Dead Teenage Boy Found Dead Near High School Dumpster

A sanitation worker at Glendale’s Independence High School thought he found a discarded Halloween prop.

Upon closer inspection, he realized it was a real body.

It turns out the discovery was a teenage runaway that authorities believe somehow fell to his death.

Shocking Discovery

The Arizona sanitation worker believed the horrific scene was just a prop.

When he found the body, he saw blood, and mistakenly assumed it was fake.

What he found, however, was the body of a 17-year-old runaway.

Authorities stated that the boy had run away from home and was not enrolled at the school where his body was found.

Police believe the boy was in the press box of the stadium and fell.

Sgt. Randy Stewart of the Glendale Police Department stated, “There are some indicators that he was up on top of the press box and the injuries are consistent with a fall from that area.

“We don’t know at this time if it was accidental or on purpose.”

The cause of death remains under investigation, but authorities do not believe foul play was involved.

The body was cleaned up before any students arrived on campus and officials do not believe any students saw the body.

Source: Fox News

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