Brit Hume: Biden Prepared to Let American Consumers Suffer

If there is one thing we have learned during Joe Biden’s first ten months in office, it is that he could care less about the plight of the average American.

Sure, that is what he talks about all the time, but his actions tell a far different story.

Fox News Brit Hume just blew the lid off this entire farce.

The American Wallet

So far, just about every domestic policy Joe Biden has put into play has cost the American people another chunk of their savings.

The open border policy is going to hurt Americans in the workplace on several fronts.

All of these illegals they are letting into the country will drive wages down and take jobs away from Americans and legal residents.

Shutting down pipelines and reducing fossil fuel energy production in this country has also hit on multiple fronts.

It is has ended well-paying jobs and driven the cost of gasoline and energy through the roof.

When winter hits, everyone will be seeing higher costs.

The supply chain issues are also driving prices up, with the costs of groceries doubling in some cases.

To that point, in part, Brit Hume stated, “It looks to me as if this is an administration that was willing to sacrifice a lot on the altar of moving away from carbon-based fuels.

“And, you know, gasoline, obviously oil, coal, natural gas, all those in the interest of trying to save the planet.

“And they seem perfectly prepared to let consumers pay higher prices, perhaps ever-higher prices toward that end.

“And the consequence of that, I think, is, politically, even if inflation in other areas of the economy subsides, if people are still paying these sky-high, gasoline prices and other fuel prices, the feeling is going to be that this administration brought us inflation and it’s here to stay. Not good politically.”

You can see Hume’s full interview in the video below…

Tell us what you think… Is Joe Biden sacrificing our wallets to push his radical leftist agenda?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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30 Responses

  1. He , or his string pullers,…..(WHO ARE THEY? OBAMA GROUPIES?). Are trying to ruin the country…….

    1. groupies: wife, soros, gates, obummer, rhinos, and really any in the federal gov who is democratic. Toss in a few Republicans too

  2. He needs to be in prison instead of the White House. How come a democrat can do literally anything they want to do and nothing happens to them let a republican try and they want to hang him.

    1. They have the media,(Fake News) in their pockets. They only report their news slanted pro democratic.

  3. Joe Biden is a corrupt, criminal moron; a handy marionette/scapegoat for the intelligent, corrupt politicians who have enriched themselves while feeding his ego and the public’s unfathomable ignorance.

  4. He is selling all Americans alot of bull. And we keep saying “Thats OK Joe”. I for one am sick and tired of it. I thougyt our government was better then this but it sure is not looking out for the American people. At this point I am referring to Dem. and Rep. alike. They should all be replaced.

    1. Congress is pulling the Strings on the Money. They have always pulled the strings on the money. I doubt that there is any decent Dems left except for Manchin and Seimina ;

  5. We’ve been on this Road to Perdition for 60 years and no one has ever noticed. The Democrats and others have
    been doing it Bit by Bit almost unrecognizable. What you are really watching is the Democrats End Game for
    We The People who Love America. The Roadblock came and the Democrats couldn’t Stand it for the last four
    years so they magically pulled off an Election coup right in front of our eyes. I figured out what “Build Back Better”
    really means. Build Back what They had been doing for 60 years only do it Better and as quickly as possible.

  6. This administration needs to find another country. This one is occupied. Hitler had same values. Brandon and his gusptopos looks at and treats Trumpers like Hitler looked at the Jews. Things are sure to escalate soon.

  7. Biden is nothing but a scape goat. He has no ability to decide anything. Come on Man!!!! this has got to stop. Obummer is the Muslim calling the Shots along with Soros. Make every one of these Congress men put on line exactly if they are being paid by Soros and Obummer. There are a few some new Women, like Boebert who are willing to toss old Pelosi out of a window. That Witch needs to get out of Washington DC. now,.

  8. It really worries me what the US will be like in 3 + more years. For once I am glad that I’m an older American but I wonder what my child and grandchildren will be facing after the idiot destroys this country.

  9. Political insanity and not “America First” policies.
    Americans are waiting for our elected officials to stop this destruction of our country.
    Enough is enough!

  10. Some have forgotten who s in charge. Lord God almighty. He has a time table and is letting evil expose it self to the Max. God will make His presence known by either putting this nation back together thru His creative ways or prophecy warns us of the return of Jesus Christ to take His bride the church out in the Rapture. We are all on a balanced scale . God is watching to see our choices. We have free wills. He will not be mocked. God Loves you and He Loves Me. Dont take His commands or judgments lightly. He intervenes in the affairs of men when all looks hopeless. Dr Jeremiah put it right . No Mess is a surprise to God. A mess is a place where only God can work! There is no mess God cant handle , NO MESS IS FOREVER. Lord help us find the message in the Mess..Dont forget Sodom and Gamorrah..Choose God . Jesus and Holy Spirit..Gods Love to All..Amen

  11. Biden is responsible for what he has done. Can’t let him off the hook and blame others! They need to be taken down one at a time. FJB and his commy administration

  12. Cannot we the American people recall him? Aside from the obvious election integrity problems of 2020 calling his legitimacy into question, it is more than apparent that he (and his ‘handlers’) are trying to bankrupt our economy and change us into a “third world country.”

  13. Every move this administration and the people behind the scenes that really are running this country are dead set on ruining the American way of life. These billionaires do not pay any taxes. That is the way the system is rigged. Until we go to a flat rate tax for every one there will be no fair tax system. The ultra wealthy in this country and the POS political elite look down their noses at the hard working people that make this country function. They do not think we are smart enough to make out own decisions and have a life of our own. Unless the citizens of this country wake the HELL up and say we have had enough, America is screwed. I believe the time is coming that there will be a rebellion and I hope I am around to see it.

  14. I think this is about government control and dependency. When the country is bankrupt all money’s and people will be dependent on government to provide the us with whatever they wish. There are plenty of jobs that are paying good money right now but people don’t have to work,with government programs paying people not to work ie…welfare,child tax credit,heap programs etc.

  15. I will be surprised if all the garbage that the Biden administration is pulling does not come back and bit the entire democrats party in the butt, Biden is a weak, uncaring president whose one big dream was to sit in the White House behind that desk, he has done everything to show that he does not care about the average American and his policies will only hurt this country

  16. We do not need to WOKE up we need to Wake up. Looks like we could gain a lot of seats in the 2022 elections.
    PLEASE do some research about just who the person/people that are now sitting in office have done for you and your family. Did you hire them and if so, should they be rehired, or FIRED by you. Please think hard and long about this. If he or she has not done much for the people that hired them remember we are paying for action and if you are not seeing any, then we have the power to fire them.

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