New Ohio District Map Blow to Jim Jordan

For establishment Republicans, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is a problem.

The fact that Jordan has openly lined up behind Trump has not sat well with many of them and they would like him gone from the party.

The new redistricting map for Ohio makes it pretty clear that is what they are hoping to have happen in 2022.

Get Rid of Him

Gerrymandering has always been a problem in politics, but this is actually happening from his own party.

Rumors were going around months ago that establishment Republicans were going to redraw the lines to move Jordan into an area where it would be unlikely he would win.

What is really sad, however, is that it seems like Governor DeWine and company are now content with turning power in the entire state over to Democrats…

Kevin Eichinger, a spokesperson for the Jordan campaign, is not backing down, however.

He stated, “John Boehner tried to draw Mr. Jordan out 10 years ago. It didn’t work then. It won’t work now.

“Mr. Jordan is running for reelection.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Governor Chris Christie are now part of a group hoping to fight back against blatant gerrymandering, discussing this on Fox News recently…

Over the last four years, Jordan has become one of the more popular congressmen in the Republican Party, very reminiscent of the in-your-face style of former congressman Trey Gowdy.

If they successfully push him out, this would be a massive blow to the new breed of Republican in the party.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

  1. I believe it’s time to bring on term limits for sure. And maybe time for a new more American party for real Americans who really care about our country and not just the next election

  2. Jordan does a FANRASTIC job, this makes him a threat! So, why wouldn’t the RINO’s do this to him?! A holes ALL!
    Those RINOs trying to pull this coup off are the ones who need to be taken down, NOT Jim Jordan!
    I am disappointed that DeWine would play a role in this!!! Maybe we need to “redistrict” him!

  3. It’s sad there are republicans who have such low regard to one of the most outspoken member of their party. Jim Jordan speaks truth and continuously searches for it. We need his kind in our government in order for our country to survive the evil that has fallen upon it. I pray they rethink what they are doing and hoping will occur.

  4. It’s like “one bad apple ruins the whole bunch”, but we have a “bunch” in the Rep Party that are not serving the people that voted for them and they don’t even come together on preventing policies that come up in the Dem Party that does NOT do thing for the betterment of America. This administration had so many from each side embedded in their illegal activities all around the world, that it is obvious that many are afraid to take sides or TALK. I’ve never in my lifetime of 84 yrs. realized that this has been going on for a ‘LONG TIME” and it took a man with “GUTS AND A LOVE FOR AMERICA” to bring it all to light. I’m on my way out but what “horrors” await those that are left behind. God Help America.

  5. Jim Jordan is an exceptional Conservative who only puts the American Citizens First. The RINO’s in my opinion are actually Dems in disguise. The people across America need to vote out all 19 RINO’s including every Dem in office across America. We desperately need honest politicians who put the American Citizens first and support the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  6. Those so called Republicans trying to get rid of Jim Jordan are nothing but disgusting morons.
    They are the example of Republican Frauds. They aren’t Republicans but Democrat frauds. They
    are just as disgusting if not worse than the RINO’s in Congress. These people are so utterly dishonest
    that they should be shunned by decent people. I think the people in the Jim Jordans district need to
    stand up and stop the redistricting. They should find a way to give Jim an even stronger district. These
    mongrels need to be stopped by the voters.

  7. A sad commentary on both parties. It’s obvious the dems want to destroy the US. Now it’s becoming obvious the republicans are willing to do the same thing just to get rid of a true conservative.

  8. The Republican Party NEEDS Jim Jordan !! Everybody , not just people from Ohio , should be FIGHTING BACK against thier redistricting . The 2022 election is the time to get rid of the inbred , degenerate RINOS and replace them with good , strong Conservative Patriots !!!

  9. Love Jim Jordan! He is a real Patriot!!! I will not only vote for him, but will help his campaign any way I can to get him re elected!!!

  10. What a self-serving little banty rooster. Bet he spent his collegiate wrestling career taking on transgender girls.

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