Brit Hume: AG Garland ‘weak as water’

When Donald Trump was in office, Democrats regularly accused the Attorney General’s office of doing his bidding for him.

I believe the record shows, however, that was not the case.

If anything, both Sessions and Barr went out of their way to NOT get involved in cases that would seem to be politically motivated.

That, according to Fox News’ Brit Hume, is not the case with Merrick Garland.

Independent Office

When the John Durham probe was announced, Democrats went nuts, calling it politically motivated.

Time, however, has proven that not to be true.

While still not really netting any big fish, Durham’s investigation has proven that the Russian collusion narrative goes at least as high as Hillary Clinton, and it could still possibly lead to both Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Even so, Democrats continued to portray the AG’s office as political, then came along Merrick Garland.

Garland, a former nominee for the Supreme Court, vowed it would be independent, and Joe Biden said he would stay out of Garland’s business.

The complete opposite has happened.

The latest example is Garland going after parents unhappy about Critical Race Theory being taught at their schools.

Biden now has another possible nightmare on his hands, but the power to truly investigate the matter lies in the hands of Garland, and Fox News’ Brit Hume does not seem to have very much faith that we will see anything close to an honest investigation here, calling Garland “weak as water.”

You can hear the full segment in the video below…

What do you think? Will Garland kill any investigation before it branched out to Biden?

Do you think he will ever investigate Hunter Biden?

Answer in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. This is the most two faced administration we ever had. Democrats can do whatever they want including the worthless president and nobody says anything and if you do they find a way to silence you and/ or change the narrative to suit their needs. Hunter and pokie Joe should be in jail for all the lying and dealings they’ve had with other countries. If this was Trump all hell would break loose. Pelosi should also be jailed for insider trading, will it happen? Doubt it. No government balls.


    1. They are not weak they are doing what they are told to do.
      They are all apart of the swamp it’s how they got the job!
      It’s the Republicans that are weak . Dems stick together Republicans don’t ! It’s always been that way!

  2. Garland’s Daughter Supplies CRT Materials To School’s. That There Shows His Corruption Level. As Far As Criminally Prosecuting Some Democrat For Anything ; I Seriously Doubt It. In Order For A Complete Investigation To Be Properly Carried Out We Will Have To Have A Complete Turn Around Of The Federal System.

    1. First of all anyone that had voted for seanile ahab Biden need their head examine,he and is crackhead son are dirty to the core,Garland is just as dishonest as the rest of them this isvthe worst administration in my lifetime

  3. Trump was impeached for nothing as these corupt demrats use every means to dictator their communist agenda and there is plenty of evidence of the rats breaking any and every law as their see fit.owns doj ,fbi,cia and they’re being blackmailed to wake the line.
    the swamp is back and fight like he’ll to stay dictators..

  4. roy says :
    nothing is going to happen to joe biden r his son. n or will anyhing happen to that witch hillary clinton.. there are two sets of law in the us now. one of the dems & one for us.

  5. We Will Have To Have A Complete Turn Around on this country on The Federal System over the partisan bickering – and urged sleepy uncle Biden if he has one inch of HONOR and LOVE of country to get control over his party and maybe contemplate resigning from the Presidency….

  6. The WHOLE Biden administration is inept and nothing but worthless career politicians who have never done anything but collect paychecks from the taxpayers. No Democrap will ever end up in Jail because the system is rigged !

  7. They will find some way of killing it before it gets to Biden himself That old saying is that what the left is accursing the right of doing is what they themselves are doing. I think this will just be another case in mind. Let’s see how long it takes????

  8. If you have a president that has no intelligence, he will hire all those on his staff to be less then he himself is, because they don’t want to be out smarted by anyone. On top of that he is a criminal and will lie himself out of any situation.

  9. If Rubublicans don’t take both the House and Senate in ’22, this country will get what it deserves. Real Conservatives will have to leave leave the GOP, and start a party of their own. GOPers in DC show no potential for leadership. If Democrats continue to preside over bothy houses in the ’22 mid-terms, the Republican party will cease to exist , and deservidly so. If Republicans aren’t coneservative, they will cease to be my party. Pray for a conservative leader with a spine.

  10. Garlad will hide this, and any, investigation detramental to demorats in another, un-commentable, investigation.

  11. IF they get to Hunter, then we should be able to get rid of the big guy! Republicans need to continue to win and prosecute the criminals in the White House! Like Trump always said, drain the swamp! It’s back bigger and badder than ever! Why can’t we stop the spending bill, Illegal immigration, critical race theory being shoved down our children’s throats, Black Lives Matter, and defunding police
    The time is NOW

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