Border Agents Upset Over Confirmation of New Boss

The confirmation of Chris Magnus as the Border Patrol boss was shocking to most conservatives.

We were sure his radical policies would have led to his disqualification, but the Senate approved him anyway.

The news was just as upsetting to our border agents, who are crushed regarding the news of their new boss.


The only Republican that voted for Magnus was Collins, but it was the lone vote Democrats needed to get him through.

If you watched any of his confirmation hearing, you saw how he was completely unable to call the situation at the border a crisis.

Border agents are already worried about the future of their department and the addition of Magnus is only contributing to their bad morale and stress.

One border agent told Fox News that Magnus “is pretty much hated, especially by those of us in the Tucson Sector since we know him.

“Somehow he has made a career off of hating law enforcement.

“He destroyed TPD [Tucson Police Department] and will do the same to CBP as a whole.

“Morale within Border Patrol is so low we expect absolutely nothing different than the elevation and appointments of people that are against a secure border.

“Magnus is just par for the course under this administration.”

Former Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan added, “The confirmation of Chris Magnus completes the Biden Administration’s operational plan to destroy the most secure border we ever had under President Trump.

“The heroic men and women of the Border Patrol deserved better and the Democrats with help from Susan Collins showed their contempt for those that put their lives on the line to protect this great nation while we sleep.”

Agents already believed that Biden has started a war with their agency, and this appointment will do nothing to belay that feeling.

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

  1. We need our PRESIDENT to get rid of these a holes and secure the border because we do not have a president and we can’t have these kind of law in force ment haters running our border get him out and Biden and the rest if the demo [email protected]#$cks out and put our President in to secure our country

    1. Absolutely, I couldn’t have said it any better. Is it time for a mutiny? I hope we can make it 11 more months. Because of the way things are going, I believe and want Picture Voter ID cards to prevent much of what happened in November 2020. No mail in ballots, no paper ballots&!only voter registration cards that get stamped when you vote.

  2. The dems haven’t appointed one person that loves America. How are we letting this happen. Oh yeah, it happened because so many people didn’t like Trump so they voted for this demented person to run our country. A demented person that has broken every promise he made before being elected (fraudantly by the way). Hope all you Trump haters are proud of your decision.

    1. I agree 💯% They let HATE over rule their COMMON SENSE. I may not like you but if you are doing a bang up job, I support you. OBIDUM has done nothing but destroy . If TRUMP made it good, OBIDUM IS dead set on destroying it.

  3. Texas should hire all Border agents and have them patrol our state as a separate Border Agent from the United States of America and Be the Texas Border Protectors of Texans. Seal the Border of Texas and hire our own Border employees. They will not have to follow that idiot in charge of the Federal Border Elected by the Bidodo of the President of the U.S.A. until we get someone that is not a empty puppet of the Racist owned Soros group of stupids.

    1. Texas n arizona both need to ignore the biden regime. Do not let them cross at all. Rubber bullits will work. What biden is doing is treason against our country, pure n simple. I wonder what kinda kickback old collins got from pelosi for running that commie thru. Shes got to go, vote her out maine. Do the right thing for your country. It was her vote that put him thru.

  4. Somehow the WORST people seem to keep on being approved for critical government positions. The confirmation of a lawless traitor as head of the Border Patrol is yet another invitation to utter disaster.

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Democrats’ open border agenda has fueled a rise in deaths from fentanyl, and now cartels are using “rainbow fentanyl” to target kids.

@jimmykimmel mocked me for saying moms are concerned about it ahead of Halloween.

Is he going to criticize Schumer now?

The DEA warns that Mexican cartels are “killing Americans with fentanyl at catastrophic and record rates like we’ve never seen before.”

Every community has been effected, and people have been killed as young as four months old and as old as 81 years old.

The #BidenBorderCrisis allows deadly drugs into our neighborhoods and endangers our children.

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