REPORT: Border Crisis Shows No Signs of Slowing

As bad as things have been going at the border, many of us were taking solace in the usual fact that summer leads to a natural lessening of crossings.

Most migrants tend to avoid making this long journey during the summer due to the extreme heat, but that is not happening so far.

The latest reports show the surge may actually be growing.

They Keep Coming

When April’s numbers were released, we all shook our heads.

The increase of 100,000 from January numbers (78,000) was staggering.

That number climbed by 2,000 in May, with 180,000 total encounters reported.

Keep in mind, this does not account for the undetected illegal crossings.

That May number was up more than 23,000 from the same time last year, showing no signs of a slowdown at the border.

Over the last few days, we have seen reports of trucks having migrants packed in like sardines in temperatures well above 100 degrees.

We have also seen numerous death reports at the border, reports now coming far more regularly than we have seen in past years.

If June shows yet another increase, we can only imagine how horrific both July and August will be.

The fact these numbers are climbing now does not bode well for the fall, where we usually see a much larger surge.

With this increase in border traffic comes mass amounts of drugs and, of course, human trafficking, including children.

Yet, with all this going on, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris has visited the border to evaluate the situation personally.

What is even more astonishing than the fact they have not felt the need to visit our border is that, by and large, the media, a media that was all over Trump for any perceived misstep, is still not challenging this administration on this problem.

Source: Fox News


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7 Responses

  1. What a shame these people are coming here to find out but it’s turning into the same as where they left that they left everything behind for

  2. Biden and Harris are useless and this situation is only going to get alot worse.

  3. Human trafficking is just another word for slavery why don’t you get it right and call it for what it really is this is a real problem when the US is still letting them have slaves and the blame is President Biden and his so called illegal administration that didn’t win the election the Dems have been always for slavery just look at the past there actions speak louder than words they started the KKK they fought for slavery in the 1860s and at every turn they have tried to keep them down while trying to look like they are on there side by giving free things and throwing money at them never really fixing anything alls you really have too look at is there neighborhoods, And then comes this man who loves everyone and all Americans his name is Our President Trump he was changing the way our brothers and sisters were living he was giving them hope and changing their lives one day at a time, the evil couldn’t deal with it so they took advantage of one of the worst pandemics of all times and cheated to keep our brothers and sisters down again I’m really sad I’m a proud Republican I see all people as the same as me there is no color we are the same we are Americans and nothing follows!!!

  4. Agree! Biden could care less about the illegals, he just wants to look like a benefactor, and “ cackles” Harris is a total idiot! And THEY are the face of our country? No wonder the world is laughing at us! They must be impeached now! If Piglosi won’t, then remove her sorry old arse from congress and put in someone who WILL bring articles of impeachment against them, and get Schumer out of our senate as well. This farce has gone on long enough!

  5. third attempt to post comments. Legal immigration yes, illegal migration NO.

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Praying for Florida, for everyone in the path of the storm, and for all the emergency response personnel working to keep people safe.

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