to they really don’t have a clue, which I will get into more of in just a second.

Zeldin continued, “How many green card holders?”

Blinken responded, “Green card holders is something we don’t track directly.

“So what we’ve done is we’ve solicited people, if they are green card holders, to let us know.

“I think the best estimates are that there are several thousand green card holders in Afghanistan.”

The number regarding green card holders is atrocious, but the American citizen number is just a flat-out lie.

After the withdrawal was complete, several planes were held up by the Taliban.

All the while, Blinken and this administration stated there were about 100 Americans left behind.

When those planes were cleared, we found out some 200 Americans were on them, which does not include the Americans who flew home on the commercial flights.

Even on the low end, we are talking about more than 300 American citizens while this administration was trying to tell everyone ONLY 100 citizens remained behind.

Now Blinken is still saying there are 100 Americans in Afghanistan? Well, if there are still 100, that means there were at least 400 when your old us there were 100, so why should we believe this number now?

He’s lying… plain and simple.

Source: The Hill & Fox News

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22 Responses

    1. BlinkLESS, and BidenLess keep saying 100 Citizens STILL IN AFGHANISTAN after HOW MANY TIMES planes left and the report was and still today is 100 CITIZENS left behind? If you are going to CONSISTENTLY “LIE” change the number from 100 to 90 or SOMETHING else than 100!!! People begin to think you are LYING when the number is ALWAYS 100, “IDIOT”! They REALLY have NO CLUE how many are still their!!! Where’s TRUMP, he would know what to do!

  1. Oh, my are we supposed to be SHOCKED ??????
    HELL NO !!!!!!!!

    1. There days are number by the lord—-let’s all pray for unity and peace which the democrats are not the least bit interested in, God is awake and available

    2. AND may they all be soon removed by the people of this nation, to be replaced with people who do NOT live by the lie.

  2. Democrats only got this far by telling lies and all you have to do is follow their program!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they ever told the truth than they would never get even one vote.

  3. Isn’t it their responsibility to know how many Americans and Green Card holders there are in every country? I would say it is a dereliction of duty on their part. They need to be held accountable, but they won’t. The dems never are held accountable for all their lies and deceptions.

  4. Everybody knows that NOTHING will EVER be done about ANYTHING that ANY of these Liberal Democrat Criminals do, PERIOD !!!! We are all just wasting out time even talking about it, WE MUST MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD ON ELECTION DAY !!!

    1. THERE ARE A LOT OF DEMWITTS in CA, can you believe that THEY VOTED by 60% of the total to keep that WORTHLESS GOVERNOR? I guess you just can’t FIX STUPID!

  5. This communist democrat regime is lying when they told us that 6000 Americans were evacuated and called it 90%, so do the math and figure out why now 100 more Americans would be the other 10%. Their figures lie and they are lying! They are lying donkeyholes and are destroying our America while laughing at the American people they left behind in Afghanistan!
    Fire all of these communist democrat cult party donkeyholes and deport them to Afghanistan!

  6. The pandemic, the Afghan withdrawal, the border crisis, the pipeline closure, the vax mandates and every other administration decision has one goal: to strangle the life out of Americans . Truth!

  7. There comes a time when God have myself step in and wins all battles- that time is arriving fast —- keeps the faith

  8. How much longer can we have this senile person as president?
    He has done so much damage to America and Americans it is
    hard to stomach.Why is he still in office when he should be in his
    basement forever. Never has America been in such dis repair.
    Bumbling Biden. Americans need us to bomb the hell out of that
    place and get them all home.No need to wait.Send in the planes
    and let the damage begin.

  9. I am a Korean era vet. One of my sons is an Afghanistan vet (twice). I believe that to some degree I am speaking for all vets that served America. We are approaching criticality, some very serious decisions must be made or civil uprising will be inevitable. It might be wise to place Obama and his entourage under 24 hour surveilance, not to mention Milley. Waiting for a vote to make corrections is actually begging for our destruction.

  10. One day someone dearly for this .There is a God .I pray that the democrats would fall on their knees and repent .

  11. Look what happened in California I wouldn’t count on removing a democratic president to many people vote party instead of using their brain

  12. People still have trouble accepting that BIDEN is lying to the American people on so many issues. What are people with “GREEN CARDS” doing in Afghanistan? Did they award those to Afghanis who worked with us over there? Then THOSE are the people you should be helping to get out, not 100,000 of UNVETTED people who got to the airport before the Taliban locked it down! BIDEN didn’t help the Afghanis who helped us, in an extension of his OPEN BORDER policy they brought out anyone who showed up! They can’t even do something that simple, and would corrupt an honorable task with their evil politics! I am ashamed of my country under BIDEN. Lies, lies, lies. Get this BLINKEN under oath and ask him some straight questions. Later when we can prove he lied, FIRE HIM AND PROSECUTE HIM! LYING TO AMERICAN CITIZENS MAY NOT BE A CRIME UNDER BIDEN, BUT IT SHOULD BE!

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