Bret Baier Rips White House, ‘Shocked’ by Evacuation Plan

The evacuation plan by the Biden administration in Afghanistan has everyone scratching their heads.

While most major media outlets are trying to pin the blame for this on Trump, Fox News’ Bret Baier was having none of it this week.

During a recent segment, Baier excoriated the administration for this entire debacle.

What Plan?

In all honesty, a second-grader probably could have put together a better plan than Joe Biden and his administration.

Common sense says that while you still have significant troops on the ground, you get everyone out, then pull the remaining forces.

Instead, Biden pulled out our forces first, leaving embassy staff and Americans in the area on their own.

Biden eventually had to send troops back to the area, but the Taliban had taken control of the country by then.

Baier weighed in on this, in part, stating, “I was stunned… From my analysis point of view, if the plan is that you’re going to tell more than 10,000 Americans who are scattered throughout Afghanistan, Kabul and other cities to make it to the airport and trust that the ring of Taliban fighters who surround the airport are suddenly going to get the word from their leaders to let them in and not have any problems, and that’s the White House plan, that’s stunning to me.

“I think there are a number of things said in that press briefing that just shocked me.

“I think the false equivalence that you had the decision – leave 2,500 troops, get the evacuation to happen and then pull the troops out, keep Bagram Airbase, once you lost Bagram Airbase and the air cover for the Afghan security forces, all of that changes the dynamic.

“And now you are trusting the Taliban who just recently put out a statement saying, ‘Death to America’ in the past few weeks.”

You can see the full segment and hear the rest of Baier’s comments in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. But little Bret Baker is a clone of little Chris Wallace, lovers of the left and Trump haters.
    What clowns Fox News is. Tucker is the only one worth a nickel.

  2. Biden did NOT do this right! He took our troops out before our people…left our army equipment behind for our enemy…He knows not what he is doing…Bringing shame to America!!

    1. Sorry but Biden knew exactly what he was doing. Consider two similar events: In South Vietnam we had trained and equipt a strong army but had killed the only one of the 3 Viet leaders (Giap, Minh and Diem) in the south the democrats in Congress (one of those was Uncle Joe) cut off funding for resupply. In Iran, (again with Uncle Joe in Congress) Jimmy Peanut sent a representative to tell the Iranian military that if they supported the Shah, we’d cut off their supplies. Now, the contract folks who maintained the Air Force equipment were shot out of the airport (no air cover), pay and supplies were not getting out to troops regularly (could have been either Afghan or American corruption) and, funny thing, the “leadership” left. Joe had the experience, the plan and the staff he wanted… IMHO, the success of his plan just happened quicker than planned. None-the less, there should have been an evac plan (unless American hostages were also planned) and noone would be so stupid as to remove troops before civilians.

  3. Fox recently showed a Piece from Rival Network not really a Rival of Nicole Wallace blasting Trump.
    Question is She the daughter of Chris Wallace? They seem to act alike.

  4. It appears that the liberal censors are active on this site today. I just tried to post a comment and it has disappeared in cyberspace. It was not posted.

    The incompetence of the Biden administration is obvious. Trump had a plan in place and in action when Biden took office. But due to the fact that it was Trump’s plan, Biden cancelled it. Just as he did with the border wall. With no logical reasoning, he then pulled all military personnel out. The loss of life due to his incompetence falls directly on his shoulders. Biden is not capable of any rational reasoning. Boob Biden needs to be removed from office.

  5. Biden is so utterly incompetent it takes your breath away. Biden must be removed from office immediately…he has no clue what is going on.

  6. most people know what a bunch of corrupt incompetent lying idiots this administration is ,but the degree of it is becoming much clearer

  7. Agree with all posts! That was the plan all along! Bug out, leaving behind all the weaponry there, arming the Taliban against us! Another Obama plan! Next will be a comeback of isis, as planned as well! Then attack Israel and the u.s. another Obama plan. Biden is the dumb sh!t puppet for Obama to have his third term! And his plan is working perfectly! Biden will take the fall, then Susan Rice and Obama will waltz in and take over. Why doesn’t anyone see that? Why do you thin Biden out all of obama’s Cabinet in place? If we don’t get them all out, our country is lost!

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