Boebert Apologizes After Ilhan Omar Attack

There is no love lost between Rep. Boebert (R-CO) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Boebert has managed to grab some headlines recently for her “Jihad Squad” attack against Omar.

The floor speech was one thing, but Boebert got in big trouble for comments made during a local appearance and shockingly, she has apologized for them.

Here Comes the Censure…

During the Thanksgiving break, Boebert told supporters a “story” of an encounter between herself and Omar that allegedly took place at the Capitol on an elevator.

Boebert cracked a joke that hinted that Omar was a suicide bomber.

Well, Omar struck back that the incident never happened, literally calling Boebert a coward in the process.

Additionally, Boebert got slammed by numerous media outlets, which characterized her comments as bigoted and anti-Muslim…

Boebert immediately issued an apology trying to cut this off before it got any momentum, stating, “I apologize to anyone in the Muslim community I offended with my comment about Rep. Omar.

“I have reached out to her office to speak with her directly.

“There are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction.”

Now, we all know how this ends up.

Omar, who has made her fair share of outrageous comments, can say whatever she wants without repercussion.

It is probably an even-money bet right now that Boebert will be censured and have her committee assignments stripped away by House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA).

The bottom line here is that Republicans just need to be smarter about this nonsense and bite their tongue right now.

While Democrats are in charge, they know that any misstep will be blown up and portrayed as a racist attack.

Right or wrong, Boebert has allowed Democrats to create a narrative that will slow down the momentum Republicans have right now and that is a critical mistake at a critical time.

We will keep our eye on this to see how Pelosi reacts, but as I stated above, it is a pretty safe bet that Boebert is about to join the ranks of Reps. Gosar and Taylor Greene in those GOP members in the House that are no longer permitted to sit on committees.

Sources: Just the News & Daily Caller

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11 Responses

  1. Sad they can say anything full of hate and it is fine and they know there will be no wrong for their evil attacks. When the truth be said attacks come. Look at Waters, etc.

    1. She had nothing to apologize for. Omar and the rest of the sl.ts of the so call squad are nothing but pigs who should have their citizenship revoked and they should be kicked out of OUR country. FU.K THEM!!!

      1. That wasn’t even near an anti Muslim attack. If I had the time to look them up and count the number of anti-Semitic attacks, and anti-American attacks this racist bigot has made, she would either be gone or had become President.
        I think that it is about time we look closely at who said what about whom. That should reduce this stupid game.

  2. Elizabeth’s doing WHAT on her laptop for $350.00 an hour! Elizabeth we don’t have to click that we’re over 18 here, go back to your “work”.

  3. Omar needs to go back to samolia where she belongs. She has SAID N DONE many things that are not acceptable to americans. No one likes her or her little unamerican buddies . get over it.

    1. She was fraudulently elected. Project Verona’s showed one of her supporters with a vehicle full of fake votes. Why hasn’t that election been investigated?

  4. Omar says anti Muslim jokes are bigoted
    and racists. Well, how about your bigoted
    and racist remarks that are extremely against Jews (Semites)?? Why is it not
    okay to say anti Muslim remarks but okay
    to be antisemitism??? Answer that Omar, you shouldn’t be in our country and you
    should definitely not be in Congress. Get out, resign!!

  5. My opinion: Islam is NOT a religion, but a violent political entity whose aim is to overthrow every other type of government in the world. As such, it is in direct conflict with our Constitution; therefore, no Muslim should be allowed within our borders, and especially not in our military, our government, or law enforcement!

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