BLM Leader Threatens New York Mayor-elect with Violence

Eric Adams was far from the ideal candidate for the left.

He is a former police officer and is a far cry, at least on the surface, of what we have seen in New York City as of late.

He even openly stated that he is “conservative on crime,” a statement that did not sit well with Black Lives Matters leaders.

Get Ready for Rioting

Hawk Newsome, a local BLM leader, was unhappy with Adams announcing he would be tough on crime.

After meeting with Adams, Newsome stated, “If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again.

“There will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people.”

Chivona Newsome, a co-founder of the group, added, “We will shut down City Hall, and we will give him hell and make it a nightmare.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like it would fit the definition of a domestic terror threat, at least as it has been defined by Democrats in recent years.

So, where is the outrage because you better believe if a group like the Proud Boys made the same type of statement, Democrats would be crying from the high heavens to lock them all up.

Source: Fox News

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40 Responses

  1. let the violance begin, time to put the blm terrorist in JAIL

    Bring in the military , start the battle

    Good and EVil , Evil blm

    1. FU.K BLM. They are scum. If you look at the crime rate in NYC 90% are committed by Blacks. The BIGGEST mistake this country ever made was back in 1865 when they didn’t ship ALL Blacks back too that WONDERFUL Continent of Africa. Just think how great our country would be today.

      1. 100%. The Blacks represent 13% of our population, yet are responsible for 50% of the violent crime. This moron forgets that there are more blacks being killed by blacks than by whites. He wants to know how to stop blacks from being killed by cops. Such an easy answer. 2 points. 1. Don’t do the crime. 2. If you are stupid enough to do the crime, DON’T RESIST ARREST. No blacks would ever be killed by police again. Stupid is as stupid does.

        1. Sorry for his comment. This country is by far richer for its’ black citizens. Music is just one example.

          1. Hahahaha, you are so funny. “This country is by far richer for its Black citizens??” What a joke. This country is by far worse because of Black.

      2. Your comment is so racial, no wonder people call us racial. A lot of people are black,not all from Africa.All live matter as we are all Gods creation. You need a history lesson to see all they have contributed to our well being.

        1. Lol, I need a history lesson to see all they have contributed to our well being?? ARE YOU HIGH?? What in the world have Blacks done for our well being and don’t bring slavery into the picture and let’s keep it within the last 100 years. PLEASE, give me just ONE EXAMPLE where they have contributed to our well being. The floor is yours.

      3. You all remember the saying. “ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU WON’T GO BACK??” The TRUE saying is “ONCE YOU GO BLACK, NOONE WANTS YOU BACK”

    2. 100 %. They think they are untouchable. How do you even have the thought process to think you can threaten the Mayor elect of the once greatest city in the world, and actually get away with it. This mongrel is a disgusting POS and if he wants bloodshed, he will get it. We have a tough new mayor and a national guard that will shut this creep down. Bring on the damn water cannons and lock these mogrels up. The blood that will be shed will be there.

    3. Think of this. Over the last year, companies have changed products, Aunt Jemima and several others because, they say, it could be offensive!! In that case, why haven’t they gotten rid of the word, “CRACKER??” GRAM CRACKER, RITZ CRACKER, and so on. When a non-white person says it about a White person, that’s offensive and racist.

  2. At the first sign of violence DOJ should invoke the Patriot Act and take the seditious antagonists and instigators to Gitmo!

  3. BLM is just another uppity group of blacks who need to be slapped down. Black Lives do not matter anymore than anybody else’s lives. Stop pandering to these rodent’s, and exterminate them once and for all

  4. Damn crybabies will throw tantrums again because they can’t get their way. BLM and all these other loudmouth children need a good old spanking. Good discipline never hurt anyone. Really have had enough of these entitled, undisciplined, dishonorable ingrates and their whining.

    Oh and the media needs to stop giving them.the mic!!

  5. What ever happened to the tried and true way of handling riots? That is, water cannons and dogs. Dogs are great at handling crowds.

  6. What kind of person would be against a tough on crime policy but an ACTUAL CRIMINAL! He said “There will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people.” WTF does that mean? Who is “our people”? Be careful what you say because that comment goes both ways. We believe in defending our people as well. That would be the true Americans who believe in law and order and peace and freedom to be safe!

  7. We patriots can all hope the riots begin and escalate to the point the military is called in and martial law is enacted by our military,not this administration. All top military personnel that back this communist administration be arrested for treason.

  8. This country needs to seriously wake the hell up and destroy the BLMs and Anifia’s of the world in their entirety. They are nothing but a bunch of militant activists that only care about their own movements and the destruction of civilization as we knew it. They must be shut down now. This moron actually had the nerve to openly threaten the Mayor elect with violence and yet he is still not behind bars. Time to stop this Woke BS and get back to a strong productive country.

  9. I can’t believe how most of these post are so racist! You are the problem along with the BLM threatening violence. BLM promoting violence should be considered domestic terrorist but what does that make you; not much better, so much hate and why just because of the color of your skin.

    1. People are fed up with the 13%ers committing 85% of all crimes. Let me ask you OH WISE ONE, does it upset you when you hear all the racist comments towards Whites?? I’m sure it doesn’t.

  10. Your race should not make any difference to how you are treated by law enforcement and a national law should be that if you resist arrest Lethal force is permitted

  11. RACIST?? because they talk the truth?? Awww, are your little feelings hurt?? BLM, ANTIFA are nothing but Terrorist and scumbags that need to be put down. They contribute NOTHING to society. I have a GREAT IDEA FOR YOU CATHY, move to Africa and be happy. Bit.h…

  12. Fjb and the domestic terrorists he encourages. Let’s not forget harris who started a fund to bail out domestic terrorists. Sleepy pervert biden will let his soldiers destroy this country. Fjb

  13. Blm Is nothing but racist criminals with their hand out wanting the left to keep funneling money to their lazy thieving axxes.

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