Border Patrol Shoots and Kills Subject Near California Border

There is another officer-involved shooting that has many in this country sitting on edge right now.  

This was not a shooting in a major metroplex, however. 

Instead, it was a rare shooting involving a Border Patrol officer.  

Details Still Coming In 

As you can probably imagine, Democrats are sitting on this one waiting to pounce.  

Details are limited, but we will tell you what we have so far.  

After a pursuit that ended at a Campo, CA, gas station, Border Patrol officers opened fire.  

The driver of the vehicle was shot, transported to a hospital, then died from the wound. 

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department homicide Lt. Thomas Seiver stated, “A confrontation ensued, resulting in three agents discharging their firearms. The driver of the vehicle was struck by gunfire.” 

No agents were injured in the confrontation.  

There has been no report as of yet if this incident involved a drug or human smuggling operation.  

This was a pot that had been simmering that was due to boil over for some time. 

The relaxed border policies of the current administration all but guaranteed a conflict such as this would arise at some point, and now it finally has.  

The question now is if Democrats will somehow use this to loosen border rules further or if they will stand behind the actions of the Border Patrol agents.  

This is a developing story and we will follow up as necessary.  

Source: Breitbart 

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10 Responses

  1. The Democrats should be down there helping at the border. They made this mess and they should be helping to get it under control. Guess they’re to scared or don’t want to get their hands dirty. Well others r scared to, like home owners and their lives should not be put in danger. They want foster parents to take in 20 children each. Reps have big houses, why don’t they take 20 kids in?

    1. That is what I said. Just load a bus full of kids and drop them off for Joe Biden to take care of. He can’t hide from kids. He will have to take care of them. The he can take in the Parents and see what he could do with them.

      1. Audrrey, now….you KNOW even IF Joe took in some kids…he would CHARGE US for doing so…and he would allow them to dismantle OUR White House…he would then charge us through another hidden tax drawn up by Nancy P…and he’ll come out of the WH as a 900,000 times MILLIONAIRE – with a smirk on his demented face…while feeling up a 12 year old~


  3. Biden wants this mess, it’s the plan to turn America brown, Obama said it back when he was in office.

  4. Maybe, just maybe those that voted for them in 2020 and then cheated to make them win will learn from all this tragedy and misery and learn to never attempt to elect a pair of incompetent fools to the White House again.
    It is their fault for being so uninformed and narrow minded.

    1. It is NOT a “tragedy and misery” in their mind as it’s EXACTLY what they intended and wanted. They met THEIR goal…to begin the destruction of the US.

    2. It is NOT a “tragedy and misery” in their mind as it’s EXACTLY what they intended and wanted. They met THEIR goal…to begin the destruction of the US.

  5. The American People are not sitting on pins and needles waiting for police officers to do their job the way they are trained to do their job. It’s the democrat liberals that are determined racists tendencies to divide the American People. The illegals is another big problem in America now because of the Biden’s cohorts stealing the Money from hard working Americans that work their butts off every day!! Why are they not contributing to the welfare of those coming into our country illegally, I say send them to Washington D.C. and Pelosi and the Obama’s and Bidens can take care of them.

    1. diane – I can tell you the truth…I grew up and later came back to live there for many years & KNOW that DC already has its FILL of problem residents…most who WORK in DC do NOT live there…otherwise it wouldn’t be so dangerous to be walking the sidewalks of DC – – – during the DAY!!!

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