Brit Hume: Biden Can’t Turn Page on Afghanistan

Joe Biden and Democrats are doing everything in their power to relegate Afghanistan to yesterday’s news.

With who-knows how many Americans and allies are still left behind, this administration is doing its best just to move on as though there is nothing to see.

That, however, is far from the case, something Brit Hume says will come back to bite Biden at some point.

No Turning the Page Here

This weekend, Joe Biden went back to Delaware as though there was nothing wrong.

Kamala Harris is set to head to California to campaign for Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, as though there is nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, planes are stranded in Afghanistan, the State Department still has no idea how many Americans were left behind, and the Taliban is using American military equipment to destroy pockets of resistance that remain.

By the way, we have a crashing economy, a continued migrant surge at the border, and a host of other problems in this country right now.

Afghanistan is the one that will come back to haunt Biden, though, as there is simply no way he gets out of this unscathed.

At some point, Americans will be harmed, allies will be harmed, women will be beaten in the streets, and/or a terror attack will emerge from Afghanistan.

This is a pot of oil left over an open flame that Biden and company have decided to walk away from in the hopes that it does not boil over.

Fox News’ Brit Hume is not letting Biden off the hook that easy…

It is still astonishing to me that most major media outlets are on board with simply moving on from Afghanistan.

I just don’t know when it became okay with half the country that we have left American citizens behind in a terrorist-controlled country.

Source: Fox News

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30 Responses

  1. I think that although the presnt administration is totally to blame for this fiasco, what is more upsetting is our so called media’s lack of participation in reporting what is and what has happened in Afghanistan, how the Biden administration has turned their back on Americans and other allies pretending nothing is wrong and lying thru their teeth about it.
    Consequently, many Americans are not aware of what has been and what is going on now!
    What a disgrace!!!

  2. Biden is ignoring the problem because he screwed it up royally just because he was trying to undo everything Trump did, without regard for whether it was the right thing to do. He is unwilling to admit he was wrong, as always, so he is ignoring it, claiming there was nothing else he could do. He blames the Americans held captive there, saying they didn’t try hard enough or soon enough to get out. He prioritized Afgans over Americans when it came to filling the planes. He set an arbitrary date just so he could have a photo OP on September 11. And he abused and misused our own military to effect his stupid “plan” that was never a real plan. He, and no one else, is responsible for the deaths of our servicemen and women, and the Afgans who were killed. He should resign in shame. He should be impeached. But none of that will happen. He will continue to hide his head in the sand and try to convince himself that he is doing a great job. He wouldn’t recognize a great job if it walked up to him and slapped him in the face; something every surviving relative of the service members killed in Kabul should do.

  3. BIden is out of time!Enough of his stupidity. Tired of seeing his
    disfigured face. Get lost Biden.He has no sense of anything. Brain
    dead. EXPELL HIM AND NOW NOT LATER.Americans were left to
    fend for themselves. Selfish is the word for Biden. All for him and not
    for Americans.

    1. Don’t forget his illegitimate administration. Does anyone remember the 2020 fraudulent elections? Biden is only a puppet being controlled by his puppeteers.

    1. I will only refer to him as biden, basement biden, joe, joey boy but never Mr. Mr is a title of respect and biden doesn’t deserve any respect of any kind.

  4. Just as predicted Joe Biden would screw something up. One of many. So much Drama with the Democrats they just can’t get anything right. That’s what you get when SUITS are involved, stupidity, no common sense to any move they make. Have to get Politics out of the Military. Or we are going to continue going down the path of death and dismemberment of great young people. Stupid is as stupid does……….So true.

  5. Biden is the MOST DISGRACEFUL person in our Country, he will NEVER be a leader nor will he ever be a REAL PRESIDENT. I don’t understand what is taking Congress so long to IMPEACH this POS along with Harris and the SWAMP PEOPLE.

    1. Ask Mitch McConnell! He’s not worried about it, wait until November’22 – 24 to “make a change”. The uniparty isn’t sweating it……

      1. McConnell knows at this point he doesn’t have the votes to convict. When R’s re-take both houses of Congress, quite a few impeachments/courts martial will ensue.

  6. Yes…to Patriot 1’s reply, NEVER refer to this CRIMINAL as the President, that respectful word should never and will never cross my lips.
    My mind and heart can’t catch up with the DAILY new unconstitutional criminal laws Biden try’s to and keeps Implementing Every day. He’s not running a country, his minions aren’t running a country, there ruining our country at warp speed as if their in the middle of making a “Twighlight Zone” movie, (and no, it’s not the Twilight series with Bella) it’s the back in the day horror short films that made you feel like the world was going crazy!
    The Democrats are “POD PEOPLE “ from a deranged planet.
    I get emails every day all day asking for money to help the Republicans win in 2022 & 2024. My husband and I are retired from our careers but purchased a business 20 years ago as supplemental income. We give money towards the most important elections in our history’s time. We don’t have extra money to really do that, but it’s the most important investment we will ever make, the future of this country. Every time we put money on our C/C it’s for this country, our children, our grandchildren, and our now three great-grandchildren AND the rest of the people that are the citizens of this great country.
    I have one question: where are all the conservatives that are Billion/Millionaires needing to put there money where there mouths are?
    This should be a slam dunk! I’m tired of hearing how we’re losing because the democrats have more money…if we lose 2022-2024 it won’t be because of the blue collar workers & under financially, it will be because the people with the BIG money let us down. PLEASE, we are doing our part even after we’ve suffered horrendously with Biden’s Neo Nazi demands, don’t turn your backs on the USA…let’s come out fighting “dollars strong” and take all these Dems to the woodshed!!!

  7. We told you but noooo you pushed for xiBiden and now look at the country!
    Try shutting up and listening! This is what happens when you dont raise your own kids with discipline!

  8. Biden is a total disgrace and Jimmy Carter must be counting his blessings over Biden. Jill should be ashamed of herself for standing by and letting him run making a fool of himself and covering up for corrupt Hunter. Impeach Joe for treason and incarcerate Hunter for his plethora of crimes.

  9. A stolen election swept under the rug and an occupier in the white house skyrocketing costs, out of control spending, country is being invaded, 13 dead in Afghanistan alone and it took you 8 months to see they are crooked as hell? And yet to come is a net blackout coming, theybrag ahead of time!

  10. Biden is a failure at everything. Just look at his family. He can’t even control his dog. His wife was having an affair with Joe-she was still married to her husband. He is a poor excuse for a human being. 9/11 is just around the corner and I strongly suspect that something is going to happen somewhere in our country. We have so many terrorists who are now in our country from the southern border and also evacuated from Afghanistan. How can you not sense that we’re going to have another 9/11 again under this senile old guy? Thank you dems who were stupid enough to vote this guy in illegally. And now we hear that some of these people wish they didn’t vote for him? Well, too late-you get what you voted for so own it!!

  11. How much are we going to tolerate from this corrupt, evil and COMMUNIST bunch, when they impeached our legal President TWICE for NOTHING??? I’m really looking forward to the day when they get their due, and I hope it’s soon!!! Our country can’t take much more of debacles like Afghanistan and the border, total lockdowns with lost jobs and paying people not to work, spending us into oblivion!!

  12. Dems are following a pre planned script………….Down to O Biden giving China a big bunch of restitution in form of stranded Military equipment. Wake up. This is One World Order. trying for our throats…..

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