Brit Hume: McAuliffe ‘Running Scared’

In one week, Virginians go to the polls to vote for their next governor.

Only a few months ago, McAuliffe was considered a solid bet to win the mansion again.

That quickly changed after McAuliffe has made blunder after blunder, and now Brit Hume has some hard-hitting words for McAuliffe.

He’s Running Scared

McAuliffe’s real slide started when he stated that parents should not have any input regarding their children’s education.

It only got worse from there.

At the same time, Glenn Youngkin has been about as disciplined as it gets, focused on McAuliffe’s errors and running a “this is me” style campaign.

By that, I mean Youngkin has not relied on any big names, preferring instead to let the people talk to the person they will be electing… and it is working.

Youngkin has flown up in polling and Democrats have resorted to making fun of the way he addresses and spreading false narratives to hurt him.

For instance, when Obama was in town, he cracked on Youngkin for wearing fleece.

When Biden was in town, he pushed a book-burning narrative, which is about as far off the mark as it gets.

The incident Biden was referring to is precisely the type of thing that Youngkin was speaking of and parents are concerned about.

The issue was specifically about a book, “Beloved,” that had sexually explicit content and some parents objecting to it being used to teach their children.

Nobody suggested the book get burned, just that it was a bit racy for high school students.

Brit Hume breaks it all down regarding how close Youngkin has managed to make an election in a state that bleeds blue…

Sources: Breitbart

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16 Responses

  1. Lol, just watch, when this Democrat loses the Left is going to yell that it was a rigged election.

  2. “In God we trust”. May he get the Dems out of everywhere his children are. May he stand with Youngskin and all the Virginians who have seen how God cares for them and their children. May he get the Auliffs out.

  3. I was in Virginia (southern) a couple of weeks ago and Young kin is truly liked there. But the northern tier of the state is where the cheating will happen because its nothing but a bastion to liberal craziness and as others pointed out the cheating is already starting in those precincts. The Democrats will continue to cheat their way to victory until true conservatives hold them accountable.

  4. No matter where the Dam Democratics come up loosing, they are going to cry to hi heaven every thing wasn’t handled correctly.
    Let’s see how they like A CLEAN
    ELECTION, BUT they will NEVER
    OWN What the did to President Donald J TRUMP’S ELECTION.
    He is our PRESIDENT, Not Biden!!!!!

  5. Hope Virginia pulls through for our kids. They are the future and we don’t need to have them radicalized by the teachers union.

  6. Knowing that the DEMONRATS are going to cheat in this election, I would suggest they be EXTRA VIGILANT as to what goes on in the precincts. Do not let your guard down for a second. Take your state back and save your kids. We’ve had enough of the garbage being thrown around. Now it’s time to get back to truth. GO YOUNGKIN!!

  7. The Democrats way is: Cheat, Lie, make up stories and bring in loser’s in office. Its the Democrats way no matter what the people wants.

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