Brit Hume: Biden Prepared to Let American Consumers Suffer

If there is one thing we have learned during Joe Biden’s first ten months in office, it is that he could care less about the plight of the average American.

Sure, that is what he talks about all the time, but his actions tell a far different story.

Fox News Brit Hume just blew the lid off this entire farce.

The American Wallet

So far, just about every domestic policy Joe Biden has put into play has cost the American people another chunk of their savings.

The open border policy is going to hurt Americans in the workplace on several fronts.

All of these illegals they are letting into the country will drive wages down and take jobs away from Americans and legal residents.

Shutting down pipelines and reducing fossil fuel energy production in this country has also hit on multiple fronts.

It is has ended well-paying jobs and driven the cost of gasoline and energy through the roof.

When winter hits, everyone will be seeing higher costs.

The supply chain issues are also driving prices up, with the costs of groceries doubling in some cases.

To that point, in part, Brit Hume stated, “It looks to me as if this is an administration that was willing to sacrifice a lot on the altar of moving away from carbon-based fuels.

“And, you know, gasoline, obviously oil, coal, natural gas, all those in the interest of trying to save the planet.

“And they seem perfectly prepared to let consumers pay higher prices, perhaps ever-higher prices toward that end.

“And the consequence of that, I think, is, politically, even if inflation in other areas of the economy subsides, if people are still paying these sky-high, gasoline prices and other fuel prices, the feeling is going to be that this administration brought us inflation and it’s here to stay. Not good politically.”

You can see Hume’s full interview in the video below…

Tell us what you think… Is Joe Biden sacrificing our wallets to push his radical leftist agenda?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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